What’s on my mind…?

What’s not on my mind. This is day 3 post for the Zero to Hero challenge.
What is on your mind. When you first thought about doing this, when you first started blogging…

I can’t really remember what I was thinking when I first started this blog except that I wanted a separate space for my beads to hang out, and to have everything beady in one spot – not all over the house…. –
It’s that simple really. But is that anyway to finish a post. I don’t think so.
I had read about this challenge on the Daily Post, and was in tow minds about whether I do it. Could I do it. There is so much on in January already without adding to it by committing to a daily post or blogging activity. I had already decided that I should post here twice a week to get me back on a roll.
I was still umming and aahing when I read my sister’s post about using it to get her mojo back. She too, has 3 blogs, so the thought works for both of us.
And that was what did it. I realised that getting back to basics and telling your my story (i had seen the first two prompts before I decided) was a good thing. Make me think about what I was doing again.

That’s what was on my mind.
Tomorrow, I will be photographing and posting pictures of pretties for sale.

Jen 🙂


A penny for your thoughts..

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