wet day market & new promotions

Ok, let’s do the new promotions first. I’ve decided, as some of you may already know, that this is the year of the beads. I plan on promoting my wares every which way and the first part of that (aside from being vigilant on updating my social media (ie: Twitter & FB)) is to have actual outside advertising. So onto my favourite printing and merchandise website – Vistaprint – I went and set about designing a flyer and new business cards. The good thing about having a logo is that I can change the design of my cards as much as I like and so long as the logo is there, it’s all good. By which I mean, every time I’ve designed my cards I’ve changed them, as I haven’t found one which I feel is really ‘me’, one that fits what I am. until now. Funky pink flowers it is. And then I got to thinking and I have a car magnet to slap on the car whenever I go out. So they got ordered, and were delivered – they look amazing!! and cards and flyers went into my stockists.
Only one problem. the magnets wouldn’t come in the same design as the cards. Oh well, they are still bright and look pretty good.


Now, there is more coming. I got so excited about all this, and with the advent of another couple of big markets to attend, the options for bigger reach is just too much to bear.. so I ordered a large vertical banner and stand and as a bonus I get another mini car magnet – both of them with my funky flowers!! yay, super happy. Photos of these when they arrive.

Wet day markets. Ugh.
Saturday just gone was the annual Middleton Fair, perfectly located just 500 metres from my house. If it weren’t for the fact it was all down a steep hill I could probably walk my goods there (it would take a few trips, but the exercise would do me good).
It is always a good day, no longer than any other market I attend when you take into consideration the set up and pack up times; but because it is all outside, there are 90+ stalls, animal nursery, band/s, displays, demonstrations, lucky ‘gate’ prizes, a great load of advertising and local gardening/cooking celebrities.
This year was gearing up to be like any other except for one thing. The weather. Forecast to rain all day (it’s the middle of summer here, so not appreciated) it was going to be a hit and miss kind of day. Like many, I was very tempted to stay in bed and not go, but made the trek (expecting to be closing up early) and I was glad I did. Whole nearly half the stalls either came and left or didn’t bother even arriving, many people braved the weather and came along to visit. It was certainly not like last year’s hot day, but it could have also been bucketing down. I had a slow day, like most except the coffee and hot food people, and only made my stall fee + a small bit, but I know that all markets are different and considering the weather was pleased with what I did.

I did get the details of a lady on Bruny Island who organises a couple of markets there, so will be applying to head over (with mum as she usually does them regularly).
Mum and I shared my large gazebo (not quite twice the size of a regular one) and many people stopped and mentioned how sturdy ours looked and didn’t look like it was going to blow away. after checking the weather everyday in the lead up, I pared down my display so if it was too wet or windy I wouldn’t be chasing my goods all over, or having things broken. And it made it easier for a quick pack up should it be required – which was funny as it took me way longer to set up and pack up than usual.
I now have plans for hiring two sites next year and making a full ‘room’ of my stall, making a full boudoir of awesome pink beadiness.

Til next time, with more banners, magnets and new makes..


Market time and digital photos

I’m off to a fundraising market this weekend – a mere week after finding out about it. For something this big (and it is big) there would be no hope in getting a place this late in the day. But I got lucky.
The first I knew about it was in the local paper when hubby pointed it out, I said I’d think about it and maybe email them later.
That was Saturday.
Sunday evening/Monday morning I sent of my email and then got a huge surprise back.
The organiser not only said Yes, but she had been looking at my website – and loving it! – when my email turned up. She was very complimentary and I feel humbled by her praise.
And I am eagerly looking forward to attending.
Going slightly off track, I was sent an application for another market I may be interested in attending, and part of their ‘thoughts’ for good displays was to have a digital photo frame on display. Well, it got me thinking, I have wanted one for some time, so off I went and checked some out before picking one that looked alright. And it was on special so as a bonus I save $20+. Very happy.
Now the big job is to get a mass amount of pictures onto a USB to take with me. Wont be too hard really, I have so many of the buggers.

And to add to my job list for marketing, I was thinking of working on some felt bags this week. I’m not so sure as I didn’t have a market to attend when I thought of this. We shall see what I end up doing.

I’m not sure how much of a time traveller I am, but time sure has flown since I got up this morning.

Have a great week, I may or may not be back before market time. But there will be a recap and pictures afterwards.

New Market

After replying to an email yesterday and saying No to a market this weekend, (for my own personal reasons) I have just received another email from a new market I applied for, knowing I would be going on their waiting list for this one (late application automatically goes onto a waiting list). I immediately rang a friend. She sells honey so is pretty well guaranteed a spot for any markets she applies for, and has said if I get in we can share the car. And because you have to take your own table, she has several foldable ones so I can borrow one of hers.
I know all markets are different, so am not expecting much. But it is in the city, and only runs quarterly so hopefully that aspect will mean more people. Which means more chances of sales. I’m not going to talk numbers but any market I attend all I hope for is my stall fee + $20 to cover petrol/food (ie: coffee). Which is not much to ask for, and anything over that is a bonus.

I was heading into my craft room this afternoon anyway to unpack from this weekend and sort my things. This gives me the incentive to actually get it done.
It’s a relatively new market and is in the city. Now I just have to wonder what I will take. I’m erring on the side of simply taking the same things I had at Woodbridge.

Let’s see, so some brooches and earrings in friendly plastic, earrings and bracelets, and which necklaces? Maybe it’s time to set up another mock stall? Tonight’s job. Take a bit of everything, but make it quick and easy at both ends.

Do I take a selection asymetrical necklaces, and have a tall display…..20131020-113249.jpg

baskets with bags in them…IMG_9686

or a smaller one with the ‘regular’ necklaces…IMG_7567

Looking at these pictures, I may work on a combination of all three. Maybe one tall lady, several small and a basket of bags. Although I have yet to hear back which particular stall size I have. Which means different fees, but maybe more space. A corner stall will give me the room to have more than a single stall size.

In the meantime I will unpack and sort my things, and wait to get my confirmation email.

Catch you later 🙂

No excuses!

Things have been busy, and I’ve been lazy with my beads. There. No excuses, just the truth.
I do need to get into some sort of better beading and sewing routine. I wanted to post here somewhere along twice a week, and I can honestly say that hasn’t happened.

So what am I working on. I have a repai job to do. Actually 4 for the one person. So that keeps me busy for a bit. Two were simple re stringing jobs, with the other two using a handful of beads and making something out of them.  I sort the beads, make a few options up and send pictures and await further instruction.
This time around there are a dozen small pearly beads which are sentimental but barely enough to make a bracelet, let alone a necklace so I will give her a few ideas and see. The other beads should make a nice necklace with some of my own thrown in. I quoted $30-$40 and provided the time is not much then it should come in around budget.

My crafty routine? What’s to become of that?
Well, I have the bi-annual CRAG Art Trail at the end of September (2 days instead of 3 this year) so I want to have a new collection ready. I wont be saying much yet until I have made my final decision.
I have monthly markets til the end of the year at Woodbridge, I’ve applied for a niche market that does 4 a year (although I have missed making the first one), and am waiting the email for another one that happens twice a year (for 2 days).
The market just up the road, I haven’t heard from them either. But there is still time.

The two items I restrung this morning. Ready and waiting for the two others to be completed.





It’s fair day!

The day dawned beautiful and sunny. With a slight breeze. Everything was packed or stacked ready to go and all I needed was to get my bag ready with camera glasses, hat and plenty of water. It was promised to be a hot one.
Dad arrived and took my tables and gazebo in the ute and hubby and I followed in the car. Mum was already there – we have stalls next to each other – and vehicles unpacked and moved.
Gazebos set up and pegged the men left us to it, and I realised very soon on I had left my water at home. Bugger.
Set up took a little longer than usual but not by much. And from then on it was busy. About 10 I felt the need for another coffee and breakfast but between myself, the coffee van (conveniently across the road again) and Jakob’s Pantry next door it was nearer 11.30 before I got to leave and get sustenance. A unit went down very well too.
My decision to pack things differently this year paid off as it was so much easier – both at the beginning and end. I was able to leave one whole table set up til the last minute rather than having 3 tables half packed up and looking messy.

And one table – my bracelets and accessories – I’ve decided I will take to market next week. Quick and easy, but also full of fun little things available to everyone.
I did learn one thing. Friendly plastic. It melts when it gets too hot. If you were wearing a brooch or earrings like I was, provided you aren’t just standing around in the full sun, they will be ok. Where they were on my table, they were in the full sun, and while not obvious, when I went to move them, some were stuck, and are subsequently ruined. A small price, and a timely reminder for next time.

Overall my day was pretty good. I’d made back costs in the first half hour and the rest was, well, it’s what we want isn’t? Put it this way. I love full day fairs like this, and I got invited to go to another in early April. We’ll see what the email brings first. And off hand I’m pretty sure this year is the Channel art Trail, a 3 day exhibition of all kinds of artists selling their wares with some ‘working’ exhibitions included.

I am pretty happy with the layout of my gazebo, given I don’t do outside events often – jewellery tends to not like the wind – but I just love the opportunity to take lots of items and show off everything.



One minor issue, the gazebo isn’t as big as I thought, so I can’t have the full layout and include the walls, as one of my tables was half out of the cover, but still inside the site markings. Another stall holder chatting told me about their verandah or awning you can buy to extend shade on the, but I’d be wanting to see if I can utilise it to add the wall to it as extra roof space. Did that make sense?
And after looking back at the pictures, I need a much bigger banner, and more girls to hang. The banner I would like is a vertical one that stands out the front of the stall or the biggest horizontal one, which would cover half the width of the gazebo. And more girls so I can have a whole row along one side. Small steps and investments. After all, everything I own (beading wise, gazebo included) has come from beading money. Not bad when I look at it like that.

What else? I saw heaps of people I knew, some I hadn’t seen for years, chatted with customers and had – as usual – a quick run around to see what else was happening, drank nice coffee, and ate beautiful lamb crepes and a cherry Danish.

And lastly a couple of pictures of the Fair. I know it doesn’t look much, but there were over 95 stalls plus all the other activities on show. From where I was, (my stall to my left) there are only 3 behind me, and the ground slopes downwards (south) for a couple of hundred metres.
To the right of me are more stalls, the hall, and activities for the kids.

Looking straight out of my gazebo.

Facing north, (my stall on my right) and across the road are where they have all the animals and any demonstrations, like shearing. The road go’s straight through the middle and our house is at the top of the hill behind all those trees. A mere 500m away.


A new year brings new possibilities!

It has been way too long since I have been here. Not for lack of being creative, but from lack of time and organising myself to take pictures and post here. My own slackness for sure.
But a new year is upon us. And I am taking up the challenge.
A new year means new possibilities!
My blogging resolutions for this blog are simple. Make it a routine to blog or at least post pictures twice a a week. Not hard. And considering I plan on being quite busy with creating, it should be fun.
One of the first changes I’ve made is to change the theme of the blog. I wasn’t overly happy with the last one, so I have fallen back to one of my favourite themes. Simple, but not too crowded, and showcasing all/most of the pictures on the side.

Another first for the new year will be to get baking onto a bit of sewing. A friend gave me these awesome crocheted flowers/shapes. We thought they were coasters initially, but no, they’re designed to sew onto bags. So the vintage bag book will come out and I shall see what funky things I can make.


Have a great new year and I look forward to posting lots of fantastic new makes, and lessons I’ve learned along the way.
Jen 🙂

Storage, Transport and Organising – markets.

An old post, from back in January this year. I’m going through my draft folders on all my blogs and sorting out what can stay and what needs to go.
With a couple of other storage/transport posts on the other blog to transfer I though I would copy this to a new post and publish it today (otherwise it would be stuck back in the middle of whatever I posted early in the year, when it is drafted, that’s when it publishes I’ve noticed).

I’ll be posting the others over the next few days.
Happy reading.

With only one day to go I have to have everything fully packed and ready to go, I am at the point where normally it is panic stations. Not me. Not now anyway.

As is the way with my to do lists, I write what I think and then gradually add to it as I find more things to do. Some may be obvious, but writing them down means I don’t forget even the simplest things.

The list is slowly being crossed off, and is now at the pointy end where I have a smaller to do list at the bottom so I can clearly see what is left.


What am taking?
The foundations and framework – 3m gazebo, tables and a chair.
The furnishings. Well that would be 2 boxes of props, 1 POS.
The accessories. Three boxes – one of bags, basket of canvases and the equivalent of one in jewellery. Jewellery can get pretty heavy, so I spread it out over two boxes, being careful that things don’t get squashed or can move around too much.
A total of 6 boxes that is my entire market display. Not bad considering I usually take 4 to a normal market. Sure this is just another market, but it’s also so much bigger and has a reputation to match. 22 years gives you time to build up a good following.

Everything has been checked and priced before I bagged and packed it, new price tags and labels printed and ready to mark the props, bags and tissue paper for wrapping and delivery, business cards… The list goes on.

My last job for tonight is to make sure all the bags are tagged and priced properly, while tomorrow I make up a few more bags. I purposely left this to the end so if I had time I would do it. If not, then I wouldn’t have missed out any of the more important items.
My bags cut and ready to sew, I’m not sure about the cream doily one. We’ll see how difficult it is to shape into a usable bag.

20130131-220024.jpg and the one I made this evening, bright yellow with a black floral patch and white lining.


A full post Fair report with photos (hopefully) on Sunday. I’m thinking that Saturday night I will be too tired to think straight. Pizza, wine and bed will be the order of the evening.
Have a great weekend 🙂

Market Day – sunny and warm

Today’s market stall. A few different things, and using my new busts and both trees.
I have an order for a necklace so will make up several for her to choose from, I can easily put the others n the table.
Lunch today is another fabulous pie form Moots in Kahoots – chicken leek and Brie.
The sun is shining, and it’s nice and warm outside.






Clay time with flower stamps

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, and believe me I’ve tried. So much has been happening in my personal life that I’ve barely had time to think crafty. That 3 weeks til market has shrunk ridiculously quickly and is down to less than one week. And I had all these great ideas to get some new items done. I have now got all the bits I wanted – from that cool book I bought – and can make any of the items when I am ready.
Today I am going to have a go at the clay. Its going to be easy. Well, simple projects. Pendants of clay, in bright colours with flower stamps (or indents) either left as pendants or simply strung on chain or ribbon.
That is the idea. I like my brights. That is my thing. Sure I could do muted tones, but while not ‘selling myself out’ I’d still rather not do them. I want to make things I like, and encourage the people that like the same things. Bright is beautiful, always reminiscent of summer and fun times.

Hmm, I’ve had a very little play and it seems that I really should be using ink with the stamps. The impression is alright but will better with ink. The to do some research.

~insert time lapse~

Alright, I’m back. Done some research, Made a few more purchases, and now waiting for the delivery.
I’ve baked the clay and they look ok. Bright colours are rarely classy and while I am not looking for that genre, I still want them to look good. I’ve decided a few can be made into a brooch with a cloth background. I think that might be ok. I also have to work hard at making things small. I need to make something, and then go, halve it. Then it might be the right size. But is that stepping away from who I am. I have to find a way to market my items towards those that like big bright jewellery.
These are the few pendants I made, I quite like them. The pink and green one was rounded and smoothed out before I baked them. I’m thinking of just stringing them on a simple chain or ribbon with the ink and white one being a vintage styled half beaded necklace.


Sometimes trying new things is more than a gamble. It’s working out whether you want to keep doing it, or whether its something you can do. I visited a shop my mum was working in (as part of selling items there, the co op ask that you do some work as well) and saw lots of gorgeous pieces of jewellery that jolted me back to inspiration. And I think I know what I want. Making beads to be used in necklaces rather than the foal points. We’ll see how the next lot goes.


Before and After

Before and after my 3 day journey from mess to organised.
I am so happy, hubby is happy (with the picture at least, he is yet to see it in the flesh) and I feel so organised. There is a lot of work to do with all my beads and sorting out the bead bookcase, and those millions of misc beads and bits I want to repurpose.

But enough of that for now.
Check out what I did! (I walk into my room and can’t help but smile at how it makes me feel)