More advertising… Kind of.

What’s that old adage ‘any publicity is good publicity’ Well that’s the path I’m following on this one. Like hubby said, it does no good for my business at all, but I said the above and that it may not be all bad. Aside from being a realist, I’m also pretty positive about, well, pretty well everything. Cynicysm or negativity are not traits that come out of me very often. In fact I surprise myself when they do.

What’s all this about?
At the last market in Woodbridge a journo came form the local paper to do an article for this week’s publication and in time for the market this weekend.

Photos taken, names recorded, or so I thought, and off he went.

It came out today, and I flicked through it with wild abandon eargerly looking for the article. There it was, facing page, and in colour, you don’t miss it. And what is that caption?? My friend’s name under my picture. Geez, really. I even gave him my card. Is it that hard to get it right? Apparently. Now, without blowing my trumpet too much, people still have a reaction to the name Jennifer Hawkins. And having that there would have made more of an impact. But you can’t win them all. I sent an email letting them know of their mistake, I am yet to hear back.
The caption does state that my jewellery is perfect for Christmas gifts, so my thoughts that any publicity is good may just pay off.

I am a little disappointed that the link to the blog and FB page was not included, it would have had people looking and wanting to participate. Granted there is not much there currently, but until I either have more control or it picks up, I can only publish what I have access to.

Here’s hoping the weekend is a success (and sunny).

There is a website for the paper where you can read the paper online, but this week’s wasn’t available this morning. Here’s hoping that is fixed for anyone who wants to read it. (Edit: I got it wrong and so did they. Where it says 4 November, it should be December, I was being blonde and didn’t process the mistake. It’s all there, read it and enjoy)

Jennifer-I’m-taking-all-the-publicity-I-can-get-Hawkins 😉



The Westwinds newsletter came out yesterday and I frantically flicked the pages to find my ad. There it was! A good size, half page, with plenty of space around, but the email I sent transferred into smaller printing, so should I take an ad out in next months I’ll ask them to maybe up the size a point or two.

Even if I only get a couple of responses it will have done its job. Of course it would be great to have an avalanche of people, but I take the realistic approach to these things.

On an aside, mum is heading to her Quilters meeting on Saturday which includes a Christmassy trade tables and is taking my Christmas earrings. Again, realistically, I’m not expecting a huge response, even if only a couple sold I would be happy. (If I had to I would, but it would not be ideal to be making more earrings on Sat night for Sundays market).

My Ad!!! Which even hubby thought was ok… lol


Advertising and markets

Today was the first of the Woodbridge Summer Markets. They’re actually the Community markets but they only run for 6 mnths over the best weather Tassie has to offer. They have two markets a month the second and fourth Sunday of the month. For those of us who have numerous other markets to attend it can be a bit of a juggle deciding which place is better.
Woodbridge has been good to me. Even though I only started last year I regularly did better there than at Snug or the Kingston ones I attended with more people. Go figure. And I am a true local to the area having grown up here and living not even 10 mins away, this is the easy choice.

Today’s market stall… Simple with only a few items. Very bare compared to what I normally do.

Looking back at the picture, it is very ’empty’ but something was working in my favour. Three of my necklaces walked out the door, two of them being worn! That is the best thing. When a customer loves it enough and just has to wear it then and there.

At the end of the markets for summer this year there was some discord with the manager. While he is a decent bloke, and a damn good cook (he makes breads right there in the hall, and does the lunches for the cafe) he often has so many things going on and misses working on the important things. Like stall holder comfort. He was leaving us to our own devices and while we are all adults, he is supposed to be in charge and know what is going on. Sadly, that was/is not the case. He had just taken over when I arrived last year and from all accounts the previous manager was a pocket rocket, and it ran like clockwork. So he has big shoes to fill. Makes it rather hard. And from when I spoke to him this week, I think also not good at delegating or asking for help, maybe not even good at accepting when he needs it.

I think I jumped on him a bit too hard, getting the feeling he thought I wanted to take over. Not the case at all. While I’m sure I could do it, I don’t want that stress. I just brought up that not many people knew the market was starting and that I wanted to help out with organising the inside stall holders. I left him the comment that if he wants any help to just ask. Today, only half the tables were filled, which was my concern after speaking with him.
My neighbour in the hall today and I then jumped on him again later, poor guy, I think he’s freaked now, and brought up a few more issues. Maybe we should just leave him alone. But the market can be really really good and for all us regulars as well the locals like myself, want it to be that way again. After all, the world class Peppermint Bay is just a 50m walk away and we get many visitors from there each market. We want to keep that

I asked him if I could take some pictures as I wanted to start up an FB page for the market to help with getting it out there. He was fine, actually very happy and asked me to forward the pictures to him for use in some colour posters he wants to get done.
I’m then approached by a man later in the afternoon who said he was with the local community paper and if I didn’t mind could he use my pictures as for some reason he had forgotten his camera and was doing a sort piece on the market. All good, and I will be putting in a link for the page while I’m at it, and gave him my business card…now let’s just hope they both like the pictures I took.
Some of the pictures..






(I just a mini freak out. As I finished uploading pictures the iPad had a fit and closed down, and on logging back in I couldn’t find this gem of a post. It’s alright though, he was hiding)

Looking forward to the next market and the summer ahead. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and lovely people :-).
For those on FB, the new page is Woodbridge Community Market with the profile pic a sigh saying Woodbridge hall… Very original I know. I have to find a better picture though.

Have a great day 🙂

P.s. the advertising part of the heading… lol, I almost forgot. I am getting my first advertisement worded up for the Westwinds newsletter which is distributed all over the channel area including Kingston. The newsletter is the size of an A4 sheet folded in half and generally quite thick. I am looking at a half page ad. Good exposure and it lasts for the whole month. Cheap too.

It’s all GO! GO! GO! for the new website

After playing with it a for a few more days and adding more pages and information, topping up the postage costs – did I say how much I love the shopping cart on this site??? – I have decided that I will cancel the other site.

Why? Let’s see.
– The shopping cart for starters. It is so much more user-friendly. and easy to use. Uum, the Vista one is a stupid pain in the neck. This one is fully set up already, all you have to do is pick countries to post to and add the cost. Everything else is done for you.

– the whole site is 100% easier to use. Plus it has a handbook that you can check out easily to help with anything you want. The Vista site doesn’t have that.

– while it only has 4 different layouts compared to thousands once you pick that, then the colours, and any other designs you want are entirely up to you.

– I can choose where to put my pages, main menu at the top or in the footer.

– the FB and Twitter links are there ready to add your username. Vista was a pain and i still didn’t get it to work properly. I haven’t figured this one out either so it goes to my ‘page’ rather than my personal profile.

– it’s neater, looks smarter and is more streamlined. I feel, more professional. It looks like the sort of websites I like to look at, is easy to navigate and find things.

I know it now sounds like I don’t like VistaPrint. I still do, it’s just their websites are not the best. And after doing some hunting (I want to move all my blog posts across) I have noticed there are many people who are unhappy with them and the website side of the business. Too complicated and hard to use are the most common complaints I saw.
I think it depends on what you want to use your site for, but it is expensive for what you get and not having total control over certain aspects (colours and designs), and if you want a shop, there were quite a few grumbles about that as well.
I have asked them about how to go about transferring my blog so we’ll see how that goes. I can cut and paste but I want to keep the pictures with each post, and not have to trawl my thousands to find them again.

For all other printing Vista are still the best. My business cards and banners etc will all be coming from them.

So even if you checked it out the other day feel free to pop over again and see what has changed. My job in the next week is to upload everything else onto the site. A long and time-consuming process. (Lots of coffee and water).

Once I cancel the other site I am looking at buying my domain name so it is forever mine. I’ve found a few prices and for about $15/yr it’s not going to break the bank.
Should I change the name, I’ll be sure to make sure everyone knows!

Jennifer 😀

Mini Market Dilemma

My apologies for the first time round, someone (mr8 specifically) decided to spill crumbs and then on wiping the screen, sent it to publish.

Ok, even as I write this and pose a few questions I have already decided what I’m going to do. I think writing it down might help, and share with you another of the mundane things that is my life.
Winter has passed and summer is coming here in little old Down Under, markets are starting to spring up everywhere, (yeah I know, funny right?), and now a new market to consider. This time last year I had just started my first one, and was looking at a second. Wow, time sure flies. This year there are four markets to consider.
The two I had originally, one that is every second month and this new one which will be monthly. Sounds easy so far right. Then we’ll throw in the fact that each market is on either the second or last Sunday of the month/or month its on. Yep. They coincide with each other so there lies my dilemma. Which ones do I choose?
My choices are between:
A) Woodbridge, the closest to me at 10 mins drive, 2nd and 4th Sunday, tables supplied.
B) Snug, 20 mins away, last Sunday of the month (4th or 5th depending on the month), tables supplied.
C) Kingston 1, 30 mins away, last Sunday, every second month, no tables.
D) Kingston 2, same place as the above, but the 2nd Sunday monthly, tables supplied unless you want your gazebo outside.

Now Woodbridge has always been good to me, so I’ll be sticking with them.
Snug is hit and miss, sometimes good, and the food they serve is definitely a selling point, but we have to look at sales. Plus, there are many other jewellery sellers that are already there and those that want to attend, so missing this one would not be a huge deal to me. Although I am friends with the managers, it comes down to strictly business.
Kingston 1 has only had 2 and I did ok at them. I didn’t get through the application process this time round so I’ll be at Snug next week. Although I’ve put my name down as an early bird for the November one.
Kingston 2 is starting in November, and I am yet to hear back as to whether my application was successful.
Kingston being an outer suburb of Hobart means a lot more potential customers and reaching more people.

Sounds like a lot to think about. Yes and no.
I will stick with Woodbridge, on the last of the month. The other depends on whether I get into the new market. If I do then that will be my thing. I have said I’d like to be a regular (which means attend whenever it is on and I am available) but I’d guess I have to wait and see.  They have also said that once you have been approved you only need to say whether you are coming along next time, and not apply for each market.
As much as I enjoyed the first Kingston market, the girls are a little cliquey and I think tend to want certain items that my product probably doesn’t fit into. That’s my impression anyway.
On saying that tough, the new market application stated they wanted pictures of your product, and your stall set up, even if it was a mock one for picture purposes. But they seem to have a wider reach with advertising, which can never go astray.  And they emailed me to say they had received my application, simple manners which wins them instant points in my book.

I am a very loyal person. If I find something, someone who I like, and does the right thing for me, then I will stick them/it for good unless they do something really wrong.
This comes down to a bit of both. Loyalty and business. I will stick with those that are good to me, but after a certain amount of time, say 12 months in this case, if I don’t see a firm improvement then I need to move on. Plus I need to let my customers know where they can find me. If they don’t know which market to visit then I’ll lose them, and their friends, and friends of friends…..

Chopping and changing between these four markets would be fine if the regular sales were there, although I have had many people stating they have regularly seen me at Woodbridge and Snug. I need to be settled in a couple of places. only.  Ideally, having free time every weekend or someone to do a second stall for me would be the go.  Like that’s going to happen.

So, my answer? Kingston and Woodbridge, or both Woodbridge markets, or maybe Woodbridge then Snug… in that order.

So tell me, do you like to visit markets, do you like to see the regular stalls aswell as new ones and would you follow a certain stall if they went to another market..?