Craft room revamp, part 1

I posted the other day about a small chest of drawers I bought for my market display. They are lovely, with a pretty vintage looking flower design on them.

20130902-205813.jpg Problem. The front is solid porcelain and the back is only half the height making it front heavy. For dressing table purposes this is not a problem. For display purposes, where I want to have the drawers open a bit and jewellery draped over the edges, it is.

After playing around with it, adding weights will make no difference as they just fall to the front and are no help at all.
What I figured out, is adding some height and a weight of some sort to the back so it doesn’t tilt forward and is kept in position with the weights. Easier said than done. Not that hard really, but tricky. When hubby gets home I’ll ask him to help me.

Yesterday at mums I as flicking through a magazine and saw the best storage system. Well, it’s pretty basic, but the idea was what got me. The ladies in question were using hardware shelving in their wedding business to store all their props. And it immediately got me thinking. I keep all mine in the boxes I take to market, and those that get left behind, are left in a mess, and there is always a mess.
The picture that started this whole mess.

Now if I had a shelf, I could have everything in position, I could then pick just the things I need. And no mess is left behind.
I thought more about it today, decided I could do it, and as is the way I work I had to do it. Yesterday. Meaning, today, right now.
The next step is making sure I bought just the things I needed, so I searched out the shelving unit I’d like – matching the one I already have – and then putting all the props in the cubby holes – must make sure things fit – all good nice again.
Now the tricky part. I have two filing cabinets, and a heater (I don’t use) that sticks out 10cm (makes a huge difference believe me) and the only power point on that wall. That I do use.
So now I have to wangle shelving around the heater and power point.



My idea is to have the plastic market boxes underneath ready to fill as required, so a solid table/trestle/plank of wood on bricks is needed.
Before I finish, I’m off to see what mum and dad have that might help.
After some renovations early in the year there was a door frame left over. That would be perfect, mum said yes, dad said yes, so I went to it with a hammer then wrapped it in a tarp and took it home.
Now for the hard bit. Moving everything to see if I can make it work. On paper – and in my head – it works quite well – will it transfer the way I want it to? I think it does. A few minor alterations, and finding a small table or similar is all I need now.
After. Incorporating the heater and power point easily. And one of two table tops I have covered. The toner is only half this, but still needs a home.




Part 2 soon.

Jennifer 🙂


Portable Beading, take 2

Some time ago I wrote a post about portable beading and how I made up a container with everything I needed. Well I’ve changed it. For something better.

I found this basket in a second hand shop and thought it would be perfect for my needs. It is more than perfect, it fits my container I will be using brilliantly. And if I need to take a beading mat it is simple to take the other portable beading kit. I will also be getting one of those half size mats, perfect for bracelet sized pieces to put in my basket.
This basket has handles on the side, but I though this would upset the contents so I found an old belt and looped it through to make a handle in the top.

The storage container I was given at Christmas will work well I thought. Not just well, I sized it up, and it is exactly the right width to sit nicely on the bottom of the basket. This will then hold all the bits and pieces, findings, like pins and clasps, ear hooks and spacers. The beads and wires I want to take will go into snap lock bags. A purse I made will hold all my pliers – so they don’t get caught on anything, and I may just include a notepad and pen.


As you can see, I haven’t fully filled it yet. The pill holder currently has some ear hooks, jump rings and crimps. The rings and crimps will stay in this set up while the bigger items will go into the other container. The loose bags are for any beads and wire, and the cute little stripy bag has my pliers in it.
Next time I take it away I will get a picture of it all packed up to show you.

I took this set up to the last market I did, well most of it. All I was doing were memory wire bracelets, but the basket worked well. It will be for any portable beading and a repair kit/boredom killer for the markets. If I am able to shorten a chain, or add a few extra loops while they are waiting it can make the sale. Especially as a lot of the visitors are from out of town.

Ideally it will be always ready to go, and I just have to add my beads and tough pliers if required.

Can your craft be portable? How do you organise it? Does it work?
I’d love to hear from you,
Jennifer 🙂