Busy Beading Fun

As per my post the other day about being on my own and getting creative. I had a ball. Or a bead. I got productive.
I needed to make some new items to take to market and add to the website. I will also be taking some to a little shop that expressed interest some back and see what they say.

Some of these pieces are completely new, others are old necklaces just re worked into my new style, which I really like.  Take the green and blue Chrysocolla one (with the diamond-shaped focal bead), it’s so much nicer than the simplistic two strand with centre focal bead.

I have had a good response from these funky imitation howlite skulls so I will work on getting some more and making a collection of them. Simple strung necklace and earrings, with an assorted mixture of colours, and earrings to match.
My website will be updated with the new items today, and my new weekly special is up and running on Facebook.
Funky skullsIMG_6844And stars to boot…

IMG_6846Glass beads with wooden flower focal.

IMG_6848 Gold wire flower with wire wrapped flower and multiple chains.IMG_6856

Jasper with potato pearls and chain. A matching two strand bracelet is also available. IMG_6863
pearl and chain bracelet to match the necklace, or wear alone. IMG_6864

That heart. This is a hard one for me. I’m not sure I like it. I think the heart is just too much, too big and clunky.  Please, tell me your honest thoughts. Keep or toss! IMG_6869


A re-modelled piece. The chain and donut have been switched around with ribbon added. I really like this one.IMG_6882

A little sunshine for your day.


Chrysocolla with pearl spears and ribbon. Beautiful and bright.


IMG_6853 - Copy

Have a great beady day, and keep an eye on the website, these and more will be available soon.
Jennifer 🙂


Paint fun

I went shopping yesterday.. ok, big deal. What did I buy that was so exciting?  More large stands for my canvases to use at markets.   Things always look better when they are standing up on display and not laying flat.
A whole pile of canvas.   Let me just look…. ok, 4 small (20x25cm) 2 large (30x40cm) and a pack of 5 ranging in size from mini (16x26cm) to extra-large (40×50).  Lots of fun to be had.
Then there was another pack of paintbrushes, some flat wedge like sponge brushes (to go with the circular ones I already have) a pack of plain and coloured match sticks – I have something in mind for these, any guesses? – and the cutest little cardboard cupcake stand.
What?? Cupcake stand? Yes, I figure I can have a small display of jewellery when I do a full table of canvases .

I have done some more on my landscape and it’s nearly done. The sky and sunshine need a little more work, but otherwise I am very happy.
I splattered some paint as the start of my flowers board, but I think it looks alright as it is. What do you think??


Starburst – not the best picture, but with the flash, shows the background as white and not yellow. Well, mostly.

I then thought that I will make the background for the flowers with sponges to give a more consistant background and add plenty of texture.

While looking for more pictures of trees and foliage I found some cool Maori Totems… and there began the thought of another.

I know I’ve said it before, but sometimes having done no lessons and the idea of being able to do what ever I want, actually makes things harder.  I spose I’ll get over that as I move along.  It’s all a learning curve that I shall embrace.

Jennifer 🙂