Craft Fair, the full account.

I’m a dill sometimes. I took some pictures with my phone and sent them to a post, then forgot to ‘check’ the draft folder and off it went to publish. Doh!
I had not fully realised the craft fair was on, so was very happy when mum asked me to go along with her and while she did her thing I had a couple of hours to wander round and ‘shop’. I had very limited funds so was only able to purchase a few items.
I have dates for next year and will be saving up to make the most of it. A lot of the vendors have show specials and from those I saw, they are pretty good savings.

Amongst the vendors and sales there are also classes and demonstrations. Had I known before hand I may have taken some more classes.
I did one ‘class’, and made myself a gorgeous fluffy fibre necklace. So easy and it only took 5mins.
Yes, 5 mins. I would have liked to make the other 3 styles of necklace they had as well, but it was not to be. There was a mixed media class which would have been fun, but again, time and funds restricted me.

The necklace was incredibly simple, and while I cannot copy it outright, the technique is not new. Putting my spin on them is easy and it will instantly make them mine.Some other fibres given to me and my necklace. The grey one is a tube so beads can be inserted to make something different.

And my necklace – subtle greys, black and white. I could have made the bright one, but I loved the look and texture of this one.


Some of the other items I bought were
Felted balls

Silver cutlery, a bird cage and some tree of life pendants,

A great book on working with wire, and making my own pendants,



And I’ll include the Peruzi focals I bought form FB the other day. Just gorgeous.


Overall I had a fantastic couple of hours and for anyone remotely interested in craft or just wanting supplies for wet day activities, craft fairs are the way to go.
Melbourne is on in just under a month, if you are there, head on over.

Looking forward to next year and learning some new skills. And using the book to learn something new.
Jen đŸ™‚


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