Time to get (friendly) plastic

It’s that time again. Today, in between unexpected taxi jobs, I am playing with the new plastic I got recently. There are two types and after today I will be able to decided which I prefer or it may even be both.
First cab off the rank is friendly plastic. There are two ways to heat it. In a water bath or a heat gun. I have loan of a heat gun, so we’re going there first.
A little googling to see how long to leave it to cool and then I’ll be right into it. Ok. I need to leave it to cool completely before removing it from the paper. So while I am waiting for that I can have a look a the shrinky plastic.

Friendly plastic before cutting and heating.

The first cuts broke it, which disappointed me, but there after it cut neatly, phew.


And my first and second attempts.


Aft seeing how soft they go under the heat gun I may try the water bath to make a cuff, as I only need to soften the plastic not meld it together. I’d like to try the pink one as a cuff first.
The second one does look vaguely better in the flesh, and with more practice they will look 100% better. I am liking this, it’s kind of like working with dichroic glass, except the results are almost instant, instead of having to wait 12 hours. I can definitely see me doing more of this down the track.

Jen 🙂


Wraptures – a new wave in design

It’s time to start working on another collection of Wraptures. I’ll be taking them to the new market and setting them front and centre to get some more interest.
I’ve noticed the first collection were very swirly and had lots of squiggles. This next lot will be different, mainly because they already have bails ready to hang.

I have a selection of glass pendants that haven’t sold so I will transform them instead. I just need to find out how they want to be made up.** It may not be all girls and swirls, and the glass is darker, so maybe subtle colours will be needed.
My new clay soon to be moulded.. L-R:  Ultra Blue, Metallic silver, metallic pearl, red, purple, white and magenta.

 And the pendants ready to have a new lease on life.IMG_7038

These are a time consuming job as before I even think about conditioning the clay I have to get the design right. Then pick the colours and start work. After that, it’s the beady part of the job. So lots of doodling and looking at nature and the world around me for ideas.

** A few years ago I would have laughed at anyone who said they let the hosue tell them how it wants to be renovated, or the beads how they want to be made up… I have now reconsidered this treain of thought. It is correct. Many times I have had an idea and somewhere in the middle of the design and construction realised that it is all wrong. The bead dictates how it should be worked. And there is no trying to be boss and saying No. The bead is always right. Well, most of the time anyway. Somethings work well on paper or the bead mat, but when you string them up, it will either work or it wont.

I love my glass pieces and with some of the patterns and colours it will be a fun time. Mind numbing and exhausting, but fun.

Happy Beading, Happy Weekend 🙂