Magical Pliers

They arrived today. Those magical pliers that in my head had reached urban legend status until I saw them at the craft fair a month or so ago.
I wasn’t able to buy them but they were never far from my mind. I needed to replace a pair of bent one pliers so decided to forgo a cheaper price to get them both from the same shop. eBay is awesome!

I’m not so bad at making loops, wrapped loops even are ok. But they are never even. One end would be bigger than the other, and in some pieces it becomes a tad lopsided.
I love these pliers. I tested them out. Made a few loops, added a bead and made a loop. You do need to close the loops slightly, but that would need to be done anyway using round nose pliers.
In a word. Awesome!!

The picture shows the basics for how to use it, and I can say I am going to enjoy this one.
My round nose pliers will not be forgotten – if I want wrapped loops or bigger ones thats what I can use.
There are different pliers for different purposes and these will fit in the family easily and compliment the others.



A penny for your thoughts..

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