Bigger busts and a drill bit.

I went shopping today, what’s in the bag?

Ooh, look. More busts, although the height is good, the bust itself is quite small, ah well, you can’t have it all. A tree to make (made) and paint, and some funky cool material. There was so much, I had to be very disciplined with my selection.

And the new busts in relation to my existing ones… I’m to going to paint or cover them just yet, I’ll see how the natural look goes first.

Oh, and a drill bit for my new toy, a dremel, so I can put holes in my glass and stones. I’m no good t wire wrapping, so holes it will be instead.



Space and display

I went shopping this morning, for food, but as is the way, while out I found something that would work for my new look display. Considering I cannot find this darling lady’s head I need to find something else..


I think this cute tree which will be perfect. and for just $12, a bargain.

And with earrings:


My display as I set it out the other night, with space for a cute earring tree.

I look forward to the next market.
Happy Friday and weekend 🙂