New directions, new ideas and a link for shopping.

I know I’ve said this before, and I do, do something, then my motivtion decides to bugger off and drops me in the slow box for a while. I even went looking for the post but I can’t find it short of looking through every single one. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.
And this resurgence in motivation and get up has been brought about by recent sales from my website and a post on Facebook that ‘pages’ are likely to be written off almost. Well, Facebook are saying that for your ‘page’ to be seen in the future you will need to pay for it, or pay for ads or something. And friends have already noticed a distinct drop in visitors and views – and these are the ones with over a 1000 likers, not just little people like me.
So my thoughts are now even more focused on what I have to do. I like Facebook because it’s free. I don’t want to be paying for it when I am paying for a website as well.
So I’m working on a couple of ideas to kick start the website and have worked out how much I need to sell to pay for it. While this is not a lot, there are other things I need to pay for as well, so it all adds up, and paying for Facebook is not a priority.
One needs to work out what is going to be best for them and utilise that.
So right now, I am updating and sorting the website. Next week (I am working 2 days and then am busy til the end of Monday) I will be getting photos to upload so people can order earrings/rings/hair slides in their colour choice. These are the easiest to do on a grand scale without me feeling like I’m selling out, or going against what I believe. All other items will be reduced for (hopefully) quick sales and I can concentrate on what I do really like. Retro/vintage /boho styles and my glass work (pendants & Wraptures).

I also need to empty and restart my studio from scratch. There is so much going on, I need to find some sort of better storage solution for everything.

More importantly, I need to get into a better routine. Routine is important. While crafty people tend to want to work whenever, it is still important to have some structure so things actually get done.
This has to work in with my Community Centre, market, family, work life. For those that know me, they know that my life is anything but staid and there are times when life will not play nicely. It’s all easier on paper at least) if you work full/part time. There are set times to work around.
I am also aware of the time I spend with or without my kids. They grow up quick enough I want to make sure they have everything they need before they get licences/jobs/girlfriends and leave the nest more often and for longer each time.

Where am I going with this. Short answer. There may be some kind of spamming of products, links, pictures, blabbing to get my name out there more and trying to drive more people along.
I’m thinking, as I type this to get some sort of (big) link on the sidebar that is a direct link to my website. Actually, that will be the next job.
~five minute time lapse ~ Woohoo, done, super easy and takes you to the home page. I can change that to whatever page I like, which I may do another day, the Collections page, or the Shop Front maybe… Now to go and pout it on the main blog.

Have a good weekend (I know it’s only Wednesday but I wont be back here til after Monday).


Craft room revamp, part 2

Off I troop to the shops this morning with a plan. And a piece of paper with measurements.
All works in my favour and I load up the car with two more 8-cube units and a 4-cube unit. Even though the smaller unit will be used purely for height, I decided to buy it as a future investment. I’m not going to be in this position forever and the cube thing will always be a useful storage item.

~ time lapse while I build shelves ~

I now have blisters on m hands after screwing 50 odd screws. Not happy, Jan. About the listers, happy that I now have shelves and room.
I have used a smaller table instead of the 4-cube shelf with two slabs of timber to distribute the weight better. And it looks good. The second shelf still needing to be finished, jus the back pieces, but boy in the bedroom behind the wall is trying to sleep, and I am now tired, so happy enough to give it a break.
Once it is all nailed, and placed on the boards I can start filling it.

~ more time lapse as I sleep and then get its off to school ~

A full day time lapse. Certain amply matters had to be sorted out first.
Shelves, finished, and put into place.

And semi stocked. There is still tweaking to be done.



Design, Perfect. Layout, perfect. Construction, average. But working within my means I am very happy with how it looks.
And there is so much more space, I can see all my props, and no mess in between markets any more.

Have you done a big studio/craft room revamp. Did it work out,or did you have to change it again?

Jennifer 🙂

What a surprise! Workroom revamp again. Pt 1.

Hopefully this will be the last one.

I’ll admit it. I get bored easily. I like to move things around and keep myself on my toes. Sometimes it works, and then sometimes I can just leave things be. Like the bedroom, lounge, kitchen….. My work room, ‘studio’ creative space, is a whole different thing. I have been here before. Done posts, shown pictures, and yet here I am again, doing another. Why? Because I saw something today that resonated with me and I think it could work.
When I have a market, I have to tidy two (maybe three) tables so I can take one and organise myself on the other. Now imagine, if I could have it so that I didn’t have to do that every second week. Well organise the jewellery is a must, but having everything else properly organised so it was less fuss and bother.
Before I start, if you want to check here and here for other tidy studio posts go for it. They explain the circumstances and room space.
Ok, all read and up to date? Lets begin on this stage of my room.

While the pictures don’t quite show it properly, I saw the space around the tables and decided I really liked it. One thing was missing. The space to put everything properly. Now if only I could move just one item of ‘house’ furniture to make room for my things.



So much stuff and not enough room. I don’t want to feel crowded. I am already am really, with it the way it is.
Something has to change.
I spent some time, several coffees and measuring bits and pieces, then I sent a text to hubby “you don’t mind if I cover the fire place do you?” And the response that came back was “…I never want to see another fire place so go for it”
Enabling the help of two boys, we moved things and the result is as follows.
Where the bookcase used to be,

And where the bookcase lives now. A perfect fit!! Yipee.

Next I thought I would re jig the filing cabinets and the wooden cube shelves. I figured if it didn’t look that good it wasn’t going to be a hard job to move back. And if it worked, I could actually gain 10cm on the other end near the bead shelves. And believe me, every centimetre counts.
Before the move

And after.. I did have a little trouble finding a filler to hold the shelves at the window end. Well I do still have to, I have something but it won’t last forever.

20130619-194507.jpg I do quite like it on it’s side as the things I need are easily reachable.

To be continued……

Jen 🙂

Market mix up time.

This weekend is the second Huonville market, and hoping it’s a little busier. Last fortnight wasn’t too bad, but more people is always good – stall holders aswell as customers.
I have redone my display as I’m able to have a tiny bit more space and on Wednesday I’ll be picking up some more props. Nude half bodies with no head that I can hang on the wall. These will be super handy for here as well as Woodbridge, well, pretty well anywhere I can have wall space and a few hooks.
My new display will allow height, different items, earrings!!! and look much more inviting.




My banner will need a better string system for hanging, but I will sort that once my girls are hanging on the wall.

Have a great day, see you on Wednesday 🙂

Market mix up time.

This weekend is the second Huonville market, and hoping it’s a little busier. Last fortnight wasn’t too bad, but more people is always good – stall holders aswell as customers.
I have redone my display as I’m able to have a tiny bit more space and on Wednesday I’ll be picking up some more props. Nude half bodies with no head that I can hang on the wall. These will be super handy for here as well as Woodbridge, well, pretty well anywhere I can have wall space and a few hooks.
My new display will allow height, different items, earrings!!! and look much more inviting.




My banner will need a better string system for hanging, but I will sort that once my girls are hanging on the wall.

Have a great day, see you on Wednesday 🙂

Market in my car

Some of you know I have a new car. If you don’t, head over here to check it out. Aside from the initial excitement that comes with a new car I have been hanging out to see how my market boxes stack up in the car. Literally.

Looking at the pictures it still has lots of space available. Our back seats fold in 60/40 so I can fold down one lot and Mr 8 can still sit in the back. I am a stickler for him not being in the front seat until he’s 10 unless he absolutely has to.

I have only laid down the seats as I am taking my small table for the Xmas period. My next market I will only take my 4 boxes and see how they fit in the boot on their own.

In the old car, the basket with my canvases had to sit on the back seat, and the box with my girls had to be half unpacked in the boot due to their height. As you can see, I have no problem with that.



Oh lordy, gotta clean again, already?? ~really??~

Yes, time has stopped, well the busy period is over and I have some time to myself. Time to myself?? Haha, I get lots of time to myself, it’s just how I use it that matters. Seriously though, the Art Trail is done and everything is unpacked and put away, boxes ready to go for next market; more beads ordered, oh and the massive task of finishing my website.
I have done a huge overall. Some things have stayed the same: colours, style and layout. I’m happy with that. But the menus have changed. I was talking with a lady in the near past and something she mentioned got me thinking. She said she liked ‘chunky and funky’ in relation to necklaces, and so the seed was sown.
And then the work had to start. Re-doing things… Hate that. But sometimes, like now, it was easier to do over than hunt around and waste time. So all my jewellery is now organisd into style and the menu reflects that. Want something different, some glass or maybe a bit of bling for heading out onto the town… It’s all there, in separate menus. Loads of casual everyday wear, (my disclaimer is that it’s what I would wear everyday and so may not be wear where you expect it). My new range of knotties and polymer pendants get their own albums.

Bags are organized the same.
Wraptures are in a class of their own.
Ears and fingers are together,although that will probably change as I add more earrings. Bracelets get a page to themselves.

As I type this there are more items being uploaded on the laptop, so trying to multitask, but with a tiny laptop that is incredibly slow at times it is annoying… And I’m starting to feel weary – I did a big house cleaning yesterday as the last few weeks it has been neglected, must say though, I do feel better for it – and I’ve been going to bed later than normal this week. It seems to catch up quicker than it used to. Funny that.

Where was I?? Cleaning I think..
So, the website is 90% done, and I’m gearing up for lots more markets in the coming months.

And my desks are an absolute mess. Not just a mess.
A shambles.
I only moved in here a fortnight ago, 3 weeks at the most, and I still haven’t got it sorted.
So tomorrow is the day. One because I have lots of new beads arriving and if I am going to make more pieces and do some sewing/canvas art then I have to tidy up.

Why do I find it so hard to keep things neat. Oh, I know being creative gives me some leeway, but really, this is just ridiculous.
Even my coffee has gone cold.
So I might hit the sack and see how it goes in the morning. (this week I can’t just jump in at 8.30 when the boys have left for school as the eldest has work experience and I have to drive him there, so it’s at least 9.30 before I can get started).
I have my lists, I am a great list maker, love them.

24hours later:
So my desks are 3/4 done. A little fine tuning tonight and then I’m set to go.
So I didn’t get to do any canvas art, I did finish uploading a few things to the website though, which means it is done!!!

As the picture will show, there is another wooden box with my stones. For wire wrapping (hmm, maybe not). Glass for wraptures and pendants, and a few loose beads for fun things.
Then there is a pile of old earrings to sort through and jazz up and replace the ear wires on. A box of misc beads from every where. (the part I hate, sorting loose beads!) and then the box of stuff to revamp, pull apart, re make… Some of it I have had in limbo, some of it is old and just not had any lookers or compliments. Others are just pieces that will work with something else.
My goal is to go through this box one at a time, when ever I get the urge to bead, I have to start with this box. Thats the idea anyway.

Hubby arrives home tomorrow so I have to pack away a few items and make the place look halfway decent, and so I don’t lose/spoil anything.

I am raring to go with new items. And next week I have to get onto more canvas. That’s number one. To weeks of school holidays and would you believe it, hubby is at work for all of it. So, aside from being the work taxi for mr 15/16 I have no where to go.


Enjoy 🙂

Room to swing a cat… Or a string of beads.

I’m not messy. It’s organized chaos.
I’m not greedy. I just like to spread out.
I’m not lazy. I just can’t be bothered sometimes.
Cleaning up that is.

When I am working on something and my mind takes me elsewhere, I want to just start on it, NOW. Or if I am having trouble with a particular lot of beads and need to leave it awhile. Cleaning up is no good, it ruins the whole ‘feel’ of stuff when I go back. Fancy going back to something only to have to get it all out of the cupboard again, it just isn’t the same.

This is me when I am working on my beads, more the beads than sewing, but resin, clay and glass needs more room and I can’t just pack it away like beads.

A per a conversation the other day, well me joking about wanting more space for my crafting, hubby said to me “go for it” if I wanted more space then he would be happy to move me. I didn’t want to feel like I was taking over the house, but the logic made sense. The boys are all sorted with stuff in their bedrooms, hubby is only home half the time, and even then he rarely just sits in front of the tele. Unless the weather is crap of course.

So I get out the tape measure and check a few things and then give him the good news. I’m moving!! The other incentive to move RIGHT now, was the decision to upgrade the tele, finally, to a flat screen, and double handling it is just silly.
Enlisting the help of 3 boys we had it sorted (in, oh, around 90 mins) ready for a late dinner and now the lounge is small and cosy and I have a huge mess to sort out. More mess as I didn’t have time to do a quick tidy up, but nothing unusual there. It was pick up and move.
There are still a few ‘lounge’ items in my room now, but really, it’s no big deal. I’ll be investing in another trestle table (or should I say an actual dining table so the trestle in the kitchen can be returned to me) so I can have a couple in the middle of the room for other crafty things.

S as I write this I have my sewing able sorted in one corner, my beads and table on the adjacent wall with a bookcase, printer and my stereo set up.

While the pictures won’t show the complete finished product, you get the jist of what it will be like. It will take me at least a week to get it all just right, in between getting distracted and making stuff and ferrying the kids around.