Stockists: Bonney Bird – Claire & Lila – Post Office

It’s going to be my year. I’m going to get in your face and push my jewellery.  I have new business cards which are funkier and more in tune with me, flyers with pictures and a list of where to find me and the big one – a car magnet. Drive around advertising. Gotta love it.
I have 3 stockists currently, but will be looking for more to get in out there and as each place has their own vibe I can tailor their stock to their customer base.

So far I have my place of work and two other small shops. One has just opened but the other two have been doing alright.

Having stockists means I have to work my prices to make sure I get what I want (and covering costs of course) and they don’t have to over price them to
One shop has bought them outright so I get paid while the other two have them on commission.  Both work well for me.
Buying outright means I get paid and can work on other things, but the seller then has to do the work to make sure they get their money back. Selling on commission means we both have to work on it. I’ll promote the s**t out their shop and share it, and for any shopkeeper – good service, reasonable prices and a welcoming atmosphere will get people back in.

My stockists are:

the Woodbridge Post Office – a selection of brooches and earrings



Bonney Bird, Electrona – a funky eclectic collection. Hair clips, rings, necklaces and my limited edition Marca-ties – a bid style necklace of beads sewn onto a neck tie.
I do need to pop in and give my display a spruce up, but the picture will give you an idea of what’s there.

Claire & Lila Creations, Margate Train – feminine asymmetrical necklaces and my ball and chain collection (felt or wooden beads on chain)

For local readers and tourists alike please check out these gorgeous shops and support local artists.
You will easily find them right off the highway as you travel south of Hobart down ‘the Channel’ with stunning water views and passing through quaint villages.


New boobs and that “doh” monent

That doh moment. I have been wanting a small table to have my point of sale items on so 1) it’s easy to wrap items, 2) it’s stable, no fear of sliding off chairs or storage boxes, 3) it doesn’t get in the way, I can still move about my stall, and it’s not blocking the thoroughfare and 4) all my storage boxes can live under the table safely out of the way.
And here it is. I was moving the table and then it hit me. Move it back so the fronts are even, the display moves forward and I can use the back of the table. Totally obvious now, but considering I don’t always use or need the small table (it’s not needed at the Woodbridge market) I didn’t automatically think of it.



And my lovely ladies. They’ll simply be called ‘the twins’ or ‘the triplets’ depending on how many I take to which market. Wanting to get a picture of them, I brought some of my necklaces to show you the size and how they will sit once on display.

Ok, so sitting them in the boot and taking a picture makes me look weird, but whatever. This is them, and yes they will be clothed on the day.

Have a great crafty day 🙂

Advertising and markets

Today was the first of the Woodbridge Summer Markets. They’re actually the Community markets but they only run for 6 mnths over the best weather Tassie has to offer. They have two markets a month the second and fourth Sunday of the month. For those of us who have numerous other markets to attend it can be a bit of a juggle deciding which place is better.
Woodbridge has been good to me. Even though I only started last year I regularly did better there than at Snug or the Kingston ones I attended with more people. Go figure. And I am a true local to the area having grown up here and living not even 10 mins away, this is the easy choice.

Today’s market stall… Simple with only a few items. Very bare compared to what I normally do.

Looking back at the picture, it is very ’empty’ but something was working in my favour. Three of my necklaces walked out the door, two of them being worn! That is the best thing. When a customer loves it enough and just has to wear it then and there.

At the end of the markets for summer this year there was some discord with the manager. While he is a decent bloke, and a damn good cook (he makes breads right there in the hall, and does the lunches for the cafe) he often has so many things going on and misses working on the important things. Like stall holder comfort. He was leaving us to our own devices and while we are all adults, he is supposed to be in charge and know what is going on. Sadly, that was/is not the case. He had just taken over when I arrived last year and from all accounts the previous manager was a pocket rocket, and it ran like clockwork. So he has big shoes to fill. Makes it rather hard. And from when I spoke to him this week, I think also not good at delegating or asking for help, maybe not even good at accepting when he needs it.

I think I jumped on him a bit too hard, getting the feeling he thought I wanted to take over. Not the case at all. While I’m sure I could do it, I don’t want that stress. I just brought up that not many people knew the market was starting and that I wanted to help out with organising the inside stall holders. I left him the comment that if he wants any help to just ask. Today, only half the tables were filled, which was my concern after speaking with him.
My neighbour in the hall today and I then jumped on him again later, poor guy, I think he’s freaked now, and brought up a few more issues. Maybe we should just leave him alone. But the market can be really really good and for all us regulars as well the locals like myself, want it to be that way again. After all, the world class Peppermint Bay is just a 50m walk away and we get many visitors from there each market. We want to keep that

I asked him if I could take some pictures as I wanted to start up an FB page for the market to help with getting it out there. He was fine, actually very happy and asked me to forward the pictures to him for use in some colour posters he wants to get done.
I’m then approached by a man later in the afternoon who said he was with the local community paper and if I didn’t mind could he use my pictures as for some reason he had forgotten his camera and was doing a sort piece on the market. All good, and I will be putting in a link for the page while I’m at it, and gave him my business card…now let’s just hope they both like the pictures I took.
Some of the pictures..






(I just a mini freak out. As I finished uploading pictures the iPad had a fit and closed down, and on logging back in I couldn’t find this gem of a post. It’s alright though, he was hiding)

Looking forward to the next market and the summer ahead. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and lovely people :-).
For those on FB, the new page is Woodbridge Community Market with the profile pic a sigh saying Woodbridge hall… Very original I know. I have to find a better picture though.

Have a great day 🙂

P.s. the advertising part of the heading… lol, I almost forgot. I am getting my first advertisement worded up for the Westwinds newsletter which is distributed all over the channel area including Kingston. The newsletter is the size of an A4 sheet folded in half and generally quite thick. I am looking at a half page ad. Good exposure and it lasts for the whole month. Cheap too.