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I’m in a bit of a muddle at the moment with four blogs, two fb pages and my markets and website to upkeep. And that’s without even thinking about the family side of things. While being able to multi task and be busy with many things, I do tend to be a bit of a one track mind and some things get left by the wayside til it’s desperate to fix them. That’s where I am now, oops.

I will be taking some time off to get everything sorted. All my picture files and what I do and don’t have have on hand, getting the website loaded so I can hide and show items on a rotating basis to allow for markets and keeping all sites fresh.
Fixing up the pages here with pictures of my market evolution, a price list page. I will be getting back into the UFO box as well as a basket of necklaces that are ready to be undone and re made into new items. Sure they’re still nice, but they are old and haven’t sold, so the beads get a new lease on life.

I will be posting things here on and off so please don’t stray too far.
Thanks for your consideration, 🙂


UFO’s now finished

I have now finished two of my bead trays full of UFO’s. which equated to ten new necklaces. Yes, 10. I was quite surprised at the quantity. There are still two left.

So tray one gave me 3, not many, with very little left over.



And the tray looked like this..


Tray two started like this…

And finished looked like this…







With the tray finishing like this…


Not bad for a couple of days work. The second last necklace is a it blah, but only coz I really don’t like the colours – I’m sure it will suit someone, or I can make it longer at a later date.

Happy crafting 🙂

UFO time again

It’s that time of year again. UFO time. UnFinished Objects time. Or in my case, tidy the box of loose bits and broken necklaces time.

I have a stack of 4 beading relays with various jewellery items on then, in different stages of production.

The first goal. Each one for those will get finished, either as it is or something new. Mostly, something new. I do not start another tray til the first one is done. (Saying that, I have already done the first tray).
The rules for this challenge are simple in that I have to use as much as is possible on the tray. I cannot just move it away, I have to keep going til there is nothing left, and no way of utilising them. Adding extras from my stash is a given if required.

Then I start on the basket full of stuff. Maybe I just lay things out on the trays again…


I have also made a few decisions on what I am making, yeah I know, I can’t make up my mind. But after looking through a few old magazines; old like 2 or 3 years old; I noticed that all the pages I dog eared or sticky noted are all similar in style, and the things I am making at the moment.
Interesting right?
I had opened the second magazine when it hit me. I have liked this style for a long time. It is a style where I can make something different each time, but still not get bored with making ‘the same style of jewellery’.
I get it, that’s what a niche is isn’t it? Doing essentially the same thing, but not getting bored and having them be all different from each other.
Call me slow, but I think I’ve finally got it. It’s making for those that like the style, not making something for everyone that like something different, or trying to cater for all tastes. I can do different in a set style. And while I love longer necklaces, there are times when even I like to wear shorter ones. Same style, short or long. This feels good to finally get somewhere.

(After the rough couple of days I’ve had, this is an absolute blessing to my heart and head, I am now happy again)

Now all I need to do, is find the niche for my bags. I know what I want, but will everyone else want it as well? (There I go again, what will the masses think, when did I ever think like that?…. Just do it girl!!)

Ok, enough for being all serious and deep.
Here are the rough pictures of what the first tray gave me. Before and after shots. Never mind all the rubbish bits, they gradually get put in the bin.


And the few beads that are left on tray 1. Once I get to this stage, they either can be put back with their mates in storage or left out for adding into another design.


Oh, and as a last note, this means I may need some more large and/or taller mannequins to display everything. Yes! I get to go shopping again… lol

Have a great crafty day or evening 🙂