What’s on my mind…?

What’s not on my mind. This is day 3 post for the Zero to Hero challenge.
What is on your mind. When you first thought about doing this, when you first started blogging…

I can’t really remember what I was thinking when I first started this blog except that I wanted a separate space for my beads to hang out, and to have everything beady in one spot – not all over the house…. –
It’s that simple really. But is that anyway to finish a post. I don’t think so.
I had read about this challenge on the Daily Post, and was in tow minds about whether I do it. Could I do it. There is so much on in January already without adding to it by committing to a daily post or blogging activity. I had already decided that I should post here twice a week to get me back on a roll.
I was still umming and aahing when I read my sister’s post about using it to get her mojo back. She too, has 3 blogs, so the thought works for both of us.
And that was what did it. I realised that getting back to basics and telling your my story (i had seen the first two prompts before I decided) was a good thing. Make me think about what I was doing again.

That’s what was on my mind.
Tomorrow, I will be photographing and posting pictures of pretties for sale.

Jen 🙂


Who am I and why am I here

Over the next month there will be some extra not-so-crafty posts as I take part on the Zero to Hero (30 days to a better blog) Challenge on WordPress. Today’s post is about introducing myself, and I will also link my very post here.

This page is all about my crafty endeavours, market tips and hints, storage ideas. All crafty orientated, but the main idea is to showcase my beaded and jewellery pieces and put them out there.

A brief history is that I started beading when my youngest was just a baby back in 2004, and as we moved to another town I was able to sell my (very mediocre) jewellery in a shop and then branched out into markets. My style has changed a little over time and I have tried many new things – all the time knowing my limitations on what I can do. Sure, you can do anything, but my patience level is not where it should be for certain types of beading. And I’m happy with that.

If this sounds like you, and you might want to keep reading then I welcome you along.

My very first post here on this blog.
Interesting reading, and somewhat similar. I’m not sure how many of the links work at the moment. My apologies if they go nowhere.

Catch you for the next post. 🙂


thinking, working, making time

I’m in a bit of a muddle at the moment with four blogs, two fb pages and my markets and website to upkeep. And that’s without even thinking about the family side of things. While being able to multi task and be busy with many things, I do tend to be a bit of a one track mind and some things get left by the wayside til it’s desperate to fix them. That’s where I am now, oops.

I will be taking some time off to get everything sorted. All my picture files and what I do and don’t have have on hand, getting the website loaded so I can hide and show items on a rotating basis to allow for markets and keeping all sites fresh.
Fixing up the pages here with pictures of my market evolution, a price list page. I will be getting back into the UFO box as well as a basket of necklaces that are ready to be undone and re made into new items. Sure they’re still nice, but they are old and haven’t sold, so the beads get a new lease on life.

I will be posting things here on and off so please don’t stray too far.
Thanks for your consideration, 🙂