Zero to Hero update

I posted all the things I’ve done with this challenge on my blog, and short of reblogging that post, or doing a copy and paste and changing some bits, this one will be basically the same.
It’s now day 12 and I’ve done 7 of them – Changing the theme, doing the header, playing with widgets, commenting on and finding other blogs (a little bit) and doing an About page. So I’ve already got an about page, but for those of us with one (I say after the basics of theme, title etc, an about page is the most important part) to maybe change it and look at how it is presented.
I’ve re written it, made it super simple so I’d like to know what you think. Should I add more to it, or not?
I have two half days this week available to get into the bead room before the weekend and a market on Sunday, so I’m not sure what will get made, but at least it is tidy now. I can find what I want.

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon
Jen 🙂


A new year brings new possibilities!

It has been way too long since I have been here. Not for lack of being creative, but from lack of time and organising myself to take pictures and post here. My own slackness for sure.
But a new year is upon us. And I am taking up the challenge.
A new year means new possibilities!
My blogging resolutions for this blog are simple. Make it a routine to blog or at least post pictures twice a a week. Not hard. And considering I plan on being quite busy with creating, it should be fun.
One of the first changes I’ve made is to change the theme of the blog. I wasn’t overly happy with the last one, so I have fallen back to one of my favourite themes. Simple, but not too crowded, and showcasing all/most of the pictures on the side.

Another first for the new year will be to get baking onto a bit of sewing. A friend gave me these awesome crocheted flowers/shapes. We thought they were coasters initially, but no, they’re designed to sew onto bags. So the vintage bag book will come out and I shall see what funky things I can make.


Have a great new year and I look forward to posting lots of fantastic new makes, and lessons I’ve learned along the way.
Jen 🙂

What a surprise! Workroom revamp again. Pt 1.

Hopefully this will be the last one.

I’ll admit it. I get bored easily. I like to move things around and keep myself on my toes. Sometimes it works, and then sometimes I can just leave things be. Like the bedroom, lounge, kitchen….. My work room, ‘studio’ creative space, is a whole different thing. I have been here before. Done posts, shown pictures, and yet here I am again, doing another. Why? Because I saw something today that resonated with me and I think it could work.
When I have a market, I have to tidy two (maybe three) tables so I can take one and organise myself on the other. Now imagine, if I could have it so that I didn’t have to do that every second week. Well organise the jewellery is a must, but having everything else properly organised so it was less fuss and bother.
Before I start, if you want to check here and here for other tidy studio posts go for it. They explain the circumstances and room space.
Ok, all read and up to date? Lets begin on this stage of my room.

While the pictures don’t quite show it properly, I saw the space around the tables and decided I really liked it. One thing was missing. The space to put everything properly. Now if only I could move just one item of ‘house’ furniture to make room for my things.



So much stuff and not enough room. I don’t want to feel crowded. I am already am really, with it the way it is.
Something has to change.
I spent some time, several coffees and measuring bits and pieces, then I sent a text to hubby “you don’t mind if I cover the fire place do you?” And the response that came back was “…I never want to see another fire place so go for it”
Enabling the help of two boys, we moved things and the result is as follows.
Where the bookcase used to be,

And where the bookcase lives now. A perfect fit!! Yipee.

Next I thought I would re jig the filing cabinets and the wooden cube shelves. I figured if it didn’t look that good it wasn’t going to be a hard job to move back. And if it worked, I could actually gain 10cm on the other end near the bead shelves. And believe me, every centimetre counts.
Before the move

And after.. I did have a little trouble finding a filler to hold the shelves at the window end. Well I do still have to, I have something but it won’t last forever.

20130619-194507.jpg I do quite like it on it’s side as the things I need are easily reachable.

To be continued……

Jen 🙂

E-book vs actual book

As most of you may know, I am a self taught beader. Whether this lack of formal training shows or not, I don’t know, but a few people have asked where I was taught, and were impressed when I said I wasn’t. So maybe it doesn’t matter. For this reason – self taught – I tend to buy books so I can learn new techniques, but mainly for new ideas on how to design pieces and for inspiration. I have many books and magazines, and often look in them.
Once a picture is found I then use the idea, whether it is the focal bead or the design, and make my own variation on it. I make it my way. This is important if I am going to sell my jewellery. I do not copy someone’s idea completely and then sell it as mine. I will use it as inspiration, for a concept, and it is then may idea. Technically you only have to change one bead and the item is not theirs anymore.

Anyhoo, back to the title. I found a book on sale from Interweave (the biggest craft book sellers in America) and also the ebook of the same. What to do?? I love having books to open and sit on the table while I’m working, pages to flick through and tag.
If I am to travel anywhere, books become heavy and cumbersome, taking up valuable bead spaced in my bag, and adding undue weight. Here the ebook comes into it’s own. The iPad will store everything I need, and take up no more space than one book. I can then open the iPad, check it out and still be able to bead or buy beads, easily.

So what did I do. I bought both. The actual book so I can peruse at home, and have it on my desk + the digital version for when I am out. Pus, although I am not rough on my books it will last a lot longer.
Is this excessive. Maybe. I find it useful, and in the long run, more productive.

What sort of books do you buy? What do you find better? Do you buy both like me.?

Now I should get back to that pretty necklace that is waiting for me to finish it.
Jen 🙂