Portable transport, finally.

It’s only taken me, way too long really. And while I grumbled each time I took 4-5 trips to and from the car (depending on what I took) with my boxes I never really did anything about it. Until now.
Browsing around Officeworks i spotted a foldable trolley!
For $25 I get a lightweight and strong little machine. Well, not a machine really, as it has no engine…
It folds flat so it will fit in the car easily between boxes and seats, and also fit under the table at market.
Now I will only need 3 trips. The first with my table and smaller bags, then two trolley loads. And I can make the boxes heavier now too.


Standing ready to use. It comes up to my waist, and I’m only 5’4″ so that gives you an idea of the height. Easy to push around.

And loaded with ready to go. I did a lap of the craft room to test it. Nice. I just have to be careful going over curbs.


I’ll post again from the market on Sunday,
Have a great Friday-Saturday
Jennifer 🙂


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