New directions, new ideas and a link for shopping.

I know I’ve said this before, and I do, do something, then my motivtion decides to bugger off and drops me in the slow box for a while. I even went looking for the post but I can’t find it short of looking through every single one. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.
And this resurgence in motivation and get up has been brought about by recent sales from my website and a post on Facebook that ‘pages’ are likely to be written off almost. Well, Facebook are saying that for your ‘page’ to be seen in the future you will need to pay for it, or pay for ads or something. And friends have already noticed a distinct drop in visitors and views – and these are the ones with over a 1000 likers, not just little people like me.
So my thoughts are now even more focused on what I have to do. I like Facebook because it’s free. I don’t want to be paying for it when I am paying for a website as well.
So I’m working on a couple of ideas to kick start the website and have worked out how much I need to sell to pay for it. While this is not a lot, there are other things I need to pay for as well, so it all adds up, and paying for Facebook is not a priority.
One needs to work out what is going to be best for them and utilise that.
So right now, I am updating and sorting the website. Next week (I am working 2 days and then am busy til the end of Monday) I will be getting photos to upload so people can order earrings/rings/hair slides in their colour choice. These are the easiest to do on a grand scale without me feeling like I’m selling out, or going against what I believe. All other items will be reduced for (hopefully) quick sales and I can concentrate on what I do really like. Retro/vintage /boho styles and my glass work (pendants & Wraptures).

I also need to empty and restart my studio from scratch. There is so much going on, I need to find some sort of better storage solution for everything.

More importantly, I need to get into a better routine. Routine is important. While crafty people tend to want to work whenever, it is still important to have some structure so things actually get done.
This has to work in with my Community Centre, market, family, work life. For those that know me, they know that my life is anything but staid and there are times when life will not play nicely. It’s all easier on paper at least) if you work full/part time. There are set times to work around.
I am also aware of the time I spend with or without my kids. They grow up quick enough I want to make sure they have everything they need before they get licences/jobs/girlfriends and leave the nest more often and for longer each time.

Where am I going with this. Short answer. There may be some kind of spamming of products, links, pictures, blabbing to get my name out there more and trying to drive more people along.
I’m thinking, as I type this to get some sort of (big) link on the sidebar that is a direct link to my website. Actually, that will be the next job.
~five minute time lapse ~ Woohoo, done, super easy and takes you to the home page. I can change that to whatever page I like, which I may do another day, the Collections page, or the Shop Front maybe… Now to go and pout it on the main blog.

Have a good weekend (I know it’s only Wednesday but I wont be back here til after Monday).


Who am I and why am I here

Over the next month there will be some extra not-so-crafty posts as I take part on the Zero to Hero (30 days to a better blog) Challenge on WordPress. Today’s post is about introducing myself, and I will also link my very post here.

This page is all about my crafty endeavours, market tips and hints, storage ideas. All crafty orientated, but the main idea is to showcase my beaded and jewellery pieces and put them out there.

A brief history is that I started beading when my youngest was just a baby back in 2004, and as we moved to another town I was able to sell my (very mediocre) jewellery in a shop and then branched out into markets. My style has changed a little over time and I have tried many new things – all the time knowing my limitations on what I can do. Sure, you can do anything, but my patience level is not where it should be for certain types of beading. And I’m happy with that.

If this sounds like you, and you might want to keep reading then I welcome you along.

My very first post here on this blog.
Interesting reading, and somewhat similar. I’m not sure how many of the links work at the moment. My apologies if they go nowhere.

Catch you for the next post. 🙂


New stall display

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I apologise. I’ve been busy, not just with my craft, but with family and not having time to sit and concentrate on doing this. I’m on a roll, after being distracted earlier, this is now the third blog to post on. That fruit smoothie pick me up must have done the trick.

Whats been going on? I’ve made more asymmetrical and ribbon back style necklaces, I had a brilliant day at the Middleton Fair, found a shop locally that sells the glass I use for fusing (and at a reasonable price), cracking the veneer on the Market manager and making progress, he is letting me in on things more now (he complimented me on the Facebook page I made, which in itself is progress) and I’m looking at altering my market display. Stepping thing up a notch, so to speak.
Then there is the family stuff, one birthday, hubby home for 3 weeks instead of just 5 days, kids starting school after summer holidays…. The list goes on.

Back to business. This week, I have 3 days before hubby returns (for 3 days) so I have to get a wriggle on. My job list consists of: getting website back up and running (having a set amount of items on there at any one time), fixing up details and pages on my 3 blogs, sorting out and cleaning up my FB page then maybe if I get the time and am still awake going through the box of UFOs …

Next week, after hubster returns on his normal shift, I will be looking at other props and how I can add height without adding extra baggage. This is very important. I need no more than 3 prop/jewellery boxes for market. Somehow using boxes to carry product and which can then be used as steps to utilise the space better.

I love my mini easels but they take up so much room, and with rarely having access to more than one table, they take up valuable space. If I could lean the boards against something, then space above and/or below is not wasted.
Here are a few pictures to illustrate the sort of thing I am thing of. You know what, no pictures coz I couldn’t find anything that really had the appeal or even what I was thinking. I did find another jewellery blog which cool.

My other problem is my whole look and niche. I love the clean lines of the basic white, I love my new twine triplets (as does everyone else, they get so many compliments!), I love the vintage look of suitcases and hat boxes, or the whole natural look of wooden crates and shelves but I am not sure where my style fits. I am using black and clear bought props which are ‘professional’ but some of them (busts and bracelet stands) are getting old and are wobbly. I want to update them, but still have a clean and professional looking stall – that appeals and is welcoming – that is easy to set up and transport.

These are a couple of things I picked up today that need a clean: the board is perfect for hanging necklaces, (after a tweak or two) and the little boxes will be good for bracelets or smaller necklaces that come with earrings. (And two wooden necklaces that I can pull apart and use for other things.





Here is my stall in two of the current layouts. A you can see, slightly different but still using the same items. And the easels, good but excessive for one table.



Please help me, what do you think my stall needs, or what style would you say my pieces are? What direction should I be looking in??

Markets, websites, blogs and beading

Lots of bits-of-stuff in this post.

Markets. I now have to make a few more decisions on which markets to attend.
The new market I applied for. Rejected. But they have me on their waiting list, which in itself poses another problem. if they ring, it is likely to be within 24-48 hours of the market being on. Really short notice, and crunch time for decisions.
I do understand, even though it is not good news. For most people, jewellery is lumped into one big pile. Regardless of what techniques and style you use, for the uninitiated, it all looks the same. Like scrap booking does to me. Although I have figured out some vague differences. I would like to know of it were my photos, the jewellery or if she even looked at my existing website. The letter, well, email, was a stock standard response, thanks but no thanks. None of the, we have 100 jewellery stalls and you didn’t make this round. That is partly what I want to know.
Mum and I have decided that we will both go and check out the first market -which, surprise surprise, coincides with the first Woodbridge market – have a chat with the organisers and see what they have there. We’re going to do a tag team thing, by setting up the day before and then looking after the others’ shop while they are away. This way we can chat with the organiser and find out more.

Websites. As you know I have my vista print one which while good, and I do love it, has a very non user friendly shopping cart. And it is not cheap, I am still paying for the extras even if I don’t use them. I have been looking around for something else and I think I’ve found it.
For somewhat less than I am paying now I get a whole lot of things, plus a really cool shopping cart and check out system.
As it is also a stand alone website I am not competing with a whole menagerie of other “shops” like you do on places like Etsy and Madeit. I’m just competing with the whole Internet… Hmm, the difference is what? exactly.
I will be sharing the link once I’m done, and if you could please have a browse and ‘pretend’ to buy something (by all means, purchase something for real, I certainly won’t complain) and let me know how it feels and looks.

Beading. I know I said that when I needed something to do I would reach into my UFO basket and make something. Well my mojo has gone further than that, add to that a little bit of feeling sorry for myself, and trying to work out a few a lot of things, I haven’t done much lately and probably won’t for a bit either.

Blogs. Back to vista print, I started a blog there with my website and then came over to WordPress to play, (Nothing has changed since I’ve been at school, I’m still out on my own here). There are lots of blog posts about my craft and beading so while I get some things sorted out I will be ‘reblogging’ some of those posts here. Take note, that my writing style has changed a bit since then, so it will probably read differently to this.

Thanks for coming along and I hope to be back soon with more creations.
Jennifer 🙂

Back to the beginning

Welcome to my new blog. Or my 2nd/3rd blog depending on where you have come from.  After reading a blog from a good friend (I class all my regular bloggers as good friends even though I have not met any of them IRL) about the ABC’s of blogging, read here, it got me thinking about why I first started a blog in my website (see it here) in the first place. My beads. And wanting to write more than is possible on Facebook.

First WordPress blog is started and off it goes on a whole other tangent and I have erred away from the beady posts.  I have made an effort lately to make sure I add some in, but it is time to make one purely for my crafty endeavours.  Beads, sewing and mixed media.

I will write about the good the bad and the downright ugly of beading and craft from my world, aswell as adding pictures of my makes (all for sale as marked) with a sales page for prices etc.

Please bear with me for a few days while I get this page sorted and with all the requisite widgety things I want and pictures etc.  I have an iPad and it’s a whole  new learning curve and finding the right programs to use on here.

I will be reblogging old beady posts from my other blog here over the next few weeks.

I look forward to hearing about your own crafty times and sharing with other people.