New directions, new ideas and a link for shopping.

I know I’ve said this before, and I do, do something, then my motivtion decides to bugger off and drops me in the slow box for a while. I even went looking for the post but I can’t find it short of looking through every single one. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.
And this resurgence in motivation and get up has been brought about by recent sales from my website and a post on Facebook that ‘pages’ are likely to be written off almost. Well, Facebook are saying that for your ‘page’ to be seen in the future you will need to pay for it, or pay for ads or something. And friends have already noticed a distinct drop in visitors and views – and these are the ones with over a 1000 likers, not just little people like me.
So my thoughts are now even more focused on what I have to do. I like Facebook because it’s free. I don’t want to be paying for it when I am paying for a website as well.
So I’m working on a couple of ideas to kick start the website and have worked out how much I need to sell to pay for it. While this is not a lot, there are other things I need to pay for as well, so it all adds up, and paying for Facebook is not a priority.
One needs to work out what is going to be best for them and utilise that.
So right now, I am updating and sorting the website. Next week (I am working 2 days and then am busy til the end of Monday) I will be getting photos to upload so people can order earrings/rings/hair slides in their colour choice. These are the easiest to do on a grand scale without me feeling like I’m selling out, or going against what I believe. All other items will be reduced for (hopefully) quick sales and I can concentrate on what I do really like. Retro/vintage /boho styles and my glass work (pendants & Wraptures).

I also need to empty and restart my studio from scratch. There is so much going on, I need to find some sort of better storage solution for everything.

More importantly, I need to get into a better routine. Routine is important. While crafty people tend to want to work whenever, it is still important to have some structure so things actually get done.
This has to work in with my Community Centre, market, family, work life. For those that know me, they know that my life is anything but staid and there are times when life will not play nicely. It’s all easier on paper at least) if you work full/part time. There are set times to work around.
I am also aware of the time I spend with or without my kids. They grow up quick enough I want to make sure they have everything they need before they get licences/jobs/girlfriends and leave the nest more often and for longer each time.

Where am I going with this. Short answer. There may be some kind of spamming of products, links, pictures, blabbing to get my name out there more and trying to drive more people along.
I’m thinking, as I type this to get some sort of (big) link on the sidebar that is a direct link to my website. Actually, that will be the next job.
~five minute time lapse ~ Woohoo, done, super easy and takes you to the home page. I can change that to whatever page I like, which I may do another day, the Collections page, or the Shop Front maybe… Now to go and pout it on the main blog.

Have a good weekend (I know it’s only Wednesday but I wont be back here til after Monday).


hey ho, it’s off to market I go…

My email arrived eventually (when you’re waiting for something it will always take longer, it wasn’t that bad really) with a ‘welcome aboard’ and all the information I needed.

With a smile on my face I tripped back into my craft room and stood at the wall of props considering what I would take.
I finally decided on two large girls, 4 small busts, bracelet hanger and a basket with a small selection of bags plus of course the smaller table level items.
I’ve practiced this type of set up enough so I know I can fit it into two boxes and my point of sale. And considering I am giving my friend a lift with her honey and a fold up table I need to be compact.

The promo for the market on their Facebook page has shown my new earrings, so I’m glad I put them in and I will make a few more pairs as well (needed to anyway, so a good excuse to make sure I do).

So I’m all ready to go, with one or two things to add in, and just looking at this blog on the ipad and I want to change it again. So next time you come over it may look different.

More news either before the market (showing off earrings) or after (showing off everything!).

Jennifer 🙂

More marvellous makes

Now that I have updated the website and added them to my facebook page, I will share my new makes with you.  I’m pretty happy with them. I’d like to hear what you think.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All items for sale, with more detailed pictures, on my website:

Jen 🙂

It’s hard being creative sometimes….

This is what I said to hubby last night after his comment “you haven’t emptied this box yet” in regards to the order of beads I received several months ago. Yes months. “But you can put them on the shelf, or in containers”
All that is true. But I find once new beads are in boxes on the shelf I tend to forget about them. This way, when I opened the box this morning I found my chain and some focal beads to work on. Much easier.

Today is making day. And yes I am feeling decidedly creative. This creative mojo is a problem. For anyone who writes, makes, sings, does anything that uses the right side of the brain, Mojo and Inspiration is a much needed commodity.
How many times have we had the urge to do and just not being ale to let it loose. Or the other side, wanted to be creative, had all the time and yet… Nothing. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work, gel, look or sound the way it should.

I’ve been like the last little while. Alternating between the two. I might have spurts of creativity but not the time to make them last longer.

Today is working. Like magic. It started briefly during the week, in lead up to today. I made a start on one or two items last night and this morning it was all there ready to go.

As the picture shows, I have made 7 items, some just simple remakes into my new style, amongst the mess of bead order.


I will be getting good pictures of each tomorrow so keep an eye out on my Facebook and here for those.
Don’t forget, tomorrow is Monday so my new special will be announced for this week.

That would be my break over, time to get back to it.
Hope your weekend is going well.
Jen 🙂

– today was marked as making day as all but one of my boys have headed north to the V8 racing. I won’t see them til about 9pm tonight after leaving at 7 this morning. I would have liked to go, but it was it to be this time. I don’t mind too much as I am on a roll now –

Weekly Specials!

As part of my new Facebook page I am going to have a weekly special. Each Monday – I will try really hard to make sure it happens on a Monday – I will post up the special for that week.

There are different ways it will play out depending on my mood, the season (mothers day, christmas, valentines etc) and what I have in stock. It may be an older item I will reduce, a new item I want to showcase at a special price pre website, a multi buy item (earrings generally fall into this one, 3 for $15 kind of thing) or maybe a discount code for use on the website but only available for those who like my Facebook page.

As a friend put it, this will keep people interested, keep my page interesting and up to date while showcasing my product.
The item or special for each week will be highlighted as my cover photo and there will be an album dedicated to the “Weekly Special”.

I will post here and on Twitter on the Monday also that the special has been uploaded, and I would appreciate all shares of all my social media (FB, Twitter and this blog).

I love what I do and love to share that joy of wearing something pretty and unusual, and that is yours alone with other people.
Because jewellery is a very personal subject, and everyone has their own tastes, I can make up gift cards starting from AU$25. Pease email me if you would like one.

Head over to my Facebook page – the new link is up and running – and check out my first weekly special. If the ‘special’ sells out (or single item sells) within 2 days I may look at doing a second special, but that will be my prerogative.

I hope your Easter was safe and fun filled 🙂


Quality over Qauntity

I’ve only just come to the conclusion about what to do even though it’s been bugging me for some time.
Quality over quantity.
The amount of likers on my Marcato facebook page. 750+ Not bad you might say. Not, not bad at all. And I really wouldn’t mind if even a quarter of those actually bothered to be part of the page at all.
Way back when, I was trying to figure out how to get more likers, thinking more people, more traffic, sales, communication etc… I mean, more traffic will eventually lead to more sales right?

I joined a group called Send in the Troops. SITT. Their main goal is to get pages as many likes as possible, make it look good, popular and worth visitiing. What you do, as a liker of their page (ha, sneaky sneaky) is every week (or a couple of times a week, I can’t remember now) they would ask for business pages to comment with their link and at a set time that night say 20 would be picked out. They post theses links on their page, and everyone choofs off to that page and likes it.

Yeah, I’ll be in on that, I say. After a few weeks, I finally got my night – I didn’t even realise til a friend told me, duh – and in the space of a few hours my numbers jumped from a hundred to over 600. Wow, this is great I thought as I trawled through and picked out the pages I wanted to like in return. And thanked everyone. (That, my friends, is a truly thankless task)

And therein lies the problem. Most of these pages are just want more likes. Reciprocation. Yeah, that’s being polite, but not eveyone likes everything. (HA, see what I did there). They will like anything and everything, regardless. On visiting, I found most of these pages were not me at all. Just not what I wanted. I digress ever so slightly. My main point here is that these people do not come back and check out what you are doing. You are just another number and mean nothing to these people. I am not a ‘likes’ or a ‘friend’ collector. Even in real life, I prefer quality over quantity. I can count my friends on 2 hands, and I can count on each one those if I ever neeed to.

The same goes for my business page. I have a group of regulars and that’s just how I like it. I posted the question to a couple of my FB groups and most people agree with me. This is what a friend said and my response:

Friend – Why do you want to start again? I would loath to loose all my fans which I have worked hard to gain (genuine likers and SITT type likers)

Me – Like I said, i only have a few regular fans, sales aren’t an issue currently and I can set it up better. If I lose fans then they weren’t particularly interested in the first place – given they aren’t visiting enough to know I’m closing down and getting the link to the new page. Plus I want to set it up better, and starting over is a good way, helps sort the rubbish (of all kinds). In your situation, with over 2000 fans I wouldn’t want to be starting over either. BUt I really can’t see the benefit of those SITT things. Everyone liked and then have barely come back. Having an ad actually worked better.

Friend B – … likes don’t mean sales… (Bingo!)

That last line of mine, paying for a FB ad actualy drew people in. I am ready to deal with the consequences of starting again. And those friends/likers that are really interested will come over.
While I want to limit sales to just the website, I can’t completely do that, otherwise I may as well not have an FB page at all. I will try though.
I would rather have a small group of loyal followers than just have a huge number that means shit.
back to the beginning for a bit, what I started out wanting to say. This number is very misleading. according to this blog, I have over 700 followers, what a load of crock. It is misleading to you the reader and anyone that comes to have a look, and it is misleading and very annoying to me when I see it, as I know it is a lie.

I will be adjusting the facebook page at the footer of this and my other blog to reflect the new page. The name is slightly different, Jewellery by Marcato Designs. Oh, I just had a wild idea, Dress-ups by Marcato Designs, ugh, that sounds a bit too much like cheap arse costume jewellery.

When I have the page set up a bit more with some albums I will post the link on the old page and change the footer link – which will hopefully be before I actually publish this post. I’m going to leave it a bit and come back to re read. Ok, I’ve changed the FB links on the blogs and shared on my personal page. I will all so be doing a weekly or twice weekly photo ‘spam’ of items.

Please come per and check out my new page, my new fango website and be sure to share it with your friends.

Thanks, Jen 🙂


Website full of goodies

Hi everyone, I have done lots of hard work this week and my website is nice and full again, and with a few new changes on the theme. There are still more things to be added though.
I have added lots of necklaces and bracelets. Earrings will be soon and over the next few days I’ll be organising a Sale or vouches to use.
Please share with your friends and think about birthdays, Christmas even, Mothers Day… Or even just a gift to say I love you.

I am also deleting my old Facebook page and starting a new one, (It will be basically the same name). I find the large number of likers quite ridiculous and misleading. I will elaborate on that further. I know, it sounds weird to get rid of something with so many ‘fans’ but I have my reasons.

Have a great week,


The Westwinds newsletter came out yesterday and I frantically flicked the pages to find my ad. There it was! A good size, half page, with plenty of space around, but the email I sent transferred into smaller printing, so should I take an ad out in next months I’ll ask them to maybe up the size a point or two.

Even if I only get a couple of responses it will have done its job. Of course it would be great to have an avalanche of people, but I take the realistic approach to these things.

On an aside, mum is heading to her Quilters meeting on Saturday which includes a Christmassy trade tables and is taking my Christmas earrings. Again, realistically, I’m not expecting a huge response, even if only a couple sold I would be happy. (If I had to I would, but it would not be ideal to be making more earrings on Sat night for Sundays market).

My Ad!!! Which even hubby thought was ok… lol