What’s in a name?

Today’s (day 2) topic is about your blog name. After all it is the first thing readers will see, and will they like it. The tagline too. It has to draw the readers in, make them want to stop. Or at least give them the heads up on whether they want to keep reading.
My name will never change (never say never I know) but my tagline has changed many times, depending oin where I am with my craft. I think it is now at peace with itself and happy to stay.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Way back to 2007 or 2008 when I first began selling my jewellery in this funky little book shop cum bead shop. I wanted to have something that was different but catchy, and was easy to roll of the tongue. I had all sorts of crazy things written down with options and taglines, or catch phrases.
After reading many forums and articles about getting a name, and what it means, how it reflects your business, ideals, product… and finally settled on Bold Designs. As you can see when you read it, it doesn’t really sit well on the tongue. It’s all awkward and not so happy. SO off to google translate I go and see what words will pop up at me in reference to Bold.
There were lots of lovely looking words, but one must make it easy for people to say – mine still gets pronounced wrong, but is better than most of the options – and this is what I came up with.

Marcato Designs.
Marcato meaning bold in Italian, or as a musical term meaning to play it strongly/loudly?
The pronunciation is what gets most people. “Mar-car-toe” Not “mar-cat-oh” or “mar-cay-toe” Even ‘mah-cay-toe” is better. THere is a slight difference n the last two.

My tagline. Some of the previous ones include:
“Be bold….and beautiful”
“it’s all about the jewellery…and how it makes you feel”
I am happy in my current one, as it encompasses all aspects of what I feel my jewellery and accessories are.
“Funky, Feminine and Eclectic”

Why the colour? At the time I wanted something that no one else had, there were lots of purple, black and gold, but the hot pink just stood out among all of that and I do really like it.

That is it for my name.
See you next time 🙂


New ideas, new inspirations

I relieved a book the other day – it only took 3 months to get here, my fault, but all sorted with thanks to a lovely friend – I can’t wait to start trying some of the ideas in there.



And shrinky plastic are the new things I can play with.



Looking forward to playing, very soon.
Jennifer 🙂

New blog design

I think I have finally done it. I have tried so many different themes over the last week, activated and then played with them. Some lasted minutes, others longer.

While browsing all those gorgeous themes, this is the one that I came back to more than once. I like it as the photo column is a set feature. I wanted to have photos featured on the front page, visible straight up to visitors, and with this theme I don’t need to add any codes or hassle with any bits I don’t understand. Pictures just arrive as they are posted.

The colouring is all I seem to be having difficulty with. I like brights, but the title colour won’t do what I want. Ah well, small problems. I’ll work around it somehow.

I hope you like the new look and if you know of another theme that would look equally as good or better – and supports a picture gallery as standard and is free – or think i could change something, please let me know.

Now that I’ve done this – and wasted lots of time – I have to upload a few more items to my website and get ready for the market this weekend. I have a few plans I need to ask our manager for adding into the blog.

20130219-224845.jpg a photo coz I can, of my stall.

Have a great week 🙂

UFO’s now finished

I have now finished two of my bead trays full of UFO’s. which equated to ten new necklaces. Yes, 10. I was quite surprised at the quantity. There are still two left.

So tray one gave me 3, not many, with very little left over.



And the tray looked like this..


Tray two started like this…

And finished looked like this…







With the tray finishing like this…


Not bad for a couple of days work. The second last necklace is a it blah, but only coz I really don’t like the colours – I’m sure it will suit someone, or I can make it longer at a later date.

Happy crafting 🙂

UFO time again

It’s that time of year again. UFO time. UnFinished Objects time. Or in my case, tidy the box of loose bits and broken necklaces time.

I have a stack of 4 beading relays with various jewellery items on then, in different stages of production.

The first goal. Each one for those will get finished, either as it is or something new. Mostly, something new. I do not start another tray til the first one is done. (Saying that, I have already done the first tray).
The rules for this challenge are simple in that I have to use as much as is possible on the tray. I cannot just move it away, I have to keep going til there is nothing left, and no way of utilising them. Adding extras from my stash is a given if required.

Then I start on the basket full of stuff. Maybe I just lay things out on the trays again…


I have also made a few decisions on what I am making, yeah I know, I can’t make up my mind. But after looking through a few old magazines; old like 2 or 3 years old; I noticed that all the pages I dog eared or sticky noted are all similar in style, and the things I am making at the moment.
Interesting right?
I had opened the second magazine when it hit me. I have liked this style for a long time. It is a style where I can make something different each time, but still not get bored with making ‘the same style of jewellery’.
I get it, that’s what a niche is isn’t it? Doing essentially the same thing, but not getting bored and having them be all different from each other.
Call me slow, but I think I’ve finally got it. It’s making for those that like the style, not making something for everyone that like something different, or trying to cater for all tastes. I can do different in a set style. And while I love longer necklaces, there are times when even I like to wear shorter ones. Same style, short or long. This feels good to finally get somewhere.

(After the rough couple of days I’ve had, this is an absolute blessing to my heart and head, I am now happy again)

Now all I need to do, is find the niche for my bags. I know what I want, but will everyone else want it as well? (There I go again, what will the masses think, when did I ever think like that?…. Just do it girl!!)

Ok, enough for being all serious and deep.
Here are the rough pictures of what the first tray gave me. Before and after shots. Never mind all the rubbish bits, they gradually get put in the bin.


And the few beads that are left on tray 1. Once I get to this stage, they either can be put back with their mates in storage or left out for adding into another design.


Oh, and as a last note, this means I may need some more large and/or taller mannequins to display everything. Yes! I get to go shopping again… lol

Have a great crafty day or evening 🙂