Monday makes

I finally got back to the craft room and got busy. Between running around after the kids and doing other jobs I made 11 bookmarks and the earrings are from last week -and ran out of time to photograph them. These simple earrings are always a winner at markets, and perfect for little girls or those adults who like small unobtrusive ear decorations.

Hoping I get back into later in the week, there are several unfinished items I want to play with – bracelets in particular.



It’s UFO day.

No, I’m not talking about aliens, UnFinished Objects. Or bead work in my case. Back the other week while I was cleaning I ended up with a basket of bits and bobs. Things to finish, pull apart, add to…
What I pull out of this basket may just need a little tweaking to finish it. It might be a focal bead in a bag that I’ve added beads to that might work together, or it might be something to fully pull apart and disperse the beads elsewhere, using the focal or beads elsewhere.

Last night I decided I had to get onto it, and pulled out 3 items. Different colours, different styles. And definitely, different when they are finished.
The before pictures..

A little tweaking here…


Adding some dangles and a chain and/or ribbon here….


And combining the two to make… I’m thinking maybe a focal point of a necklace…


Time to get to work.

Several hours later…..
All done, I think I was in a chain mood today.
From the top we have:

I added a toggle near the pendant that can be used as needed, while blending with the design, and added ribbon for the back half where it sits on your neck.


Next came turquoise. I had so much trouble,  fun, no confusion with this one. I made it up several ways, then on photographing it decided it didn’t look right so I changed it again. Happy with this result.
And lastly, the red and blue beads with chains.  This was one chunky bracelet, then I made it two and finally gave up on it, as I didn’t like it anymore.
I added chunky silver foil-look chain for a simple summer necklace. It’s quite short,  that will sit round the collar of a tee shirt.

i took out 3 links from each side after the picture was taken, so it is a bit shorter than what this shows.

Happy UFO day 🙂 and til my next one, what UFO’s do you have to work on?

I will be back shortly (or I can’t wait til it’s all over and I can relax)

Hi everyone, I know I’ve been out of action blog wise lately, but I have been insanely busy (and with all sorts of blog words running thought mind waiting to be put to paper, or screen as it is, but no time to actually do it) getting ready for my 3 day Art Trail.

I was going to say that I will be logging on Monday after my Art Trail has finished and I can relax, but I received that phone call today which means I wont get time to do anything til Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Although, depending on how busy I am I may start a post on the weekend.
The phone call I received… I’ll tell you all more next week, but essentially the power will be cut off early Monday morning not to be returned until school time Tuesday afternoon so we are being kicked out of the house, per se. Accommodation has been arranged and a meal voucher given, courtesy of our lovely landlords, so – as I said to hubby, his job as I am just way too busy – on Sunday we have to empty fridges of food.

When I return there will be more posts of my new craft room, news of the weekend, the re opening of my website – new and exciting stuff! – and of course all the new things I have made. I take pictures of everything.

Keep smiling 🙂