Storage, Transport and Organising – markets.

An old post, from back in January this year. I’m going through my draft folders on all my blogs and sorting out what can stay and what needs to go.
With a couple of other storage/transport posts on the other blog to transfer I though I would copy this to a new post and publish it today (otherwise it would be stuck back in the middle of whatever I posted early in the year, when it is drafted, that’s when it publishes I’ve noticed).

I’ll be posting the others over the next few days.
Happy reading.

With only one day to go I have to have everything fully packed and ready to go, I am at the point where normally it is panic stations. Not me. Not now anyway.

As is the way with my to do lists, I write what I think and then gradually add to it as I find more things to do. Some may be obvious, but writing them down means I don’t forget even the simplest things.

The list is slowly being crossed off, and is now at the pointy end where I have a smaller to do list at the bottom so I can clearly see what is left.


What am taking?
The foundations and framework – 3m gazebo, tables and a chair.
The furnishings. Well that would be 2 boxes of props, 1 POS.
The accessories. Three boxes – one of bags, basket of canvases and the equivalent of one in jewellery. Jewellery can get pretty heavy, so I spread it out over two boxes, being careful that things don’t get squashed or can move around too much.
A total of 6 boxes that is my entire market display. Not bad considering I usually take 4 to a normal market. Sure this is just another market, but it’s also so much bigger and has a reputation to match. 22 years gives you time to build up a good following.

Everything has been checked and priced before I bagged and packed it, new price tags and labels printed and ready to mark the props, bags and tissue paper for wrapping and delivery, business cards… The list goes on.

My last job for tonight is to make sure all the bags are tagged and priced properly, while tomorrow I make up a few more bags. I purposely left this to the end so if I had time I would do it. If not, then I wouldn’t have missed out any of the more important items.
My bags cut and ready to sew, I’m not sure about the cream doily one. We’ll see how difficult it is to shape into a usable bag.

20130131-220024.jpg and the one I made this evening, bright yellow with a black floral patch and white lining.


A full post Fair report with photos (hopefully) on Sunday. I’m thinking that Saturday night I will be too tired to think straight. Pizza, wine and bed will be the order of the evening.
Have a great weekend 🙂


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