It was a green night for market preparation.

I’m not very happy. Last night I typed up this great post and send it to publish, and it disappeared. Obviously I pressed the wrong button, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. It was well written and beautiful. Now I just have to try and recreate it.

I had been having a wonderfully productive day and my night was set with making a couple of things. Then I was interrupted, twice. Now while they were good interruptions, it still puts you out of kilt and knocks the oomph out of the flow. Ah well. It is what it is.

The first make was a remake, this one was simply the beaded dangle on the ribbon ends, which was a choker length. I’m not liking the pale green ribbon, but everyone likes different things and it matches the beads. I simply added chain to be end of the ribbon and the centre bead . Much better and prettier.


The other was some green wooden pendants that I matched with fine silver flowers. Adding the black chain and a left over piece of ribbon that matched perfectly and a simple asymmetrical necklace is made. I love the deep colour of the green that sits nicely with the silver and black.


I spent part of the afternoon packing my boxes for the market this weekend. Re-sorting my jewellery and taking a good collection. I will be taking my smaller table for extra display space, so I had to sort through all my props and figure out what I want to do. Then I jumped on eBay to look for more large twine busts. Woah, expensive, which I knew, but still. I want at least 3 more.

The new market has their own Facebook page, and from the looks of it they like to take pictures and show everyone off. As I do with my market FB page. It’s going to be a little scary being on the other side of the camera, but I’m a believer of the adage that any publicity is good publicity. I’ll try not to shut my eyes or pull silly faces (not on purpose mind you, it just happens).

I’m hoping to get a few more things made tonight. I’m thinking a pre website special is coming up very soon.
Have a beady weekend 🙂


New makes and funky buttons

A couple to new things I’ve made last night and this afternoon.

I’m not sure if the beaded link on the brown focal is too much. I’m tossing up between silver wire (good) and more ribbon (too much maybe?) and maybe even leather or twine and knotted.


I like this green one, a revamped necklace, altered slightly to account for the difference in hanging.


One I am working on. Restringing the lapis chips onto 3 strands and attaching to the spider web focal. I’ll find a neat link for the other side. It will be finished with chain or ribbon, as I’m not sure if I still have a blue to match or contrast with these beads.


And some funky buttons (mum had in her show bag from a recent conference). I am already thinking of what to use them with.


Have fun crafters 🙂

It’s hard being creative sometimes….

This is what I said to hubby last night after his comment “you haven’t emptied this box yet” in regards to the order of beads I received several months ago. Yes months. “But you can put them on the shelf, or in containers”
All that is true. But I find once new beads are in boxes on the shelf I tend to forget about them. This way, when I opened the box this morning I found my chain and some focal beads to work on. Much easier.

Today is making day. And yes I am feeling decidedly creative. This creative mojo is a problem. For anyone who writes, makes, sings, does anything that uses the right side of the brain, Mojo and Inspiration is a much needed commodity.
How many times have we had the urge to do and just not being ale to let it loose. Or the other side, wanted to be creative, had all the time and yet… Nothing. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work, gel, look or sound the way it should.

I’ve been like the last little while. Alternating between the two. I might have spurts of creativity but not the time to make them last longer.

Today is working. Like magic. It started briefly during the week, in lead up to today. I made a start on one or two items last night and this morning it was all there ready to go.

As the picture shows, I have made 7 items, some just simple remakes into my new style, amongst the mess of bead order.


I will be getting good pictures of each tomorrow so keep an eye out on my Facebook and here for those.
Don’t forget, tomorrow is Monday so my new special will be announced for this week.

That would be my break over, time to get back to it.
Hope your weekend is going well.
Jen 🙂

– today was marked as making day as all but one of my boys have headed north to the V8 racing. I won’t see them til about 9pm tonight after leaving at 7 this morning. I would have liked to go, but it was it to be this time. I don’t mind too much as I am on a roll now –

Words words words….

I am normally not too bad with words, and am not really an eloquent writer, but I hate it when I really want to find a word, and it just won’t show it self.  It sits out there taunting me. Either that, or it’s on the end of my tongue which is why I can’t find it…..

From yesterday’s, or was it the day before’s post. I can’t remember. The last post I wrote I mentioned all the things I wanted to do. An hour or so this afternoon was spent with the laptop, going through all my blogs and fixing things up. I feel happy now that the ‘pages’ are all up to date, re worded as necessary, or written from scratch. My next job will be to sort out my website. This will be time-consuming, but my plan is to work off the website when fixing the Facebook page and using it as a guide to what I upload and what jewellery items get tossed, changed or put on sale.  (Part of FB is now sorted, sorted most and deleted some of my albums, that was the easy part).

This brings me to the title of today’s post.  I generally make one of each item. I buy beads to be used for one thing, or use up leftovers which means there is no easy way of replicating items.  Sure, mass-produced or multiples of items are good, especially if something is popular, but I would prefer to cater to those that don’t want to wear what everyone else is, who are happy to have something that is a little different. Herein lies my problem. The wording of these such items.
OOAK – one of a kind. It bores me. Everyone is now doing OOAK, and wording it as such – the abbreviation – it’s almost become passé, so yesterday, definitely NOT different. How can it be different if everyone is doing OOAK??

I would like to have on my website and Facebook page (even here) something that catches your eye, or makes you think ‘I’ve got to have a look at that’ when you hear/read it.  Sure, I’m still doing items that are the only one of their kind, but I want a new word for it.
Exotic, maybe. I looked up the thesaurus (different, odd, unusual) and wrote down some words that appealed. Those words are:
Limited edition
Bizarre – (
as in bizarre beads, just a thought)
Distinct or distinctive

My current catch-phrase is “a new way to express yourself” and while I still love this, I would like something to add to it.
Say…. “A new way to express yourself (with) off-beat jewellery and bags”  As I read this, off-beat is not the right word, and now crossed off the list. Even unique is getting to me like OOAK is.. gone from the list.

I know this is the second thing I have asked of you my lovely readers and followers, in as many days, but sometimes when you’re stuck, fresh eyes can see things you’ve overlooked, or think of words that fit the bill.

What would catch your eye, what words or phrases would make you take a second look?

With much thanks in advance,
Jennifer 🙂

UFO time again

It’s that time of year again. UFO time. UnFinished Objects time. Or in my case, tidy the box of loose bits and broken necklaces time.

I have a stack of 4 beading relays with various jewellery items on then, in different stages of production.

The first goal. Each one for those will get finished, either as it is or something new. Mostly, something new. I do not start another tray til the first one is done. (Saying that, I have already done the first tray).
The rules for this challenge are simple in that I have to use as much as is possible on the tray. I cannot just move it away, I have to keep going til there is nothing left, and no way of utilising them. Adding extras from my stash is a given if required.

Then I start on the basket full of stuff. Maybe I just lay things out on the trays again…


I have also made a few decisions on what I am making, yeah I know, I can’t make up my mind. But after looking through a few old magazines; old like 2 or 3 years old; I noticed that all the pages I dog eared or sticky noted are all similar in style, and the things I am making at the moment.
Interesting right?
I had opened the second magazine when it hit me. I have liked this style for a long time. It is a style where I can make something different each time, but still not get bored with making ‘the same style of jewellery’.
I get it, that’s what a niche is isn’t it? Doing essentially the same thing, but not getting bored and having them be all different from each other.
Call me slow, but I think I’ve finally got it. It’s making for those that like the style, not making something for everyone that like something different, or trying to cater for all tastes. I can do different in a set style. And while I love longer necklaces, there are times when even I like to wear shorter ones. Same style, short or long. This feels good to finally get somewhere.

(After the rough couple of days I’ve had, this is an absolute blessing to my heart and head, I am now happy again)

Now all I need to do, is find the niche for my bags. I know what I want, but will everyone else want it as well? (There I go again, what will the masses think, when did I ever think like that?…. Just do it girl!!)

Ok, enough for being all serious and deep.
Here are the rough pictures of what the first tray gave me. Before and after shots. Never mind all the rubbish bits, they gradually get put in the bin.


And the few beads that are left on tray 1. Once I get to this stage, they either can be put back with their mates in storage or left out for adding into another design.


Oh, and as a last note, this means I may need some more large and/or taller mannequins to display everything. Yes! I get to go shopping again… lol

Have a great crafty day or evening 🙂

More markets means more makings.

I can’t really say “it’s that time again”, coz for me it’s always “that time”. Making, beading, sewing. Implementing my ideas. Or at least trying to. I have many items just sitting, waiting to be finished or beads I have bagged up with some idea in mind. (To make sure I don’t forget I started doing a rough drawing with comments and tucked it into the bag. Whether I actually used it is beside the point).

One of these was some beautiful link beads with words on them handmade from a friend elsewhere in Australia that I had for ages, with a whole collection of Swarovski beads. I don’t really know what I was going to do with them, just that they went together, and that’s how it was to be.

It has changed a couple of times since I started it 2 nights ago, and I am nearly finished. But the worst part is to come. Adding the section that goes round your neck and making sure the front piece sits properly, not twisted or out of shape. Not always an easy feat. This one will be a semi choker length.

This is it, hanging around waiting. I love the blue and green and the dark chain that matches well with the black writing on the beads.


I have so many necklaces they are coming out my ears… no, that would be earrings, aah whatever. Too many and yet I still want to make more. For my markets I had noted that I need more bracelets and rings, but no, I started an asymmetrical one with copper and the contrast of blue. It really pops! Oops.


Before the necklace I made this bracelets with carnelian chunks, and a blue bead that Pops! and some copper chain linked through. Even thought it orange toned, I really like it. (Love the contrast, it must Pop! The talk is that when you use contrasting colours, something pops!)


My next bracelet will be polymer beads with faux pearls in a double strand and there might be beads left over to make a necklace and ring as well.


New beads

I finally got got around to taking the good pictures of my new necklaces. And coz I love the new collage app I can now group each item with different macros together in one picture.
There are a few with slight shadows, but it makes not a lot of difference.







At the end of this month I will then have 3 markets in 3 weeks, plus Christmas is coming along so quickly. The 4th, 1st and 2nd Sunday, and then the pre Christmas market two days prior.
Yep, the 23rd is market day. Could be a boom of last minute shoppers, or a dud because it’s so close. Either way, I’ll be there. Gotta be in it to … Buy pressies. (And last years pre Xmas was THE best I have eve done)

Ack, speaking of which, I have to start getting organised for my sister, BIL and nephew OS. yikes.
Where was I going… Ah yes. I need to get in and make a few more new items, revamp some old ones into new asymmetrical pieces and get basic Xmas earrings made.

Everyone wears earrings – well most people do – and if I make simple styles in Christmas type colours (combos of red/green/gold/silver/even purple) then they can be worn all year, or bought specially for the silly season.

Have a great day, be it crafty or otherwise productive :-). (I’m off to bed)

A mountain of beads and ideas

Again, I only got to bead this afternoon, which turned into half the night. It’s now 11pm and I really should be thinking about sleep.. Well I am, but first I wanted to show you what I got made today. I am not just rushing out things that are mediocre to fill my table – if you could see my desk there are about 4 different things that I’m working on, thinking about, or tried but failed with. So the four you see here are the winners for today.
I do know that I need to get oodles more chain and ribbons to do these.

I found these double drilled beads and decided some stark contrast would work, along with a few Swarovski sliders.

The finished product from last night. Very pretty with dark blue ribbon to tie.

Glass and shell beads in a simple double strand tie back.

It sounds silly to write it, but after seeing something years ago, I’ve always wanted to do this… String multiple rows of turquoise. Weird, huh? But I really like this, definitely my favourite.

I wonder what I will do tomorrow…
Have a great day 🙂

Time to get beady… I’m so happy, I’m buried in beads!

After my epiphany the other day I was able to get in and start some beading this afternoon. Typical really, when I have no inclination to bead, I have plenty of time, and when I really want to get beady… I’m so damn busy I have to fight myself for time.

I thought about it more as I played today. Asymmetrical doesn’t have to mean uneven like my necklace in the last post. But it can be different textures, opposing colours or as simple as having the focal point on the side (making sure it is weighted properly otherwise the effect is lost as it slides round your neck).

A well as asymmetrical pieces I am going to do more of what I call ‘tie backs’ a necklace with a small beaded section and then ribbon, leather or material used to tie the necklace to your length.
Looking through some magazines I found lots of ideas for these by simply changing the components slightly.
Now I have to get and buy more ribbons and fibres… Wonder if mum has any bits she doesn’t want..??

These are the prices I made today with hopefully the same done tomorrow and Saturday. I would like about 10-12 new pieces to take to market on Sunday. (Even though there has been no contact from the manager yet as to the fact it is on.. Only signs on the roadside..)

Moss Agate with red and orange ribbon and silver bird bead.

Faux pearls linked with silver beads and belt buckles. Still not sure how to finish this one. More chain, small pearls, other beads or white/silver ribbon….

A super chunky one with wire wrapped buckle, large beads and two strands of seed beads to finish.

A triple strand of (peppermint/candy cane) red and white bead soup with a flower pendant and chain to finish. Not sure if the chain is right, but white seed beads were definitely wrong and I didn’t want too many beads.

And the one I’m working on, left at this point while I picked up my son from work, to be completed tomorrow sometime.

I also have a little repair job to do for a lovely lady who is a repeat customer in repair jobs.
My website will be reflecting the change once I have my pictures done.
I’m off to read some more magazines or maybe not…
Have a great day 🙂

Some new ideas…

While wandering the halls of Deloraine, well, sheds actually. I noticed something. All the jewellery stalls I saw, were selling the same sorts of things. Same stuff different stall kind of thing. All in styles that are very on trend at the moment.
Chunky resin, ceramic/porcelain pendants, glass, polymer in balls (literally, little balls of polymer on chains) or wooden pendants painted and strung on chain. That type of thing. All very much the same. Not boring, but almost. I wanted to see something different. These things I think are the reason I have not been accepted to the new market coming up. My pieces are not ‘on trend’. (love the day my style becomes on trend!)

Now I’m not going to change who I am or what I make, these things will drift off and other things will be popular. But it gave me an epiphany which I am going to work on.
Sure, I’ll still do my glass pendants, and my Wraptures, but I’m going to work on asymmetrical necklaces. Off centre, not equal on each side… That sort of thing. I’ve noticed that while brilliant, they are not so popular and yet I still see people wearing them.


I’ve googled and checked out what seems to be happening, they are everywhere – like a lot of jewellery styles – and can be made in many different ways.
I want to make more of my long feminine necklaces – like the one up there ^^ – with different flowers, and maybe even glass, or clay as the focal on the side. And also those that use fibre tie backs with a small amount of focal beads at the front.
I have lots of ideas already and have just under 3 days til the first summer market at Woodbridge starts, so I had better get a wriggle on.

I can still have fun making things that are different, but looking at the stalls in Deloraine, you could see a piece of the person in each piece. Know the artist by the look and style of each piece.
I don’t think you can do that with mine. There is too much difference. I’ll my mark my way.

And I would really really love to go to Deloraine next year.
There is something else major happening though that may get in the way, and which is prioritised first. (not telling, but you’ll know when the time is right, I promise)

Have a great day/night 🙂