I bought a cupboard… a work in progress

Before - what a mess!

Before – what a mess!

Check out here for the last revamp I did. I won’t be changing any of this as such, just the table under the window. The table under the window has become a junk pile, the table I leave stuff when I can’t be bothered to put it away. As one of my apparent resolutions, I want to be more organised, and tidier. This is hard for me. Organised I can do, tidy is something else again. I have my moments, but a neat freak I am not. Over the weekend our local Community Centre had a jumble sale and I found a few items that are perfect for new storage but easily accessible, and not adding to the mess.

First up there are a second set of lights on a stand. These will be good for when I’m photographing pieces. At the moment I have the light tent which I place under the main light with one stand next to it, this add light to the other side, hopefully evening out any residual shadows.

The first item I found (on Friday during set up) was this dinky little cupboard, somewhat crooked, but very handy.  It it only an inch higher than the tall boy so it not too out of place. The drawer,I’m not sure of what to put in it, but the shelves were going to be perfect for my electrical and other tools. The heat gun, pasta machine for clay, toaster oven, Dremel (drill) and my light tent and cement sheet (for the kiln) sits on the bottom shelf. Unfortunately the kiln is just a bit too big to fit so is now on the other shelves.

Next (this morning, after some thinking and making a phone call to the centre) I have some baskets on racks which (after measuring) are a perfect fit for under the window and will house my materials. These were in the tall boy, out of sight, not used. Now, they look so much nicer. This has moved not just the material from the tall boy but a whole suitcase of the stuff, so one item that wont be under the work table any more. Into the tall boy will go some of the other craft items that lived (and made a mess under the work table). I’ve only got two drawers done, and to get all my paints in I need some smaller containers. We shall see.

This has taken me 4 days to get here – I do have a life outside of the house, even inside the house – and another week, or two may get it sorted. But that has to include 2 days of work, a day of appointments, delivering & collecting hubby from airport, a wedding & recovery, making bunting for the market, attending said market, visiting a friend getting a major surgery done and general life duties. So the work in progress will be a slow one. But one I am eager to get onto. I am already feeling happy and less inclined to get bored with this makeover as it is putting everything in its place (I like this) and while giving me less actual work space it means I have to be better at putting things away. Working smarter I think it’s called.


A penny for your thoughts..

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