Meet Charlie!

Now Charlie is not your usual girl’s name but my newest staff member is not your usual girl. Tall and slight, with a beautiful soul she is definitely my classy one. With a twisted sense of humour to keep you on your toes.
Like Josephine she jumped straight into the modelling scene, with this beautifully delicate chain piece. The necklace of two chains with pretty green beads is perfect for her.

While Josephine has the curves to work well with the chunkier pieces, Charlie’s slight build mean the delicate and light pieces are all hers to manage. Given the two girls have been inseparable all afternoon I don’t think there will be anything to worry about when it comes to them working together.



Next up will be introducing the twins and my two sets of triplets. Eight more gorgeous girls to work with. Thankfully we get on pretty well, not too many arguments happening here.


Finally packed and new items

It’s only taken me all week, but I am now finally sorted for the market this week.

Ready for market

Ready for market

I had wanted to take along some brand new items, so those felt balls I bought a while back came out and seven new simple necklaces were made.

Felt ball necklaces

Felt ball necklaces

The colours are predominately blue, pink and red, with some black, green and neutrals added in for good mesaure.  I don’t intend to make bulk of one – or several – colours, it’s just the way it goes sometimes.  And that is fine, next time it might be purple, orange and green.

Also made were 7 new bracelets to add some excitement.



I found some buttons, handmade by the lovely Nat from Peruzi, and finally used them in a couple of bracelets as a focal bead.

Beads from Peruzi

Beads from Peruzi

Have a great weekend, and hopefully on Monday my new pliers will arrive and I can share the wonder that is the looper pliers. Magical things they are.
Jennifer 🙂

Mirrors, markets and super sized bling

I have been looking for a new mirror for my table, or some time. The old one. Well, it was old. And had weird scratches and marks on it, that to be honest, made it look crappy. It had been mentioned to my market neighbour that I was on the lookout for a new one, it had to be the right size, and the right look before I would buy it.

My neighbour often goes to garage sales and auctions to find little things so when I got a phone call on Saturday evening saying she had a mirror and would I be at market tomorrow, I got all excited. She is a wonderful friend and while looking for her own things, was on the look out for me as well.


We moved my current mirror and set this one up to see if it would work with my look and layout – Perfect!  Money changed hands and now this beauty is mine.  I am in the process of re-designing my layout for a new market I will be attending.  The current market I do has a group of different sized tables, many of them the standard 180cm but the one I use is closer to the 200cm mark. Which when setting up for market, changes the whole dynamics of the display.  I am now working through revamping the display slightly to allow for the bigger mirror and less room. Fun, I think not.

Markets. What’s going on with those.  I am doing the Woodbridge market twice monthly, if we can get it to keep going over winter (it is normally just a summer market) I wont be going back to the Snug one just up the road.  I have been rejected several times for the nichey one at Kingston Beach. Which is fine. Not evveryone lieks what I do.
Now to the new market.  Mum has attended the Kingston market several times and this week just gone a guy came around with some business cards advertising a new market he’s starting up in Huonville (similar distance, but the opposite direction) for those that may be interested.  Mum rang and asked if I would be interested – yes please! – and passed on the details. Well, several emails later, I am in!
And none of that application process, sending in pictures of your product for someone else, who usually has no idea what they are looking at, to judge and decide if it’s suitable.  I did include a link to my website so he could see what I do, and he mentioned that mum and I will be next to each other.  Now while I love being near different people and getting to know others, it is nice to know I can trust my neighbour when the loo/coffee runs come up.  So while I will be missing the next Woodbridge market as hubby and I are taking a weekend away just the two of us, I will be working on some new pieces ready for the 5th May market.

And a little bit of fun and a giggle to finish with.  I sent hubby off to work again this afternoon dropping him at the airport around 3pm.  Several hours later I check out my facebook only to find this.  I was speechless. I mean really, what do you say in response to this?? You can’t say he doesn’t support me? The basic back story is about rival car racing teams. Hubby is a staunch Ford follower and a friend is Holden. He had made his own bling, and this is hubby’s retaliation.

My wife has outdone herself with her Jewelry designs, the latest from Marcato Designs…her best work yet I think.  Lol
lance bling

I love him. Nutter that he is.
Happy beading, marketing and bling-ing.
Jennifer 🙂

Photo shoot time!

Photo shoot? What’s all this about, you never told us about this. Well, I only found out a couple of days ago.
Mum asked if I could help her take pictures of all her scarves – 180 of them – so she can put them on her website as well as printing to take to the Deloraine Craft Fair next week. No problem.
Can you take the pictures? Yep. Are you sure?
It’s all well and good taking pictures of my own things, but for someone else, when I am just an amateur playing, is a whole ‘nother thing altogether.

I arrive earlier than planned and we work out what exactly is needed.  What does she want in each picture, how will we lay it out.
We set up the background, the table and my lights and I snap off a few shots to see how it looks colour wise, and checking if they are what’s required.
So far, so good.

Our models were very obliging and not once complained about being cold, or half dressed or constantly man handled.

I have to finish about 3.30 for when the boys get home as we were going out – the usual Tuesday evening trip to town  – and despite it being rather chilly, at least no wind, and me having the start of a head cold we get through them quite well,  with only about 50 left photograph.  (Typical spring weather here. I can survive winter without getting one, but come spring, I get sick.)

While we’re both really happy with how it went, I just hope they look good on the big screen (ie: laptop). I only deleted about 5 so mum has some work to do on the shots where I needed to take more than just 3 or 4.  Even when I do mine, unless the shot is obviously out of focus or wrong I leave it and look at it on the laptop.  Sometimes it can look better bigger.  Once I got into a rhythm I managed to get off an average of 3 shots a scarf without too much playing.  The only issues were with some of the purples and very pale colours. The purples would often come out as blue. Highlighting the blue ones of the colour, the red based and lighter purples would come up much better. Some of the pale colours would look too washed out, so they required some more attention.

I now have a good idea to make my jewellery shots better – partly from today and partly from the new photography book I recently bought. I will be testing out my ideas when I return to finish the job. And yes, there will be pictures of that too.
Here are some more of my favourites, which was really hard, but I narrowed it down to about 7 or 8 I think.

Pop over here to check out more and find out my mum, creator of all these awesome neck pieces.

Never mind shoes or handbags – I’m a scarf girl. Well, I like all of them, but since being back in Tassie, it’s scarves all the way. And I could have added so many more today.  Some styles or material in a whole rainbow of colours.. They are soft and voluptuous, and just so damn cuddly sexy. And one last picture.

My new website is up and running. Please check it out, share with your friends and don’t forget there are three coupons to use. Perfect for Christmas shopping.

Jennifer 🙂

It’s UFO day.

No, I’m not talking about aliens, UnFinished Objects. Or bead work in my case. Back the other week while I was cleaning I ended up with a basket of bits and bobs. Things to finish, pull apart, add to…
What I pull out of this basket may just need a little tweaking to finish it. It might be a focal bead in a bag that I’ve added beads to that might work together, or it might be something to fully pull apart and disperse the beads elsewhere, using the focal or beads elsewhere.

Last night I decided I had to get onto it, and pulled out 3 items. Different colours, different styles. And definitely, different when they are finished.
The before pictures..

A little tweaking here…


Adding some dangles and a chain and/or ribbon here….


And combining the two to make… I’m thinking maybe a focal point of a necklace…


Time to get to work.

Several hours later…..
All done, I think I was in a chain mood today.
From the top we have:

I added a toggle near the pendant that can be used as needed, while blending with the design, and added ribbon for the back half where it sits on your neck.


Next came turquoise. I had so much trouble,  fun, no confusion with this one. I made it up several ways, then on photographing it decided it didn’t look right so I changed it again. Happy with this result.
And lastly, the red and blue beads with chains.  This was one chunky bracelet, then I made it two and finally gave up on it, as I didn’t like it anymore.
I added chunky silver foil-look chain for a simple summer necklace. It’s quite short,  that will sit round the collar of a tee shirt.

i took out 3 links from each side after the picture was taken, so it is a bit shorter than what this shows.

Happy UFO day 🙂 and til my next one, what UFO’s do you have to work on?