Time to get (shrinky) plastic!

Omg! This stuff is amazing.
Ok, I’ll back track a little. I’ve just got back to my craft room and decided to test out the new shrink plastic I got delivered this week.
It had instructions included and I decided to try the heat gun as it was readily available. Cutting a piece half as big again as one of my new green clay pendants I punched a hole on the top corners, and drew a couple of flowers with a permanent pen.
Heat gun test. Carefully firing up the gun the plastic shrivelled like you would think any plastic would – remember those chip packets we used to shrink in the oven – Eeek!!! whats happened to my cute little plastic – then turned it over and waved the heat gun over it, and by all manner of miracles, it unravelled and is now a cute little flat plastic with flowers on it.
The holes need to be bigger as they closed up in the shrinking, but I am going to love this!!!
The picture shows the after size. The plastic before was bigger than the green clay.



Toaster oven test. The next instruction on the list was toaster oven (I’m declining to use the normal oven for health purposes ( the frying pan in the last post is an exception, but yes, the food utensil rule still applies).
Cutting another piece around the same size and drawing squiggles on it I used the full size hole punch and put holes in the top corners. Into the oven and when it was all curled up, pulled it out and flipped it over, and back in again. Flattening out – golly this stuff is so cool, folds up like a scrunch of paper and then unfolds itself again as though its changed its mind – and looking rather neat.
The holes are useable (big hole punch definitely recommended) and the pattern actually looks better smaller.
I am so happy with this. I can see all sorts of fun stuff happening. Especially when I start adding a decent traced picture, and colour, as the colour is supposed to intensify on baking. It has been mentioned that if it curls up on itself then to place baking paper on the top to stop it sticking and I may try that next time. All in all a lovely afternoon of quick craftiness. A couple of easy things to make, prepare earlier and then bake when I have the time. Although two minutes of baking is nothing at all.
Part of the instructions also say to sand the plastic before drawing on it, maybe the spots will go the, or maybe they’re something else. I didn’t sand it either this time.







Have fun 🙂


Fabulous Fabrics

I’m now at part two of testing out the cool book I bought.
Patchwork panache as the book says, or Fabulous Fabrics as I’m saying.
This is such a great way of using up left over fabric scraps, or smaller designs that might not be used elsewhere.
The idea is to use double sided visilene to stiffen the fabrics and then ‘glue’ them together. Felt or other material is used for backing to keep it neat. A eyelet is attached for hanging purposes. I’m also going to try and add brooch backs when they arrive to make some funky brooches – a winter item, and maybe for holding those caddies together or just because.

I’m really pleased at my first attempt.
I cut a large square of red cotton, and a small flower, adding visilene to each. A hint I was given is to iron them between baking paper so the iron is not ruined and the item doesn’t stick to your ironing board. I then cut out the shape, so it was stiffened with no frayed edges, and then ironised them together.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with eyelets so I had to practice with a couple to get it right. As you can see, they went wonky.


And the finished product. My first to at this sort of thing, and I found I really enjoyed it from the get go. This is a very light weight one, so I will try with denim and definitely put more of a backing on the others. Thankfully I practised on the eyelets, this one looks pretty good.


~ time lapse ~

I’ve just finished these. The mustardy yellow one was a lot bigger than I thought, oops, so I popped on some charms to add a ‘distraction’, and the blue and red denim one is just wrong.
The four on the right side I’m definitely happy with. I just now have to sit down and sort out my fabrics, and when the stamps arrive, there will be another dimension to each piece.
This is something I’d like to keep doing more of. I shall make some specially as brooches before I make the final call.


Jen 🙂