Stockists: Bonney Bird – Claire & Lila – Post Office

It’s going to be my year. I’m going to get in your face and push my jewellery.  I have new business cards which are funkier and more in tune with me, flyers with pictures and a list of where to find me and the big one – a car magnet. Drive around advertising. Gotta love it.
I have 3 stockists currently, but will be looking for more to get in out there and as each place has their own vibe I can tailor their stock to their customer base.

So far I have my place of work and two other small shops. One has just opened but the other two have been doing alright.

Having stockists means I have to work my prices to make sure I get what I want (and covering costs of course) and they don’t have to over price them to
One shop has bought them outright so I get paid while the other two have them on commission.  Both work well for me.
Buying outright means I get paid and can work on other things, but the seller then has to do the work to make sure they get their money back. Selling on commission means we both have to work on it. I’ll promote the s**t out their shop and share it, and for any shopkeeper – good service, reasonable prices and a welcoming atmosphere will get people back in.

My stockists are:

the Woodbridge Post Office – a selection of brooches and earrings



Bonney Bird, Electrona – a funky eclectic collection. Hair clips, rings, necklaces and my limited edition Marca-ties – a bid style necklace of beads sewn onto a neck tie.
I do need to pop in and give my display a spruce up, but the picture will give you an idea of what’s there.

Claire & Lila Creations, Margate Train – feminine asymmetrical necklaces and my ball and chain collection (felt or wooden beads on chain)

For local readers and tourists alike please check out these gorgeous shops and support local artists.
You will easily find them right off the highway as you travel south of Hobart down ‘the Channel’ with stunning water views and passing through quaint villages.


New Market Recon

As mentioned in previous posts I have a new market to attend over the winter. Finding out that it’s not so much new but an older one revamped and in a new location and on today I took a friend and we went along for a look. Recon you might say. If you are able to, before you start a new market it is always good to go and suss it out, the location, parking, other stalls, talk to the manager/organiser and ask any other questions you may have.

The day started bright and sunny, and then we hit the top of the hill, and the Huon valley was it’s usual winter self – covered in fog and invisbile. Coming into town, it was still quite foggy and the air was bitter. There were signs and balloons on the street so we knew we in the right place. There were also a dozen stalls outside under gazebos with owners rugged up against the chill.

Inside the beautiful double story hall there were another dozen stalls, with a couple in the foyer. I counted 3 other jewellery stalls (and 1 outside) but they are all different styles to me, plus the usual market fare. Plants, confectionary and kids clothes. And lots of beautiful handcrafted Tasmanian wooden item. It was smaller than I thought, but it will be good to get out and show another group of people my wares. Plus with it being right on the road side it will be easyfor pedestrians and cars to pull in to. No driving around 4 blocks on end just to find it and then park. Easy access is the key.
We met the organiser and had a good chat, leaving with some good information ready for next month.
He has said he would put the three of us (mum, my friend and me) in the foyer where we can be a bright and cheery welcome (my words, not his). I’m looking forward to bring my extra table to put some of my bags on to show off a few more things.
For those who don’t know, here is a map of where I am to where the market is. The first turn is where the Woodbridge market is.

With more advertising and regular people attending it will become a great little market and there is oodles of space for stalls outside. With nooks and alcoves and a meandering pathway from the street to the back car park, plenty of room for lots of stalls. In summer it will look fantastic if they can fill it up.

Have a great weekend 🙂