Market Day – sunny and warm

Today’s market stall. A few different things, and using my new busts and both trees.
I have an order for a necklace so will make up several for her to choose from, I can easily put the others n the table.
Lunch today is another fabulous pie form Moots in Kahoots – chicken leek and Brie.
The sun is shining, and it’s nice and warm outside.







Another layout, and a full table

Sunday just past I spent the day at Huonville as is the way every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month and took with me a new display.
I wanted to try out a new basket I was given, my bags on a rack and make the table full and inviting with lots of bright goodies on show.
It was certainly bright and inviting.

Next market I would like to try having the tables against the wall and sitting next to it. I need to have a play at home with that before hand, as keeping everything under the table might make it awkward.  And I would need to find somewhere to have my money and bags out of sight.
I’ve repacked my boxes so I can fit everything in with lids – 1 box only without – making it easier with the trolley and for when it’s wet.  It’s just a matter of remembering where everything goes.   I packed up slower this week to make sure everything fit, and also because there was a lot more to do.  I was one of the last to leave the hall, but that’s ok.
Just like when I have a new layout I will have to take pictures of what goes where in the boxes. Sounds silly, but if it means everything goes where it should and fits in the car then I have to do it.




Until next time.
Jennifer 🙂

Off to market I go

After spending so many mornings not needing to get up before 7am, made a 6 o’clock get up this morning tough. And getting up late, 6.30, meant I didn’t have time to make my lunch like I normally do. Why spend money when I have already done it and have the small things in the pantry. I always buy myself a nice coffee but $4 is different to $10+. Oh, I know it’s not a huge amount, but I prefer not to if I don’t have to.
Anyhoo, I digress. The car was packed last night so all I had to do was my thermos and lunch and leave.
Arriving right on time, at 8, I started my set up. I had done a mock up a week ago, but when the time came this morning, I was all out of whack and I didn’t use half of what I wanted to originally. It was still a good set up, and being against the all, with lots of hooks means one thing. More props! Mum had some new half bodies that she hangs to display her scarves on, and at $15 each I might just get myself some. No I don’t have clothes, but a white tee shirt and one of my longer necklaces, and hanging on the wall, will look really good.

20130505-170139.jpg the picture is a little fuzzy, but you can see how stark the background is.

I had a busy start, selling a good amount and then it went really slow. Simply, after a cheap lunch and stall fee I still brought money home. That is a good thing.
As with most markets, and knowing that you can never tell from one week to the next, I will keep going along here for another two months to see how it goes. Hopefully it will still be good.

The few pictures I took show a nice display, but I have done better, and brighter. The wall is too white and bare behind it, so those new busts will be a fantastic addition. I might have to use my pink tablecloth as a highlight like I used to to add a little something back to the table.



If there is anything you think I could add, please let me know. Also check out the page of “my market evolution” to see what other displays and props I’ve done/used.
Here’s hoping your weekend was fantastic 🙂

New Market Recon

As mentioned in previous posts I have a new market to attend over the winter. Finding out that it’s not so much new but an older one revamped and in a new location and on today I took a friend and we went along for a look. Recon you might say. If you are able to, before you start a new market it is always good to go and suss it out, the location, parking, other stalls, talk to the manager/organiser and ask any other questions you may have.

The day started bright and sunny, and then we hit the top of the hill, and the Huon valley was it’s usual winter self – covered in fog and invisbile. Coming into town, it was still quite foggy and the air was bitter. There were signs and balloons on the street so we knew we in the right place. There were also a dozen stalls outside under gazebos with owners rugged up against the chill.

Inside the beautiful double story hall there were another dozen stalls, with a couple in the foyer. I counted 3 other jewellery stalls (and 1 outside) but they are all different styles to me, plus the usual market fare. Plants, confectionary and kids clothes. And lots of beautiful handcrafted Tasmanian wooden item. It was smaller than I thought, but it will be good to get out and show another group of people my wares. Plus with it being right on the road side it will be easyfor pedestrians and cars to pull in to. No driving around 4 blocks on end just to find it and then park. Easy access is the key.
We met the organiser and had a good chat, leaving with some good information ready for next month.
He has said he would put the three of us (mum, my friend and me) in the foyer where we can be a bright and cheery welcome (my words, not his). I’m looking forward to bring my extra table to put some of my bags on to show off a few more things.
For those who don’t know, here is a map of where I am to where the market is. The first turn is where the Woodbridge market is.

With more advertising and regular people attending it will become a great little market and there is oodles of space for stalls outside. With nooks and alcoves and a meandering pathway from the street to the back car park, plenty of room for lots of stalls. In summer it will look fantastic if they can fill it up.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Your area, room, studio…

Do you have a Crafty space, or crafty filled-to-the-brim-with-stuff.
Mine is often torn between the two. I have never been that good at keeping things tidy all the time, but there comes a moment where if I don’t clean up, then I’ll get lost and no one will find me again. I’m at that moment about now.
I love my crafty area. It is a large space, and while I have to share it with ‘the house’ it’s not too bad. I just need to find the right balance of where everything goes. Once I’m happy with placement I generally leave it alone. It’s finding that placement to start with. And then hoping the mess doesn’t creep up too quickly.
I had a few things to do, and it’s been a hectic week with not quite enough time to get started. I was still packing my boxes for market on the Saturday before I went in to set up. Which is unlike me. Friday night I usually have it done as Saturdays here are busy enough. Hubby being home helped a little, gave me those precious extra minutes to play with.

Today’s job of tidying up was not just my mess, but house mess, and sorting paperwork, plus I wanted to set up my table to allow for a smaller one with the new market. I always do a mock set up when going to a new place if the tables or arrangements are different. Helps me have some semblance of control when the time comes for real.
I got my table sorted and took pictures – although now I’ve done that I probably won’t need them for memory jogging, but better safe than sorry, and late setting up, frustrated and cranky.

I still have a way to go, but my desk is now tidy enough to start making again. A few papers to put away, more items to upload to the website and a small order to place. There is my sewing able to sort out yet, and the all my spare props. I have so many. Maybe I should try to utilise them in my new layout – and not have too many boxes to lug about. I am a stickler not wanting to have too many boxes, I like to keep them to a minimum when filling the car (especially for when the boys go out while I am at market).

Does your crafty room get super messy, or are you a neat crafter and pack things away regularly? I tried that, but it didn’t last very long. It’s just not me.

I’m going to be taking a break from the bags & canvas – well I already have really, it’s been so long since I made anything – but I want to concentrate on my jewellery and get it moving. I have a few ideas for some new Wraptures, and my new asymmetrical necklaces are getting many good responses.
I will get back into it at a later stage.

School holidays are coming, actually, tomorrow, so I will be busier than ever. Running the kids around, a weekend away with hubby and trying to get things done elsewhere.
It’s a never ending job.
image My table layout for the new market. Using all but two of the boxes I use now. I saw an ad in the local paper about the market and as I was under the assumption it was only starting in May I was surprised to see it. He must be looking for more people. I’m thinking I’ll make the trip on Sunday to check it out and see what it’s about. And be able to make a decision on whether I take my small table with a few extra pieces or not. I’ll try and get pictures to show. I also heard the organiser has done things like The Taste of the Huon (a super awesome food festival) so we figure he knows what to do marketing wise.

Keep beady, 🙂

Mirrors, markets and super sized bling

I have been looking for a new mirror for my table, or some time. The old one. Well, it was old. And had weird scratches and marks on it, that to be honest, made it look crappy. It had been mentioned to my market neighbour that I was on the lookout for a new one, it had to be the right size, and the right look before I would buy it.

My neighbour often goes to garage sales and auctions to find little things so when I got a phone call on Saturday evening saying she had a mirror and would I be at market tomorrow, I got all excited. She is a wonderful friend and while looking for her own things, was on the look out for me as well.


We moved my current mirror and set this one up to see if it would work with my look and layout – Perfect!  Money changed hands and now this beauty is mine.  I am in the process of re-designing my layout for a new market I will be attending.  The current market I do has a group of different sized tables, many of them the standard 180cm but the one I use is closer to the 200cm mark. Which when setting up for market, changes the whole dynamics of the display.  I am now working through revamping the display slightly to allow for the bigger mirror and less room. Fun, I think not.

Markets. What’s going on with those.  I am doing the Woodbridge market twice monthly, if we can get it to keep going over winter (it is normally just a summer market) I wont be going back to the Snug one just up the road.  I have been rejected several times for the nichey one at Kingston Beach. Which is fine. Not evveryone lieks what I do.
Now to the new market.  Mum has attended the Kingston market several times and this week just gone a guy came around with some business cards advertising a new market he’s starting up in Huonville (similar distance, but the opposite direction) for those that may be interested.  Mum rang and asked if I would be interested – yes please! – and passed on the details. Well, several emails later, I am in!
And none of that application process, sending in pictures of your product for someone else, who usually has no idea what they are looking at, to judge and decide if it’s suitable.  I did include a link to my website so he could see what I do, and he mentioned that mum and I will be next to each other.  Now while I love being near different people and getting to know others, it is nice to know I can trust my neighbour when the loo/coffee runs come up.  So while I will be missing the next Woodbridge market as hubby and I are taking a weekend away just the two of us, I will be working on some new pieces ready for the 5th May market.

And a little bit of fun and a giggle to finish with.  I sent hubby off to work again this afternoon dropping him at the airport around 3pm.  Several hours later I check out my facebook only to find this.  I was speechless. I mean really, what do you say in response to this?? You can’t say he doesn’t support me? The basic back story is about rival car racing teams. Hubby is a staunch Ford follower and a friend is Holden. He had made his own bling, and this is hubby’s retaliation.

My wife has outdone herself with her Jewelry designs, the latest from Marcato Designs…her best work yet I think.  Lol
lance bling

I love him. Nutter that he is.
Happy beading, marketing and bling-ing.
Jennifer 🙂