website, blog and other beady stuffs

I’m doing a little upgrading and sorting on my website.  Working out what I should be adding on and taking off.
Do I have more or less Collections (galleries), do I stock lots of bigger, more expensive items, or do I do keep it as is and add in the smaller add-ons, the accessories, like bookmarks and hair slides?

I’m working on a page fo rmy re-made items. I’ve done so many but taken so few pictures.
I am happy to re-make and re-fashion items, or if you have a bag of beads, make something completely new for you. Items that are sentimental or broken, can’t throw them away – I can help you.
Re purpose them into something new and funky, or add a few new items and fix it up.

I’m also thinking of changing the designs on this page, so it’s more like the website in design. Now to spend the time to find one.. eek, but such a fun waste of time.  (update: I’ve had a quick look through the themes thnking I’d find maybe 3 or 4 that would be suitable, but no.  I found 8. This may be harder than first anticipated. Or very easy when I get into the nitty gritty of each theme)

I love the website, it’s clean and neat. Nothing too flowery and over the top.  Nothing gets in the way of crisp (for the most part) photos and clean lines.  All in pink, black and white.

I bought some pearls at the Craft Fair on Saturday with a few ideas of what to make.  Something to go with the pearl necklace a friend gave to me to fix and then keep.
Plus some scarf bails which I’ll make assorted dangles for so they are interchangable for the multitude of scarves I have.

That is about it for today, I have to go for my run and then, although the sun is shining out there (winter, where are you?) get back into inside jobs.  Like sorting market boxes form yesterday and the tidy and making thigns on my desk.
More computer work can wait til the evening when it is too cold to use my hands properly.

A picture of something pretty to finish with, coz I like to add pictures to my posts.

Have a great day or evening where ever you may be,
Jennifer 🙂


Market time and digital photos

I’m off to a fundraising market this weekend – a mere week after finding out about it. For something this big (and it is big) there would be no hope in getting a place this late in the day. But I got lucky.
The first I knew about it was in the local paper when hubby pointed it out, I said I’d think about it and maybe email them later.
That was Saturday.
Sunday evening/Monday morning I sent of my email and then got a huge surprise back.
The organiser not only said Yes, but she had been looking at my website – and loving it! – when my email turned up. She was very complimentary and I feel humbled by her praise.
And I am eagerly looking forward to attending.
Going slightly off track, I was sent an application for another market I may be interested in attending, and part of their ‘thoughts’ for good displays was to have a digital photo frame on display. Well, it got me thinking, I have wanted one for some time, so off I went and checked some out before picking one that looked alright. And it was on special so as a bonus I save $20+. Very happy.
Now the big job is to get a mass amount of pictures onto a USB to take with me. Wont be too hard really, I have so many of the buggers.

And to add to my job list for marketing, I was thinking of working on some felt bags this week. I’m not so sure as I didn’t have a market to attend when I thought of this. We shall see what I end up doing.

I’m not sure how much of a time traveller I am, but time sure has flown since I got up this morning.

Have a great week, I may or may not be back before market time. But there will be a recap and pictures afterwards.

Power points.. and more storage.

Of the electrical type, not for presentations.
My sewing desk is a huge heavy weight, old style computer desk. You know the type, adjustable height, pole hole for the monitor to sit on, and internal bank of power points. Well, just 4, but that’s usually enough with computers of old.
My table is placed against the wall, set at my height. The monitor pole has long gone, and I have to forfeit two plugs for ‘house’ items. Well, I shouldn’t complain, one is for the Internet, which without, I wouldn’t be able to do this.
The other two are mine to use.
During my tidy up and focussing on having less junk, I’ve allocated one plug for a double adapter housing both sewing machines and the other has an extension cord – with double adapter attached. On this I have my iPod speaker and most probably the laptop charger or what ever else is needed. Lights maybe.

On the other wall, under all the lovely storage I made for my props is another single power point. I usually put the camera battery charger on this as it’s out of the way. But with wanting the light tent to be set up there, I had to work something out.
A double adapter for both my light poles, which can stay with that power point. And be used for battery charger, kiln, heat gun… whatever is required. I’m not going to be using the kiln or heat gun at the same time as the light tent and the charger can wait a day or two if needed. (I do like to charge it straight away otherwise it gets forgotten and is not good when I need it).

My next step in the room, is to figure out a way to store the market things slightly better to cater for the other few boxes I have. I’m already liking the big space in the middle of the room instead of tables and boxes everywhere.

We shall see. I’ll get back to my photo editing ready to upload onto the website. It’s all about bags today.

Sneak portion-peaks of recent makes

Now I’ve had my sick day, which meant no making, or anything else for that matter. I am back, and raring to go.
Here are a few sneak portion pics of my recent makes and one under construction.






Once I’m done with the last one, and get the good photos done, they will be shown in their full glory, and uploaded to the website and Facebook page.

Jen 🙂

Photographs and website upload

After a weird and busy week I am now at the point where I will be getting everything, and I mean everything, uploaded onto the website.
I have just spent an hour or so going through all the jewellery and sorting it onto the table, then matching it with pictures and putting it away. What is left on the table needs to be photographed. Simple. But there is an awful lot. This would be because I haven’t taken pictures of earrings or bracelets when I usually take them to market only.

And then there is more confusion as I have so many folders of pictures. Once the website is done, a few new things made and the market over and done with, I will be going through all my albums and properly sorting them out. Deleting and moving as required.
This computer work is a pain but a necessary evil I must put up with.

I will also – in addition to the website – putting all my items up here (as a post) with the Price list page reflecting each item. This way if there is anything you would like, you can easily see if it has been sold and if not, click straight through to the website for purchase. A I make one of each item, I cannot make an exact match, but if you would like something similar I will endeavour to do so. Ay items that have multiples will be mentioned (eg: 2 and when sold, 1/2 Sold, then Sold Out).

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous picture because I can and I like adding pictures to my posts.
Have a great day. 🙂


The year in review

What has happened this year?
In a nutshell…
– I attended the Middleton Fair for the first time ever, since visiting it years ago with small children in tow. I’m hoping the next one will be better. I have four weeks to get my act together on that front.

– I’ve been in the local newspaper as part of one of the markets I attend, albeit wrongly named.

– I bought my own domain name and started a new website – a lot of work is currently needed to tidy and fix it up.

– I bought an ad in a local newsletter – has it been successful? I’m not sure. No one has actually said they’ve seen my ad and come looking.

– I’ve done lots of markets this year. Some very good, most of it not so. Take the good with the bad, it’s all about marketing and getting your face out there.

– started this blog as a stand alone beady and craft blog after a completely un-related blog post from a friend.

– I attended an art exhibition with my very first attempt at collage and mixed media.

– I then dabbled in some painting and mixed media canvases. I sold a few early on but not much since.

– I made a few bags early on and then stopped. Not made much since. I’m going to make a few more new ones for the upcoming fair and markets in between.

– I’ve put it upon myself to help the manager of the Woodbridge Market to try and make sure it gets better. While it was hit and miss early on, I think he’s come round a little, and knows I don’t want to take over, just help. Last market he asked me if I had my camera at the ready and said well done on the FB page. Wahoo!

Next years goals?
Work on my website and get it uber organised.
Get my work area to a workable standard and try to be neater overall.
Get to work and make sure everything in my collection is worthy. There are a few at the moment that will be pulled apart. Those things that don’t get many looks or that I’m really not impressed with anymore.
Work on a few new items with clay, glass and semi precious stones, and nice chains or ribbons. Make a collection or two that is on going that become like signature pieces.
Look at a different marketing avenue maybe, or try a few more shops to get a small retail base happening.

I did start either this year or last. A goal of making less items and not rushing them out. Sometimes it worked. Other times I put too much pressure on myself and then that stuffed it all about.

Overall I’ve had a fun year beading, crafting and sewing and look forward to moving forward – onwards and upwards – in the new year.

I hope to see my followers back to share my journey.
Happy New Year!!
Jennifer 🙂

I hate dolphins – but love earrings!

I’ve been shopping this week. New ideas for market displays, as if I don’t have enough props already. I have new busts coming – which I was hoping to have arrived by now, but tomorrow is Friday, so fingers crossed they arrive. Once i have them in my hot little hands, you will get to see them. They are beautiful. What else… Oh, a bundle of chain and some gorgeous little rose links. I found a nice brown basket ($4) which should hold my canvases, and I can then have them all on the table with me, a plank of wood ($1, wait and see) and still to come a whole rainbow of ribbons and some cute wooden buttons – all 140 of them, technically, 2×70 – with patterns painted on.
Then there was the ugly looking picture stand with dolphins on – I hate dolphins for home decor, euck – but figured if I get rid of the dolphins, it will work perfectly for earrings. I was correct. Hey, for $2 it’s no real loss if it didn’t work.
Second hand shops can be a haven for display items…

Now because my displays are not all here I’ll leave you with some more earrings while I clean my desk and start work what I’m taking to market this week.




And now the pretties… I have had so much fun this week making earrings, they have not all been easy (the gold ones with the chain? pain in the butt!) but the almost ‘instant gratification’ is needed sometimes.








Have a great day
Jennifer 🙂

More Christmassy earrings




And lastly, because it is summer here and cherries abound….


More to be made and shown in the following days…
Jennifer 🙂

New beads

I finally got got around to taking the good pictures of my new necklaces. And coz I love the new collage app I can now group each item with different macros together in one picture.
There are a few with slight shadows, but it makes not a lot of difference.







At the end of this month I will then have 3 markets in 3 weeks, plus Christmas is coming along so quickly. The 4th, 1st and 2nd Sunday, and then the pre Christmas market two days prior.
Yep, the 23rd is market day. Could be a boom of last minute shoppers, or a dud because it’s so close. Either way, I’ll be there. Gotta be in it to … Buy pressies. (And last years pre Xmas was THE best I have eve done)

Ack, speaking of which, I have to start getting organised for my sister, BIL and nephew OS. yikes.
Where was I going… Ah yes. I need to get in and make a few more new items, revamp some old ones into new asymmetrical pieces and get basic Xmas earrings made.

Everyone wears earrings – well most people do – and if I make simple styles in Christmas type colours (combos of red/green/gold/silver/even purple) then they can be worn all year, or bought specially for the silly season.

Have a great day, be it crafty or otherwise productive :-). (I’m off to bed)

Advertising and markets

Today was the first of the Woodbridge Summer Markets. They’re actually the Community markets but they only run for 6 mnths over the best weather Tassie has to offer. They have two markets a month the second and fourth Sunday of the month. For those of us who have numerous other markets to attend it can be a bit of a juggle deciding which place is better.
Woodbridge has been good to me. Even though I only started last year I regularly did better there than at Snug or the Kingston ones I attended with more people. Go figure. And I am a true local to the area having grown up here and living not even 10 mins away, this is the easy choice.

Today’s market stall… Simple with only a few items. Very bare compared to what I normally do.

Looking back at the picture, it is very ’empty’ but something was working in my favour. Three of my necklaces walked out the door, two of them being worn! That is the best thing. When a customer loves it enough and just has to wear it then and there.

At the end of the markets for summer this year there was some discord with the manager. While he is a decent bloke, and a damn good cook (he makes breads right there in the hall, and does the lunches for the cafe) he often has so many things going on and misses working on the important things. Like stall holder comfort. He was leaving us to our own devices and while we are all adults, he is supposed to be in charge and know what is going on. Sadly, that was/is not the case. He had just taken over when I arrived last year and from all accounts the previous manager was a pocket rocket, and it ran like clockwork. So he has big shoes to fill. Makes it rather hard. And from when I spoke to him this week, I think also not good at delegating or asking for help, maybe not even good at accepting when he needs it.

I think I jumped on him a bit too hard, getting the feeling he thought I wanted to take over. Not the case at all. While I’m sure I could do it, I don’t want that stress. I just brought up that not many people knew the market was starting and that I wanted to help out with organising the inside stall holders. I left him the comment that if he wants any help to just ask. Today, only half the tables were filled, which was my concern after speaking with him.
My neighbour in the hall today and I then jumped on him again later, poor guy, I think he’s freaked now, and brought up a few more issues. Maybe we should just leave him alone. But the market can be really really good and for all us regulars as well the locals like myself, want it to be that way again. After all, the world class Peppermint Bay is just a 50m walk away and we get many visitors from there each market. We want to keep that

I asked him if I could take some pictures as I wanted to start up an FB page for the market to help with getting it out there. He was fine, actually very happy and asked me to forward the pictures to him for use in some colour posters he wants to get done.
I’m then approached by a man later in the afternoon who said he was with the local community paper and if I didn’t mind could he use my pictures as for some reason he had forgotten his camera and was doing a sort piece on the market. All good, and I will be putting in a link for the page while I’m at it, and gave him my business card…now let’s just hope they both like the pictures I took.
Some of the pictures..






(I just a mini freak out. As I finished uploading pictures the iPad had a fit and closed down, and on logging back in I couldn’t find this gem of a post. It’s alright though, he was hiding)

Looking forward to the next market and the summer ahead. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine and lovely people :-).
For those on FB, the new page is Woodbridge Community Market with the profile pic a sigh saying Woodbridge hall… Very original I know. I have to find a better picture though.

Have a great day 🙂

P.s. the advertising part of the heading… lol, I almost forgot. I am getting my first advertisement worded up for the Westwinds newsletter which is distributed all over the channel area including Kingston. The newsletter is the size of an A4 sheet folded in half and generally quite thick. I am looking at a half page ad. Good exposure and it lasts for the whole month. Cheap too.