It’s finished – and I love it!!

I finally got a couple of hours where I could concentrate on the last few things in my room. And boy does it look good now.
You know how it is, the last things are the fiddly bits that you don’t know what to do with, and whether you keep them or not.
I have one box left, but it is of no issue to the rest of the room.
Halfway through I had the idea to make a big spacey room, that would not feel crowded – and so I can crank the music and dance my silly self crazy when I feel like it.
Check out the pictures. Sorry they’re a bit dark or overly ‘flashed’ due to not being able to get them in daylight as planned.
Overview from lounge room end.

Love this wall. Just because.

Overview from the other end – looks a bit messy, but is not so bad, and very user friendly. Sewing desk on left, utility desk in front of bookcase.

Material racks and storage cupboards.

Close up of the ‘work’ corner.


Now to get the mojo back, it’s upsetting by that it has been so hit and miss lately. But I don’t like to make things when not fully in here mood otherwise they turn out crap. Been there done that, not a good look.

Have a good weekend 🙂


Power points.. and more storage.

Of the electrical type, not for presentations.
My sewing desk is a huge heavy weight, old style computer desk. You know the type, adjustable height, pole hole for the monitor to sit on, and internal bank of power points. Well, just 4, but that’s usually enough with computers of old.
My table is placed against the wall, set at my height. The monitor pole has long gone, and I have to forfeit two plugs for ‘house’ items. Well, I shouldn’t complain, one is for the Internet, which without, I wouldn’t be able to do this.
The other two are mine to use.
During my tidy up and focussing on having less junk, I’ve allocated one plug for a double adapter housing both sewing machines and the other has an extension cord – with double adapter attached. On this I have my iPod speaker and most probably the laptop charger or what ever else is needed. Lights maybe.

On the other wall, under all the lovely storage I made for my props is another single power point. I usually put the camera battery charger on this as it’s out of the way. But with wanting the light tent to be set up there, I had to work something out.
A double adapter for both my light poles, which can stay with that power point. And be used for battery charger, kiln, heat gun… whatever is required. I’m not going to be using the kiln or heat gun at the same time as the light tent and the charger can wait a day or two if needed. (I do like to charge it straight away otherwise it gets forgotten and is not good when I need it).

My next step in the room, is to figure out a way to store the market things slightly better to cater for the other few boxes I have. I’m already liking the big space in the middle of the room instead of tables and boxes everywhere.

We shall see. I’ll get back to my photo editing ready to upload onto the website. It’s all about bags today.

Part two – tidy the tables & light tent set up.

I’m currently mid flu and have anti bionics for a bad ear so have been lethargic and out of sorts. I. Coming out the other side now and having a good day. Much better than yesterday. So good in fact I pottered about in my room getting the next part sorted. The last post said how I had bought a cupboard and was re working my room. Well I’m finally back in to do a it more. Hopefully this week I will have it done, but no promises.

The easiest way to work it was to do one thing at a time. Today the sewing table. I emptied, cleaned, ironed items waiting, patched a shirt that had been a long time waiting and put them all away.
Now my sewing table is sewing machine, over locker and iron. Ready to get out at a moments notice – and be able to use all three without making mess on other tables.
Next I got the table near the bookcase emptied, sorted market bookwork that needed doing and put everything where it belonged.
Then packed up the table and put the other one there. I know that may make no sense but the angle of the supports underneath are higher on this one so less chance of kicking legs.
On this table is now the tray I am working on and the pile of books I will be using. Between this and my sewing table I will have space for computer work.
I put more of my paints in the tall boy, and have two retro suitcases I want to show off but not have sitting in there way. Where to put them?

My aim at the end. To have as little scattered around the room and lots of room to move and productive areas. A user friendly and comfortable place to be.

Two days later.
I have my light tent set up, or at least for today’s purposes while I do more on the website.
This picture does not do it any justice at all, but is purely for example sake. I tried to get a shot of how it looks with lights on and lights off to give you an idea of how much better the pictures will look. But as you can see, it just looks really dark, defeating the purpose completely. And it was daylight, overcast mostly, but not dark. This was taken around 10am.

light tent, no lights

light tent, no lights

light tent with lights on

light tent with lights on

A couple of pictures of product.
The first – with lights, bright and clear.

photo with lights

photo with lights

And without – dull and not as much colour.
photo without lights

photo without lights

I don’t like to use photoshop or alter my pictures. I want to be able to show it as it is, only cropping and resizing as necessary.

I was going to get a shot of the desks all tidy and ready but they are now covered with laptop and stuff, and the other, all the bags ready to re photograph for the website.
Later in the week hopefully.

Keep crafty, Jen.

Before and After

Before and after my 3 day journey from mess to organised.
I am so happy, hubby is happy (with the picture at least, he is yet to see it in the flesh) and I feel so organised. There is a lot of work to do with all my beads and sorting out the bead bookcase, and those millions of misc beads and bits I want to repurpose.

But enough of that for now.
Check out what I did! (I walk into my room and can’t help but smile at how it makes me feel)


Workroom revamp, PT 2

Ok, so I’ve moved a bookshelf, and my filing cabinets and made a little more space, and utilised part of it better.
My market boxes now live where the bookshelf used to be, under the window, along with my little kiln on its table. Easy to get to and still out of the way.

My sewing table is tidy, aside form one small basket of misc market props and the only thing living in the corner now is the ironing board and coat rack for my bags at markets or the girls to hang on for stage. I have to leave the hearth free behind it as there are cupboards that one day might get opened, and the less needed to move the better.

All I need to do now is sort put the papers and odd bits on the middle table. That will be another day when I can also tidy my things out of in the hall cupboard.

The finished room. So spacey and so much better.




Jennifer 🙂

What a surprise! Workroom revamp again. Pt 1.

Hopefully this will be the last one.

I’ll admit it. I get bored easily. I like to move things around and keep myself on my toes. Sometimes it works, and then sometimes I can just leave things be. Like the bedroom, lounge, kitchen….. My work room, ‘studio’ creative space, is a whole different thing. I have been here before. Done posts, shown pictures, and yet here I am again, doing another. Why? Because I saw something today that resonated with me and I think it could work.
When I have a market, I have to tidy two (maybe three) tables so I can take one and organise myself on the other. Now imagine, if I could have it so that I didn’t have to do that every second week. Well organise the jewellery is a must, but having everything else properly organised so it was less fuss and bother.
Before I start, if you want to check here and here for other tidy studio posts go for it. They explain the circumstances and room space.
Ok, all read and up to date? Lets begin on this stage of my room.

While the pictures don’t quite show it properly, I saw the space around the tables and decided I really liked it. One thing was missing. The space to put everything properly. Now if only I could move just one item of ‘house’ furniture to make room for my things.



So much stuff and not enough room. I don’t want to feel crowded. I am already am really, with it the way it is.
Something has to change.
I spent some time, several coffees and measuring bits and pieces, then I sent a text to hubby “you don’t mind if I cover the fire place do you?” And the response that came back was “…I never want to see another fire place so go for it”
Enabling the help of two boys, we moved things and the result is as follows.
Where the bookcase used to be,

And where the bookcase lives now. A perfect fit!! Yipee.

Next I thought I would re jig the filing cabinets and the wooden cube shelves. I figured if it didn’t look that good it wasn’t going to be a hard job to move back. And if it worked, I could actually gain 10cm on the other end near the bead shelves. And believe me, every centimetre counts.
Before the move

And after.. I did have a little trouble finding a filler to hold the shelves at the window end. Well I do still have to, I have something but it won’t last forever.

20130619-194507.jpg I do quite like it on it’s side as the things I need are easily reachable.

To be continued……

Jen 🙂

Your area, room, studio…

Do you have a Crafty space, or crafty filled-to-the-brim-with-stuff.
Mine is often torn between the two. I have never been that good at keeping things tidy all the time, but there comes a moment where if I don’t clean up, then I’ll get lost and no one will find me again. I’m at that moment about now.
I love my crafty area. It is a large space, and while I have to share it with ‘the house’ it’s not too bad. I just need to find the right balance of where everything goes. Once I’m happy with placement I generally leave it alone. It’s finding that placement to start with. And then hoping the mess doesn’t creep up too quickly.
I had a few things to do, and it’s been a hectic week with not quite enough time to get started. I was still packing my boxes for market on the Saturday before I went in to set up. Which is unlike me. Friday night I usually have it done as Saturdays here are busy enough. Hubby being home helped a little, gave me those precious extra minutes to play with.

Today’s job of tidying up was not just my mess, but house mess, and sorting paperwork, plus I wanted to set up my table to allow for a smaller one with the new market. I always do a mock set up when going to a new place if the tables or arrangements are different. Helps me have some semblance of control when the time comes for real.
I got my table sorted and took pictures – although now I’ve done that I probably won’t need them for memory jogging, but better safe than sorry, and late setting up, frustrated and cranky.

I still have a way to go, but my desk is now tidy enough to start making again. A few papers to put away, more items to upload to the website and a small order to place. There is my sewing able to sort out yet, and the all my spare props. I have so many. Maybe I should try to utilise them in my new layout – and not have too many boxes to lug about. I am a stickler not wanting to have too many boxes, I like to keep them to a minimum when filling the car (especially for when the boys go out while I am at market).

Does your crafty room get super messy, or are you a neat crafter and pack things away regularly? I tried that, but it didn’t last very long. It’s just not me.

I’m going to be taking a break from the bags & canvas – well I already have really, it’s been so long since I made anything – but I want to concentrate on my jewellery and get it moving. I have a few ideas for some new Wraptures, and my new asymmetrical necklaces are getting many good responses.
I will get back into it at a later stage.

School holidays are coming, actually, tomorrow, so I will be busier than ever. Running the kids around, a weekend away with hubby and trying to get things done elsewhere.
It’s a never ending job.
image My table layout for the new market. Using all but two of the boxes I use now. I saw an ad in the local paper about the market and as I was under the assumption it was only starting in May I was surprised to see it. He must be looking for more people. I’m thinking I’ll make the trip on Sunday to check it out and see what it’s about. And be able to make a decision on whether I take my small table with a few extra pieces or not. I’ll try and get pictures to show. I also heard the organiser has done things like The Taste of the Huon (a super awesome food festival) so we figure he knows what to do marketing wise.

Keep beady, 🙂

Revamped Studio – now it’s time to get back into production.

After my last post, or the one before that, I mentioned it was time to tidy and organise my space. I wouldn’t mind having to do this so much, but I have limited wall space to use. So I get all growly and upset.

Let’s see what I have to work with.
There is a fire place, but it has shelves above meaning I can’t block it off. That and the fact heating is so darned expensive I want to light the fire instead.
There are two doorways, two low windows – lovely natural light not to be messed with, and only one large wall space – which has to go to my mega bookshelf full of beads.

The other wall, has a heater – which in a stupid place means I have little room either side to use.

Then I also have to share it with a low bookcase full of books, and the buffet which is ‘family’ space.

The shelving unit of cubes was meant to be in the kitchen but it was too wide so I swapped it over (they both work much better in their new home) both filing cabinets have moved and I am now using 2 desks instead of one.

This makes it slightly squishy when getting beads, but I can easily move the table if I need to. And it covers the heater I don’t want to use.

As you can see there is not a lot of room to move, but I am trying to make the most of the space without feeling closed in and messy.

And with a market coming up this week (& the 27th) then the Annual Middleton Expo early Feb, I had better get moving and make a few new and bright items.

Happy crafting 🙂


I will be back shortly (or I can’t wait til it’s all over and I can relax)

Hi everyone, I know I’ve been out of action blog wise lately, but I have been insanely busy (and with all sorts of blog words running thought mind waiting to be put to paper, or screen as it is, but no time to actually do it) getting ready for my 3 day Art Trail.

I was going to say that I will be logging on Monday after my Art Trail has finished and I can relax, but I received that phone call today which means I wont get time to do anything til Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Although, depending on how busy I am I may start a post on the weekend.
The phone call I received… I’ll tell you all more next week, but essentially the power will be cut off early Monday morning not to be returned until school time Tuesday afternoon so we are being kicked out of the house, per se. Accommodation has been arranged and a meal voucher given, courtesy of our lovely landlords, so – as I said to hubby, his job as I am just way too busy – on Sunday we have to empty fridges of food.

When I return there will be more posts of my new craft room, news of the weekend, the re opening of my website – new and exciting stuff! – and of course all the new things I have made. I take pictures of everything.

Keep smiling 🙂

Room to swing a cat… Or a string of beads.

I’m not messy. It’s organized chaos.
I’m not greedy. I just like to spread out.
I’m not lazy. I just can’t be bothered sometimes.
Cleaning up that is.

When I am working on something and my mind takes me elsewhere, I want to just start on it, NOW. Or if I am having trouble with a particular lot of beads and need to leave it awhile. Cleaning up is no good, it ruins the whole ‘feel’ of stuff when I go back. Fancy going back to something only to have to get it all out of the cupboard again, it just isn’t the same.

This is me when I am working on my beads, more the beads than sewing, but resin, clay and glass needs more room and I can’t just pack it away like beads.

A per a conversation the other day, well me joking about wanting more space for my crafting, hubby said to me “go for it” if I wanted more space then he would be happy to move me. I didn’t want to feel like I was taking over the house, but the logic made sense. The boys are all sorted with stuff in their bedrooms, hubby is only home half the time, and even then he rarely just sits in front of the tele. Unless the weather is crap of course.

So I get out the tape measure and check a few things and then give him the good news. I’m moving!! The other incentive to move RIGHT now, was the decision to upgrade the tele, finally, to a flat screen, and double handling it is just silly.
Enlisting the help of 3 boys we had it sorted (in, oh, around 90 mins) ready for a late dinner and now the lounge is small and cosy and I have a huge mess to sort out. More mess as I didn’t have time to do a quick tidy up, but nothing unusual there. It was pick up and move.
There are still a few ‘lounge’ items in my room now, but really, it’s no big deal. I’ll be investing in another trestle table (or should I say an actual dining table so the trestle in the kitchen can be returned to me) so I can have a couple in the middle of the room for other crafty things.

S as I write this I have my sewing able sorted in one corner, my beads and table on the adjacent wall with a bookcase, printer and my stereo set up.

While the pictures won’t show the complete finished product, you get the jist of what it will be like. It will take me at least a week to get it all just right, in between getting distracted and making stuff and ferrying the kids around.