(Nature) Postcards from Marcato Designs

It’s blog post overload today. Sometimes I’m on a roll. A friend has asked if I would be interested in having some of my photos as postcards to sell in her post office to the tourists that come through. Now this is not the first time that someone has suggested me using my pictures for monetary gain. And now this has come up I am seriously thinking about it. First up it was getting them on canvas and selling large versions. I’m not in that frame just yet, but I think I can manage postcards.
The idea is, for my friend, to get pictures of our village, ones that are quintessentially Woodbridge, so she can sell them.

Off to vista print I will go and see what their prices are and how I can go about it. Before I even take any pictures I will be sussing out the price.
Will it be worth it for my friend. While I am there I will be sussing out the option of getting a collection of my favourite pictures and having them made up to sell on my website and at markets.

Just out of curiosity – while I go and do some research – head over to my photographic blog and check out some of the nature and scenery pictures and let me know what you think.
Which ones would you like as a postcard, or just as the picture?

~update~ How much would you pay for a photo postcard (with envelope) if you knew the seller had taken it, in both standard and oversize sizes.

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Thanks in advance
Jen 🙂


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