New theme

Ok,here it is. ย After spending way too long on it last night, and stuffing up my widgets I am reasonably happy with this one. Minimilistic and tidy.
Please check out the website and tell me if you think they’re comparable or I should go back to something else, brighter maybe.
Website for perusal.

Cheers, Jen ๐Ÿ™‚



New blog design

I think I have finally done it. I have tried so many different themes over the last week, activated and then played with them. Some lasted minutes, others longer.

While browsing all those gorgeous themes, this is the one that I came back to more than once. I like it as the photo column is a set feature. I wanted to have photos featured on the front page, visible straight up to visitors, and with this theme I don’t need to add any codes or hassle with any bits I don’t understand. Pictures just arrive as they are posted.

The colouring is all I seem to be having difficulty with. I like brights, but the title colour won’t do what I want. Ah well, small problems. I’ll work around it somehow.

I hope you like the new look and if you know of another theme that would look equally as good or better – and supports a picture gallery as standard and is free – or think i could change something, please let me know.

Now that I’ve done this – and wasted lots of time – I have to upload a few more items to my website and get ready for the market this weekend. I have a few plans I need to ask our manager for adding into the blog.

20130219-224845.jpg a photo coz I can, of my stall.

Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s all GO! GO! GO! for the new website

After playing with it a for a few more days and adding more pages and information, topping up the postage costs – did I say how much I love the shopping cart on this site??? – I have decided that I will cancel the other site.

Why? Let’s see.
– The shopping cart for starters. It is so much more user-friendly. and easy to use. Uum, the Vista one is a stupid pain in the neck. This one is fully set up already, all you have to do is pick countries to post to and add the cost. Everything else is done for you.

– the whole site is 100% easier to use. Plus it has a handbook that you can check out easily to help with anything you want. The Vista site doesn’t have that.

– while it only has 4 different layouts compared to thousands once you pick that, then the colours, and any other designs you want are entirely up to you.

– I can choose where to put my pages, main menu at the top or in the footer.

– the FB and Twitter links are there ready to add your username. Vista was a pain and i still didn’t get it to work properly. I haven’t figured this one out either so it goes to my ‘page’ rather than my personal profile.

– it’s neater, looks smarter and is more streamlined. I feel, more professional. It looks like the sort of websites I like to look at, is easy to navigate and find things.

I know it now sounds like I don’t like VistaPrint. I still do, it’s just their websites are not the best. And after doing some hunting (I want to move all my blog posts across) I have noticed there are many people who are unhappy with them and the website side of the business. Too complicated and hard to use are the most common complaints I saw.
I think it depends on what you want to use your site for, but it is expensive for what you get and not having total control over certain aspects (colours and designs), and if you want a shop, there were quite a few grumbles about that as well.
I have asked them about how to go about transferring my blog so we’ll see how that goes. I can cut and paste but I want to keep the pictures with each post, and not have to trawl my thousands to find them again.

For all other printing Vista are still the best. My business cards and banners etc will all be coming from them.

So even if you checked it out the other day feel free to pop over again and see what has changed. My job in the next week is to upload everything else onto the site. A long and time-consuming process. (Lots of coffee and water).

Once I cancel the other site I am looking at buying my domain name so it is forever mine. I’ve found a few prices and for about $15/yr it’s not going to break the bank.
Should I change the name, I’ll be sure to make sure everyone knows!

Jennifer ๐Ÿ˜€