Finally dressed…

is this where I can say clothes are models own, or should I say, owners own.
My triplets all ready for their market debut.



New stall display

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I apologise. I’ve been busy, not just with my craft, but with family and not having time to sit and concentrate on doing this. I’m on a roll, after being distracted earlier, this is now the third blog to post on. That fruit smoothie pick me up must have done the trick.

Whats been going on? I’ve made more asymmetrical and ribbon back style necklaces, I had a brilliant day at the Middleton Fair, found a shop locally that sells the glass I use for fusing (and at a reasonable price), cracking the veneer on the Market manager and making progress, he is letting me in on things more now (he complimented me on the Facebook page I made, which in itself is progress) and I’m looking at altering my market display. Stepping thing up a notch, so to speak.
Then there is the family stuff, one birthday, hubby home for 3 weeks instead of just 5 days, kids starting school after summer holidays…. The list goes on.

Back to business. This week, I have 3 days before hubby returns (for 3 days) so I have to get a wriggle on. My job list consists of: getting website back up and running (having a set amount of items on there at any one time), fixing up details and pages on my 3 blogs, sorting out and cleaning up my FB page then maybe if I get the time and am still awake going through the box of UFOs …

Next week, after hubster returns on his normal shift, I will be looking at other props and how I can add height without adding extra baggage. This is very important. I need no more than 3 prop/jewellery boxes for market. Somehow using boxes to carry product and which can then be used as steps to utilise the space better.

I love my mini easels but they take up so much room, and with rarely having access to more than one table, they take up valuable space. If I could lean the boards against something, then space above and/or below is not wasted.
Here are a few pictures to illustrate the sort of thing I am thing of. You know what, no pictures coz I couldn’t find anything that really had the appeal or even what I was thinking. I did find another jewellery blog which cool.

My other problem is my whole look and niche. I love the clean lines of the basic white, I love my new twine triplets (as does everyone else, they get so many compliments!), I love the vintage look of suitcases and hat boxes, or the whole natural look of wooden crates and shelves but I am not sure where my style fits. I am using black and clear bought props which are ‘professional’ but some of them (busts and bracelet stands) are getting old and are wobbly. I want to update them, but still have a clean and professional looking stall – that appeals and is welcoming – that is easy to set up and transport.

These are a couple of things I picked up today that need a clean: the board is perfect for hanging necklaces, (after a tweak or two) and the little boxes will be good for bracelets or smaller necklaces that come with earrings. (And two wooden necklaces that I can pull apart and use for other things.





Here is my stall in two of the current layouts. A you can see, slightly different but still using the same items. And the easels, good but excessive for one table.



Please help me, what do you think my stall needs, or what style would you say my pieces are? What direction should I be looking in??

Just hanging around

In my post the other day that involved a hanging mannequin with only a shirt on, to take some pictures of my jewellery, I got to thinking, and after a few more thoughts took some of my bags round today and dressed her up again.
While I had to peg the straps (most of them are quite long) the bags hung nicely and looked really good. A much better show (of how they look being used) than photographed flat and I can still do most of my close ups at home if I want – or better still, do them while the bag is out on the model.
Mum has taken all the sheets we used as backdrop so I have to wait a week to do more – or just take my own and pin it up.
Here are the bags hanging…







And some close up shots of details….





Have a great day, from the Bag Lady 🙂

Scarves, jewellery and half nude models

Today was disgusting, cold and wet, a miserable day that is perfect to curl up on the couch and chill (ha, pun not intended). Not a day you want to be standing around in a cold shed, next to the open door taking photos.
But that’s what mum and I did today. We needed to finish the job and we both have lots of things to do before next Thursday.
Today saw only 300+ pictures of mums scarves and while I was there I put into place my idea for better pictures of my jewellery.
The book talks about taking pictures of the item in situ. So if its a bag, a person using it, jewellery would be someone wearing it. Well, I don’t have a lot of access to people for real life models so I used the next best thing.
My limbless and headless model. Dressing her in a white tee as a neutral backdrop and hanging her on the rack as we did yesterday she did a brilliant job.

While we know people do not look like this….


they don’t all look like this either, but she at least has a pair of boobies, which means when jewellery is hung on her, it will sit something like it would on an actual person….


I am really happy with how the pics came out. So much so that I am tempted to get all my jewellery and take the pics like this. (This is where I face palm and ask why why why… more work, as if I don’t have enough to do already) I can still take my macro shots at home in the light tent. But this was brilliant.

Below are the rest of the pictures. Definitely an improvement.









And while we’re here a couple of my favourite scarves from today.