Simple felt beads necklace

Two weeks ago at the last market I found some gorgeous felted balls which just screamed out for me to buy and make into something. They were sold incredibly cheaply, 10 for $5 I think it was. I had an immediate idea in mind and it has taken me this long to do anything about it.
Thankfully the idea worked.
Please excuse the crappy pictures, it is night here so only ‘fake’ light is available (as compared with natural light…) which means more shadows.

If the lady has returned I will definitely be buying some more.
Strung simply on cotton or linked with wrapped loops and then added to chain makes a very simple and effective necklace. The chains are currently quite long, I will be taking some clasps and jump rings so if anyone wants it shorter I can fix it on the spot.
Selling these for $15 and $20






The next market is this Sunday, 2 days before Christmas!! so we’re hoping for a boomer – combining the hot weather predicted and the usual last minute rush for presents.

Jennifer 🙂


What can I say… I had a great day!

Just to reiterate. I had a great day!

Sunday 25th: market
Monday 26th: sorted and re packed my boxes
Saturday 1st: packed car ready for early start.
Sunday 2nd: re packed car so mr 8 could come along for the ride, attended market – very relaxed.
And I was packed and ready literally just a minute before hubby rocked up. Not bad going, and he was on time too. I’m actually liking this new set up, it seems to be easier and quicker to pack away. 15mins from start to finish.

Last night, Saturday, I was the most relaxed I have ever been prior to a market. And it felt weird. Not that I am usually running around stressed, but it was weird to be so calm.
Calling into mum’s to pick up my earrings she took to Launceston for her Quilters meeting and market, I found $25 inside the top container. Woohoo. I was in front before I’d really even left home.
That meant market space and petrol was paid for. Everything else was a bonus from here on in.

Long story short. Beautiful weather, plenty of people in a steady stream and lots of sales means this is one happy camper beader.
Now if only my next two markets can be in the same ball park somewhere.

Tonight will be re packing for the next market (9th Dec) and then I can relax for the week. I may make a few more bracelets, but it is not needed.



Have a good week, 🙂


The Westwinds newsletter came out yesterday and I frantically flicked the pages to find my ad. There it was! A good size, half page, with plenty of space around, but the email I sent transferred into smaller printing, so should I take an ad out in next months I’ll ask them to maybe up the size a point or two.

Even if I only get a couple of responses it will have done its job. Of course it would be great to have an avalanche of people, but I take the realistic approach to these things.

On an aside, mum is heading to her Quilters meeting on Saturday which includes a Christmassy trade tables and is taking my Christmas earrings. Again, realistically, I’m not expecting a huge response, even if only a couple sold I would be happy. (If I had to I would, but it would not be ideal to be making more earrings on Sat night for Sundays market).

My Ad!!! Which even hubby thought was ok… lol


More Christmassy earrings




And lastly, because it is summer here and cherries abound….


More to be made and shown in the following days…
Jennifer 🙂

Christmassy earrings

As I mentioned about a week ago, I have 3 markets in 3 weeks. All leading up to Christmas which usually means lots of little last minute gifts or smaller stocking fillers…
I decided to make more earrings – pretty well everyone wears them – around here with the weather warming up, longer hair is swept up and away from the face and neck – perfect for earring wearing.

I am not a fan of the Winter Christmas earring trends that abound this time of year – cute yeah, but not suitable for a hot summer Christmas. So no reindeer, snowmen or snowflakes, maybe an angel or two of I have their wings. But I will make spiral trees with dangles and using bead cap cones for trees with dangles… All in Christmassy colours of red, green and gold. With silver and maybe purple thrown in for good measure.

It was a productive day and while most of these will make their way to markets I need to make more, plus a few for the website only.
















The rest will come in another post….
Enjoy 🙂

New beads

I finally got got around to taking the good pictures of my new necklaces. And coz I love the new collage app I can now group each item with different macros together in one picture.
There are a few with slight shadows, but it makes not a lot of difference.







At the end of this month I will then have 3 markets in 3 weeks, plus Christmas is coming along so quickly. The 4th, 1st and 2nd Sunday, and then the pre Christmas market two days prior.
Yep, the 23rd is market day. Could be a boom of last minute shoppers, or a dud because it’s so close. Either way, I’ll be there. Gotta be in it to … Buy pressies. (And last years pre Xmas was THE best I have eve done)

Ack, speaking of which, I have to start getting organised for my sister, BIL and nephew OS. yikes.
Where was I going… Ah yes. I need to get in and make a few more new items, revamp some old ones into new asymmetrical pieces and get basic Xmas earrings made.

Everyone wears earrings – well most people do – and if I make simple styles in Christmas type colours (combos of red/green/gold/silver/even purple) then they can be worn all year, or bought specially for the silly season.

Have a great day, be it crafty or otherwise productive :-). (I’m off to bed)