What a strange market day

Today was the day. Fundraiser market day. To help raise funds to get a sailer to Canada with all the extras (boats included) to train and hopefully get into the Paralympics.
And it was a great day.
Both halls were full, actives were happening all day and loads of people came through the doors. They had a band playing a few times as well as recorded music for the Zumba and gymnastic demonstrations which was way too loud. I was in the room next door and it was loud, when I wandered into the main hall, it was unbearable. I’m not surprised no one wanted to stop around too long.

Despite the large number of people, not many hands were in pockets, and a lot of the stall holders I spoke to sold one or two items or nothing. I actually sold my one and only item seconds before I was told it was time to pack up. At least I paid for my lunch.
On the other hand, and I got in some market networking and chatted to prospective stall holders for Woodbridge, was told ‘I’ve seen you all over the internet’ by one lady and the organiser is very interested in coming along to have a proper look at my jewellery.

My stall looked pretty good, I haven’t been able to do a large set up for a long time so relish the idea when it comes along.
I backed onto the enormous child’s playground, with netting all round so was able to hang my girls and banner easily on here. Initially I thought the screaming kids would be a problem but once more people arrives it was just a lot of noise everywhere and I hardly noticed it.
I took my digital photo frame but they weren’t able to get electricity to my position so – as mentioned yesterday when I spoke to them – I’d bring along alternative arrangements in a case.
As for the photo frame, the one I bought didn’t actually work properly and the remote didn’t work at all so it went back and I got one from another shop, which I was able to work straight up without looking at the instructions. Of course to utilise it properly I will read the book, but for now, I am happy.

My next market will be Woodbridge on there 22 June. And hopefully we’ll have some new people along.

Now if only I enjoyed a nice bath I would be doing that, but not to be, an early night for me instead, and then back to the making and uploading new makes to the website.

Have a great week
Jen 🙂




Market set-up. Ready to roll!

I’ve a big fundraiser market tomorrow in a (semi local) PCYC which means they can have loads of stalls and other activities. It has been touted as a family fun day with something for everyone.
There is always one issue with most markets – how to do the toilet run. I don’t always have a person keeping me company and sometimes you’re not enamoured with your neighbour in these things. But tomorrow I know the lady who I’m next to so much easier there. Another friend is going and is taking her daughter (mr 17’s GF) and she was happy to do stall-keeping for toilet and food runs, but I saw today they are as far away from me as possible, in another room, in the far corner.

Back to my stall. I asked for a power point and to be near the wall. Well I’m backing onto the netting for the giant play ground so that’s ok, I can attach my banner to this. And the stall sites were marked out at the 3×3 and I fit quite nicely inside my spot.
The power is a not sure of thign at the moment. I wanted to hook up my digital photo frame, but as we discussed, I will make other arrangements to fill the space if they can’t get a 40+ metre extension cord.

I’m looking forward to this one, a local guy, mini celebrity is going to be there. He was on a cooking show and is now a DJ so has been spruiking it all week.

Tables and space ready to be transformed

Tables and space ready to be transformed


And after - looking pretty... well looking pretty. Pity tablecloths have to be so crinkled. Hopefully they'll be looking a  bit neater tomorrow.

And after – looking pretty… well looking pretty. Pity tablecloths have to be so crinkled. Hopefully they’ll be looking a bit neater tomorrow.


My wooden letters - Marcato Designs

My wooden letters – Marcato Designs


Market round-up tomorrow, with better pictures of the stall.
Have a great one.
Jennifer 🙂

Flourish Market

Straight up. If I come back to this market, I can leave home at least half an hour later. We ended up being so early we were the only ones set up when everyone else arrived.
Getting that first coffee helped and I made some sales quickly thereafter. And that was about it. Even though the weather was nice, neither too hot nor cold it was a very slow market day, and it’s a bit of a disappointment. But, every market is different and you can never tell what might happen.

And my stall for today. My neighbour remarked how quickly I had it packed up when we finished, the same time as her and all she had was clothes to put in a suitcase.



Bumpy beads

A month ago nearly I started this funky necklace.Yes, I’ve been that busy/dis-organised that I have finally got my act together to finish it.
I love it. Colourful, and long enough to pop straight over your head it is perfect for the end of summer, or to brighten up those winter outfits.
I took it along to market today where it got lots of compliments, but was not loved quite enough to find a new home.
On the other hand I sold one of my chunky multi chain/beaded strand necklaces that looked fabulous on this lady and when she said what she was going to wear it with – I dare say she’ll get loads of compliments from it.
These moments make me happy.
(A strange market day, but profitable for me, you just can’t pick’em)



Til next time.

Middleton Fair – preperations

It’s taken me a week to write this. Which in one sense is a good thing, it means I’ve been busy. On the other, I’ve used the bits of spare time to do other things. Which does not include reading emails, except those that are vital. Blogs, I’m sorry, have had to fall by the wayside.
This week I’ve been getting ready for the Annual Middleton Fair. Those that follow me everywhere will know this, I’m like a stuck record on this one. But it’s a good thing. And it’s just down the road from me, doesn’t make the day much shorter, just easier to get to.

Last year was my first fair here since we returned to Tassie, and I looked back on my notes for last year. Well organised for sure, but something wasn’t quite right. I remembered what I was doing when it was set up and pack up time. A little disorganised and awkward.
I had boxes of jewellery. And I had boxes of props.
This year I took a different track. I was going to pack each table into it’s own box, or boxes. So I could do the set up/pack/up in a different, but hopefully more organised way.


A box of mini busts and other props.

First up was to make my lists.
Design the layout of the gazebo to make sure there was room to move.
Figure out what goes where, and what I will be taking.
It comes down to this.
There will be a table of bracelets and other accessories, earrings, brooches etc. These, along with most of the props are all in one box.
My bags, which I’ve hardly taken anywhere this last year – are all in one box and will have the rack I use to stand at the front of the gazebo and wave in the wind…
Two tables with necklaces – one end will be shared with my canvases and a bag or two.
So there is one box with all the necklaces, and then three boxes with the props required. Busts, mirror, boxes for height…
I have a small table I’ll be using for the sale items I have. There are lots of little things I just want to get rid of, and there are always people who want to buy bits and bobs.
I bought myself a little table, smaller than the half size one, for my point of sale. I’ve not found the perfect set up yet for this, as each market has different space and layout options. I usually stack some of y boxes and use that. but its awkward and feels wrong. Looking at what others do also hasn’t helped as their stall displays are different so it’s easier for them.  I’ll have the important items on the table and then spares in a basket on the box next to me, out of sight. Fingers crossed that works.


3 of 5 tables. There will be 2 more of the big one.

This job also took me so long as I wanted to do a full inventory of my stock as I packed it, categorising each item (eg: each style of necklace and bags), then packing it in such a way that it was quick to get out and pack up. And making sure every item had a price tag.
As I was nearing the end I grabbed a sheet of butchers paper (thanks to a friend who did a hall clean up and asked me to pass it on, or keep it) and drew my gazebo layout. I added each section and what was needed, then ticked them off.


Awesome sketch of gazebo layout

I was also writing a rather long list of prices to have near items or hanging on the table itself. It wouldn’t matter how many price tags/notices there are people will still ask.


List of prices I have to get printed

There is a note for all the accessories table – listing each item, one for the necklaces – again, listing each style, one for my bracelet/earring special and the items as a single purchase…. I think you get the idea.
These were wrote, checked, printed, laminated, stuck to pink card and ready to roll.


Pricetag notes

I took a break to get some photos of scarecrows while it was daylight then back into it.
After dinner saw me get tablecloths ironed and folded, my point of sale (POS) box re packed – making sure I had everything. Business cards, box of tape, scissors etc, tissue paper, carry bags, all those lovely sales things.

Lastly I made sure my repair basket was stocked with enough basics should anyone want something done, and some more bookmarks to make up if I get time. (These are quick and easy and don’t have to be perfect like earrings have to match..)


Box of busts, sale basket and repair basket

Finally finished, ready for an easy day tomorrow, going to the school to organise misters 14 & 9, baking and having friends come and visit for lunch.

That is it for me now,I’m already knackered and I still have the day to happen yet. We’ll be arriving about 8.30 to get gazebos set up, and cars emptied so they be be removed by 9. The fair starts around 10 so an hour or so is fine for set up.

The finished result is 5 tables (3 large ones and the two smaller ones in the picture), 6 boxes and 3 misc baskets. A full car load with all the seats down.


And more boxes of stock with hat rack.

Lucky it’s only a 500 metre drive to get there. My dad will be picking up the tables and gazebo on his ute as he takes mum’s as well.
Just thinking, for two market stalls there will be 3 full to the brim vehicles. A lot of stuff, yes.

See you on the other side. Hopefully over the weekend for a re cap and pictures.

Fundraising Fair

The weather in the week leading up to it was dreadful. Rain, wind, cold, more rain, more rain. Every time I drove past the oval I saw great puddles of water and was stressing inside how the weekend would fare up.
Friday arrives and the weather clears. Sunny, dry, windy and more dry. No rain at all. This is brilliant for Saturdays Alzheimer’s fundraising fair at the Kettering hall and oval. My main concern was for the stall holders being on the oval itself. Boggy and wet.
On arrival at 10.45 Saturday morning the oval was a hive of activity with people everywhere and gazebos popping up as if like mushrooms from the ground.

I lugged mine across the oval and was greeted with several boys who were asked to help me set it up. By the time it was up hubby had arrived and was bringing boxes over.
Set up was quick and easy but I soon remembered why I don’t usually do outside markets. Wind. While I personally don’t mind the wind, my display and product doesn’t. Gazebo pegged down and one part of the display put away as it wouldn’t sit still. Tablecloth corners clipped around the table legs and everything was sitting pretty.
We tried hanging the walls up but it was still too windy and without pegs (who forgot them, and where are they??!) there was no point. I mused about having a solid frame or something to stop the wall blowing in, and how hard would it be to lug around. My neighbour made a very good suggestion of using those tent poles that are joined by elastic, you know the ones of can fold up, and making a large triangle across the back of the gazebo. The wall fabric then hangs behind it . I like that idea. Now to make it work.

And then the wind all but disappeared. And it was a lovely day. Typical Tasmanian spring day. A day for layering clothes.
And from then on it was a good day. I talked and gave information about the Woodbridge Market and made quite a few sales. It was a good day for me.
Picture taken before I clipped the tablecloth.

Not doing outside markets much I had to rethink what I took with me. My earrings kept flying off the stand so they went away, and I had a few necklaces and lots of bracelets. Plus a table and my rack for bags.

A very simple table that had a it of everything.

I can’t wait for the next 3 weeks before my next market as I have lots of new things I want to try.
The oval quite early on, just before start time. From this point on there were people everywhere til the end.



Overall the day was wonderful with the weather staying away till the last hour when it came over cloudy and threatened to rain. It was well organised and set up with music playing all afternoon, test it out exercises in the hall and plenty of things for the kids to do. Thirty stalls covering a whole slew of items made for a well rounded market.
Another one like this in the middle of summer would be perfect, with better weather and more people about.

Market, auction, somewhat unorganised.

I rarely do this. I want to have a little vent.
First up. I made a small mistake, which I have now learnt from.
Today at the market we also had an auction to helpline fun for the children’s ward at the hospital (this happens every June, Give me 5 for kids) which is run by one of the local radio stations.
A fortnight ago, the DJ’s were in the area at the bakery, talking to locals as well the market organiser. No problem, stall holders asked to donate an item if we could.
Fast forward to today.
I gave my necklace – on a bust – to the manager to display, with instructions that I would gift wrap it should it sell. All good.
Then came the time for the auction to start.
Items were picked up, and then some were bundled with others to make the deal more appealing. Ok, these things happen. And this is where I should have done something, like attach a business card, to my item. I thought they would have listed or named the items. Wrong again. Lesson learnt. The two items: A gift card from another jewellery seller + my necklace were produced, as one sale item. The other lady was not happy when they said it was hers. Correction made, my name spoken out, to some semi cheers, and bidding commenced.
Don’t get me wrong, I love competition, but the other seller didn’t look very happy.

I’m lucky that I saw the lady who won, hanging onto her necklace, as they didn’t tell her to come and see me. So I went and said I would gift wrap it for her. She was rapt, and very happy with her purchase. And so she should have been. For $35 she got a $20 voucher and my necklace. (For the record, another, simpler necklace set only went for $15 as well).

A lot of people had wandered through the market prior to the auction starting but many didn’t stay. I think they should have had items marked and if customers wanted to place a bid and leave their details it could have added more interest and maybe more money overall. Are they allowed to do this, I don’t know.
Also, one measly rep from the radio station turned up and barely talked to anyone and was gone within for minutes of the auction finishing. Put it this way. There were five of us in the foyer, and I only saw him speak to one. And there was next to no advising in the two weeks prior.

All that aside. I am happy that my item sold, and the recipient was happy with it.
On with the show for another fortnight, and we shall see what next fortnight brings us.

Jennifer 🙂

It’s on display…

Now fingers crossed it sells.
I have a gift box with pink ribbon ready for the lucky buyer.


Jen 🙂

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I’ve been shopping again

While I was wandering around the city yesterday I went off to Spotlight to check out their beady section and see what was on special. A few things, nothing I wanted but I did find this gorgeous owl, and a flower pendant that I can use on my asymmetrical necklaces. Being silver they will be easy enough to bead up.


I also found these gorgeous little ladies in another shop. Wooden and about 20cm they are small enough to place just about anywhere on my display, including in front of the large busts. They can used to display matching earrings and/or bracelets for necklace sets, or just a little something for a few pairs of similar styled/colour earrings.
I hung a memory wire bracelet on them to show the size.



Have a great Friday and there will be pictures and more fun from the market on Sunday 🙂