New theme

Ok,here it is.  After spending way too long on it last night, and stuffing up my widgets I am reasonably happy with this one. Minimilistic and tidy.
Please check out the website and tell me if you think they’re comparable or I should go back to something else, brighter maybe.
Website for perusal.

Cheers, Jen 🙂



New market display

Today’s market display.
The consensus was the boxes would overpower the jewellery, so I either paint the boxes (not likely coz I bought them for their pretty looks) or cover them with a cloth. They were covered, and because the table is bigger then the one I have at home, I had more room, so instead of using a basket, I laid out the bracelets on the table in their colours.
It looked really nice, and was much quicker to pack up. Always a good thing. I do need to tweak it a little bit to get pieces draping better, but as they are front heavy it can be awkward, (this weeks job). The scarf on the bust is my mums and we displayed it there so you could see how to wear them. Sitting on the table, they look very inconspicuous, and almost un-scarf-like. I would also like a proper height mannequin so I can display a full kit of necklace and hand bag.