New directions, new ideas and a link for shopping.

I know I’ve said this before, and I do, do something, then my motivtion decides to bugger off and drops me in the slow box for a while. I even went looking for the post but I can’t find it short of looking through every single one. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.
And this resurgence in motivation and get up has been brought about by recent sales from my website and a post on Facebook that ‘pages’ are likely to be written off almost. Well, Facebook are saying that for your ‘page’ to be seen in the future you will need to pay for it, or pay for ads or something. And friends have already noticed a distinct drop in visitors and views – and these are the ones with over a 1000 likers, not just little people like me.
So my thoughts are now even more focused on what I have to do. I like Facebook because it’s free. I don’t want to be paying for it when I am paying for a website as well.
So I’m working on a couple of ideas to kick start the website and have worked out how much I need to sell to pay for it. While this is not a lot, there are other things I need to pay for as well, so it all adds up, and paying for Facebook is not a priority.
One needs to work out what is going to be best for them and utilise that.
So right now, I am updating and sorting the website. Next week (I am working 2 days and then am busy til the end of Monday) I will be getting photos to upload so people can order earrings/rings/hair slides in their colour choice. These are the easiest to do on a grand scale without me feeling like I’m selling out, or going against what I believe. All other items will be reduced for (hopefully) quick sales and I can concentrate on what I do really like. Retro/vintage /boho styles and my glass work (pendants & Wraptures).

I also need to empty and restart my studio from scratch. There is so much going on, I need to find some sort of better storage solution for everything.

More importantly, I need to get into a better routine. Routine is important. While crafty people tend to want to work whenever, it is still important to have some structure so things actually get done.
This has to work in with my Community Centre, market, family, work life. For those that know me, they know that my life is anything but staid and there are times when life will not play nicely. It’s all easier on paper at least) if you work full/part time. There are set times to work around.
I am also aware of the time I spend with or without my kids. They grow up quick enough I want to make sure they have everything they need before they get licences/jobs/girlfriends and leave the nest more often and for longer each time.

Where am I going with this. Short answer. There may be some kind of spamming of products, links, pictures, blabbing to get my name out there more and trying to drive more people along.
I’m thinking, as I type this to get some sort of (big) link on the sidebar that is a direct link to my website. Actually, that will be the next job.
~five minute time lapse ~ Woohoo, done, super easy and takes you to the home page. I can change that to whatever page I like, which I may do another day, the Collections page, or the Shop Front maybe… Now to go and pout it on the main blog.

Have a good weekend (I know it’s only Wednesday but I wont be back here til after Monday).


Bumpy beads

A month ago nearly I started this funky necklace.Yes, I’ve been that busy/dis-organised that I have finally got my act together to finish it.
I love it. Colourful, and long enough to pop straight over your head it is perfect for the end of summer, or to brighten up those winter outfits.
I took it along to market today where it got lots of compliments, but was not loved quite enough to find a new home.
On the other hand I sold one of my chunky multi chain/beaded strand necklaces that looked fabulous on this lady and when she said what she was going to wear it with – I dare say she’ll get loads of compliments from it.
These moments make me happy.
(A strange market day, but profitable for me, you just can’t pick’em)



Til next time.

New makes and funky buttons

A couple to new things I’ve made last night and this afternoon.

I’m not sure if the beaded link on the brown focal is too much. I’m tossing up between silver wire (good) and more ribbon (too much maybe?) and maybe even leather or twine and knotted.


I like this green one, a revamped necklace, altered slightly to account for the difference in hanging.


One I am working on. Restringing the lapis chips onto 3 strands and attaching to the spider web focal. I’ll find a neat link for the other side. It will be finished with chain or ribbon, as I’m not sure if I still have a blue to match or contrast with these beads.


And some funky buttons (mum had in her show bag from a recent conference). I am already thinking of what to use them with.


Have fun crafters 🙂

More markets means more makings.

I can’t really say “it’s that time again”, coz for me it’s always “that time”. Making, beading, sewing. Implementing my ideas. Or at least trying to. I have many items just sitting, waiting to be finished or beads I have bagged up with some idea in mind. (To make sure I don’t forget I started doing a rough drawing with comments and tucked it into the bag. Whether I actually used it is beside the point).

One of these was some beautiful link beads with words on them handmade from a friend elsewhere in Australia that I had for ages, with a whole collection of Swarovski beads. I don’t really know what I was going to do with them, just that they went together, and that’s how it was to be.

It has changed a couple of times since I started it 2 nights ago, and I am nearly finished. But the worst part is to come. Adding the section that goes round your neck and making sure the front piece sits properly, not twisted or out of shape. Not always an easy feat. This one will be a semi choker length.

This is it, hanging around waiting. I love the blue and green and the dark chain that matches well with the black writing on the beads.


I have so many necklaces they are coming out my ears… no, that would be earrings, aah whatever. Too many and yet I still want to make more. For my markets I had noted that I need more bracelets and rings, but no, I started an asymmetrical one with copper and the contrast of blue. It really pops! Oops.


Before the necklace I made this bracelets with carnelian chunks, and a blue bead that Pops! and some copper chain linked through. Even thought it orange toned, I really like it. (Love the contrast, it must Pop! The talk is that when you use contrasting colours, something pops!)


My next bracelet will be polymer beads with faux pearls in a double strand and there might be beads left over to make a necklace and ring as well.


Bead Porn Fun

So the eldest has gone to work, hubby has taken the youngest for his day of bonding and mr 13 is ensconced in his boy cave with laptop, tele and games… So what’s a girl to do? D you really have to ask?
With all the bead porn that was delivered yesterday I will be sorting it out playing!
Really, sorting and putting away. I don’t think so.




Flowers to put on evening bags, fancy necklace links, bezels for resin, skulls for pendants, and some pretty beads …

Have a great day 🙂