Fundraising Fair

The weather in the week leading up to it was dreadful. Rain, wind, cold, more rain, more rain. Every time I drove past the oval I saw great puddles of water and was stressing inside how the weekend would fare up.
Friday arrives and the weather clears. Sunny, dry, windy and more dry. No rain at all. This is brilliant for Saturdays Alzheimer’s fundraising fair at the Kettering hall and oval. My main concern was for the stall holders being on the oval itself. Boggy and wet.
On arrival at 10.45 Saturday morning the oval was a hive of activity with people everywhere and gazebos popping up as if like mushrooms from the ground.

I lugged mine across the oval and was greeted with several boys who were asked to help me set it up. By the time it was up hubby had arrived and was bringing boxes over.
Set up was quick and easy but I soon remembered why I don’t usually do outside markets. Wind. While I personally don’t mind the wind, my display and product doesn’t. Gazebo pegged down and one part of the display put away as it wouldn’t sit still. Tablecloth corners clipped around the table legs and everything was sitting pretty.
We tried hanging the walls up but it was still too windy and without pegs (who forgot them, and where are they??!) there was no point. I mused about having a solid frame or something to stop the wall blowing in, and how hard would it be to lug around. My neighbour made a very good suggestion of using those tent poles that are joined by elastic, you know the ones of can fold up, and making a large triangle across the back of the gazebo. The wall fabric then hangs behind it . I like that idea. Now to make it work.

And then the wind all but disappeared. And it was a lovely day. Typical Tasmanian spring day. A day for layering clothes.
And from then on it was a good day. I talked and gave information about the Woodbridge Market and made quite a few sales. It was a good day for me.
Picture taken before I clipped the tablecloth.

Not doing outside markets much I had to rethink what I took with me. My earrings kept flying off the stand so they went away, and I had a few necklaces and lots of bracelets. Plus a table and my rack for bags.

A very simple table that had a it of everything.

I can’t wait for the next 3 weeks before my next market as I have lots of new things I want to try.
The oval quite early on, just before start time. From this point on there were people everywhere til the end.



Overall the day was wonderful with the weather staying away till the last hour when it came over cloudy and threatened to rain. It was well organised and set up with music playing all afternoon, test it out exercises in the hall and plenty of things for the kids to do. Thirty stalls covering a whole slew of items made for a well rounded market.
Another one like this in the middle of summer would be perfect, with better weather and more people about.


Magical Pliers

They arrived today. Those magical pliers that in my head had reached urban legend status until I saw them at the craft fair a month or so ago.
I wasn’t able to buy them but they were never far from my mind. I needed to replace a pair of bent one pliers so decided to forgo a cheaper price to get them both from the same shop. eBay is awesome!

I’m not so bad at making loops, wrapped loops even are ok. But they are never even. One end would be bigger than the other, and in some pieces it becomes a tad lopsided.
I love these pliers. I tested them out. Made a few loops, added a bead and made a loop. You do need to close the loops slightly, but that would need to be done anyway using round nose pliers.
In a word. Awesome!!

The picture shows the basics for how to use it, and I can say I am going to enjoy this one.
My round nose pliers will not be forgotten – if I want wrapped loops or bigger ones thats what I can use.
There are different pliers for different purposes and these will fit in the family easily and compliment the others.


Market day

Here I am all set and feeling somewhat conspicuous out of my own. There are only two of us in the foyer this week and little ol’ me me on my own near the wall I feel lonely.
My tablecloths are working well, albeit lined from being folded up.
My new display is looking good – full of bright and fun jewellery garnering lots of compliments.






Have a great Sunday 🙂

Finally packed and new items

It’s only taken me all week, but I am now finally sorted for the market this week.

Ready for market

Ready for market

I had wanted to take along some brand new items, so those felt balls I bought a while back came out and seven new simple necklaces were made.

Felt ball necklaces

Felt ball necklaces

The colours are predominately blue, pink and red, with some black, green and neutrals added in for good mesaure.  I don’t intend to make bulk of one – or several – colours, it’s just the way it goes sometimes.  And that is fine, next time it might be purple, orange and green.

Also made were 7 new bracelets to add some excitement.



I found some buttons, handmade by the lovely Nat from Peruzi, and finally used them in a couple of bracelets as a focal bead.

Beads from Peruzi

Beads from Peruzi

Have a great weekend, and hopefully on Monday my new pliers will arrive and I can share the wonder that is the looper pliers. Magical things they are.
Jennifer 🙂

Fitted Tablecloth – I must be mad!

Today I finally got around to making some fitted tablecloths. I’ve wanted some since, well, a long time ago but never really did anything about it.
I want tell you where to find the instructions, there are oodles on the Internet depending on what style of table you have and how fitted the cloth should be.
I tried to make a go of it myself, but it wasn’t going to work the way I wanted it to, so I checked out google and found a pattern.
Basically, the idea is to cut a piece the size of your table top + hem allowance, and a long piece for the skirt. This skirt is then gathered at the corners to make a nice pleat.
I decided not to do it that way as I was using bed sheets and didn’t have the length or quantity to do it – I cut a separate piece for each side and end.
The small table half way done. Pinned, test, sew, test….


While not perfect, they certainly look better than having corners dragging on the floor or tucked up and being chunky on the sides.

All went well until the needle got stuck and the only way to rescue it was to break it. I really don’t like having to do this, even though they are pretty cheap to buy. Thank goodness for heavy duty wire cutters.


Back into it and around 2 hours later (from start to finish), exhausted, I have my fitted cloth. For the small table! There is still the full size one to go.

I have lunch, and scrape out the freezer – what better time to defrost it than while I have the house to myself and am busy – then get back into cutting the second one.

This was slightly quicker in that I knew what I was doing. Each cloth was on the table, off the table, pinned, sewn, on the table, check shape and length, off the table, pins and sewn….

The small table cloth is a fully enclosed one. It usually sits next to my big table at markets but if I am going to have a table on its own, it would be this one.
The large table is only skirted on three sides – one side for easy access during markets – but I will make a couple of fully skirted ones for other markets and situations.
A good queen size sheet made the large table cloth and would make a fully skirted one as well, and only cost $13. Not bad for a couple of hours.

Small table, fully enclosed.


And the large table, 3/4 covered.



The corners are a bit wonky here, but I didn’t cut enough for this overhang. It won’t be seen so I’m not too worried. This weekend is my next market and I will post pictures to show you what it looks like all dressed and accessorised.

Have a great crafty day
Jennifer 🙂

Craft room madness again – jewellery storage

I’m at it again. Re-sorting my room. Just one small part of it this time. Part of the made jewellery storage.
After my screen seemed to work for market display and transport, I re-jigged it and added business cards to the necklaces to help them hang better.
Today I went one step further.
My jewellery is currently stored in some great stationery drawers but the only place to put them means that the top ones are too high for me to see into clearly.
Bring back the business cards and one of my spinning racks. Ta-daa.
Have all my jewellery attached to cards. Everyone gets a card on purchase anyway. This way I can hang anything on the screen, and if they are on the spinner at home I can keep an eye on what I have, and organise it so the same things don’t go to two consecutive markets.
As you can see – crappy night pictures and all – they hang nicely and I have the top spinner for my bracelets.




These drawers are what I am using currently for storage. The only problem is that I can’t see into the top three without getting a step stool. Sure the rack is taller and I have to stretch to reach the top, but I can see instantly what is there, and if I don’t mind some of the longer chains sitting on the base piece the I can lower each section to a more manageable height.



This is only a portion of what I have in stock, I need to find or get more cards first.
How do you store your jewellery?

Small screen alteration

My screen worked well today as you can see from the pictures, it looked alright and the necklaces hung well. One small change I will make though. So they have a bit more ‘shape’ to them I will tag them with a business card.
Take no notice of the prices, this was just a tester to see if it would work, and how it would look. I just need to find a way to cut the corners so they are all the same now.





Stay cool. Or warm
Jen 🙂

Screen time. At the market.

It’s the end of the school holidays, and I decided to skip the felting class – I know, I missed out on learning new things, but I am happy with that, as I got to do other good things – and I have a market on Sunday.
Being the organised person I am (so totally not) I somehow left it until yesterday to sort my boxes from last month and think about what I was taking and how I would display them.
I have been on a constant lookout for a new way to arrange and display my longer necklaces so they aren’t tangled with the prop and people can see the whole piece. As the busts I like are expensive I noted something a little different.
Phase one. Google market display images and see if there is anything that takes my fancy. I want height and something visually creative but also easy to store and transport. This is key as I don’t have my own car (I never know on market day if I have to share it with my boys and not be able to take up all the room).

Something caught my eye. And from what I noticed after a separate google search. Not many people are doing it. I haven’t seen many do it at the markets I’ve attended or visited. This is good. If people see a display that has a visual difference, a points of attraction, they are more likely to come back. I hope anyway. Different = memorable = return people.

I went for a little shop and I suppose it’s my own fault, you get what you pay for. $10 is a bit cheap to expect a nice size photo frame, so they went back as they were plastic. But not before I ruined one, ah well, I can use it elsewhere.
Next shop I found some that for the price – $25 ea – means closer to the real thing.
The hinges I bought earlier will fit it, so this evenings work will be to drill holes and get them ready.
Just in case I couldn’t do this I have packed my boxes ready for display with out the screen.

~ several hours later ~

Well, the job is all done.
Measured several time, drilled, screwed, unscrewed, and turned hinges around, screwed, added hooks to the top edge, inserted necklaces and…. Looks fabulous! If I do say so myself.
I’m not useless by any means but I don’t usually wield the drill. Just give instructions.

I stuck the hooks on with blu-tack and then held the frames closed to see if they would fit together, or would I need to turn the hooks sideways. All good, they work. The space was measurement and mini holes drilled and hooks screwed in.

Then the tricky bit of getting the hinges placed evenly top to bottom without it getting twisted. All sorted, holes drilled, carefully and screws screwed. Pity I didn’t look the first time and had to turn them around, oops.

Necklaces placed on hooks and in an hour, all done.

Frames ready to be screwed.

What I had in mind, my idea

And the finished product


What do you think? Have you done something like this for your markets, or seen similar?

Have a great sweetened
Jen 🙂

Workroom revamp, PT 2

Ok, so I’ve moved a bookshelf, and my filing cabinets and made a little more space, and utilised part of it better.
My market boxes now live where the bookshelf used to be, under the window, along with my little kiln on its table. Easy to get to and still out of the way.

My sewing table is tidy, aside form one small basket of misc market props and the only thing living in the corner now is the ironing board and coat rack for my bags at markets or the girls to hang on for stage. I have to leave the hearth free behind it as there are cupboards that one day might get opened, and the less needed to move the better.

All I need to do now is sort put the papers and odd bits on the middle table. That will be another day when I can also tidy my things out of in the hall cupboard.

The finished room. So spacey and so much better.




Jennifer 🙂

Market, auction, somewhat unorganised.

I rarely do this. I want to have a little vent.
First up. I made a small mistake, which I have now learnt from.
Today at the market we also had an auction to helpline fun for the children’s ward at the hospital (this happens every June, Give me 5 for kids) which is run by one of the local radio stations.
A fortnight ago, the DJ’s were in the area at the bakery, talking to locals as well the market organiser. No problem, stall holders asked to donate an item if we could.
Fast forward to today.
I gave my necklace – on a bust – to the manager to display, with instructions that I would gift wrap it should it sell. All good.
Then came the time for the auction to start.
Items were picked up, and then some were bundled with others to make the deal more appealing. Ok, these things happen. And this is where I should have done something, like attach a business card, to my item. I thought they would have listed or named the items. Wrong again. Lesson learnt. The two items: A gift card from another jewellery seller + my necklace were produced, as one sale item. The other lady was not happy when they said it was hers. Correction made, my name spoken out, to some semi cheers, and bidding commenced.
Don’t get me wrong, I love competition, but the other seller didn’t look very happy.

I’m lucky that I saw the lady who won, hanging onto her necklace, as they didn’t tell her to come and see me. So I went and said I would gift wrap it for her. She was rapt, and very happy with her purchase. And so she should have been. For $35 she got a $20 voucher and my necklace. (For the record, another, simpler necklace set only went for $15 as well).

A lot of people had wandered through the market prior to the auction starting but many didn’t stay. I think they should have had items marked and if customers wanted to place a bid and leave their details it could have added more interest and maybe more money overall. Are they allowed to do this, I don’t know.
Also, one measly rep from the radio station turned up and barely talked to anyone and was gone within for minutes of the auction finishing. Put it this way. There were five of us in the foyer, and I only saw him speak to one. And there was next to no advising in the two weeks prior.

All that aside. I am happy that my item sold, and the recipient was happy with it.
On with the show for another fortnight, and we shall see what next fortnight brings us.

Jennifer 🙂