Workroom revamp, PT 2

Ok, so I’ve moved a bookshelf, and my filing cabinets and made a little more space, and utilised part of it better.
My market boxes now live where the bookshelf used to be, under the window, along with my little kiln on its table. Easy to get to and still out of the way.

My sewing table is tidy, aside form one small basket of misc market props and the only thing living in the corner now is the ironing board and coat rack for my bags at markets or the girls to hang on for stage. I have to leave the hearth free behind it as there are cupboards that one day might get opened, and the less needed to move the better.

All I need to do now is sort put the papers and odd bits on the middle table. That will be another day when I can also tidy my things out of in the hall cupboard.

The finished room. So spacey and so much better.




Jennifer 🙂


A penny for your thoughts..

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