E-book vs actual book

As most of you may know, I am a self taught beader. Whether this lack of formal training shows or not, I don’t know, but a few people have asked where I was taught, and were impressed when I said I wasn’t. So maybe it doesn’t matter. For this reason – self taught – I tend to buy books so I can learn new techniques, but mainly for new ideas on how to design pieces and for inspiration. I have many books and magazines, and often look in them.
Once a picture is found I then use the idea, whether it is the focal bead or the design, and make my own variation on it. I make it my way. This is important if I am going to sell my jewellery. I do not copy someone’s idea completely and then sell it as mine. I will use it as inspiration, for a concept, and it is then may idea. Technically you only have to change one bead and the item is not theirs anymore.

Anyhoo, back to the title. I found a book on sale from Interweave (the biggest craft book sellers in America) and also the ebook of the same. What to do?? I love having books to open and sit on the table while I’m working, pages to flick through and tag.
If I am to travel anywhere, books become heavy and cumbersome, taking up valuable bead spaced in my bag, and adding undue weight. Here the ebook comes into it’s own. The iPad will store everything I need, and take up no more space than one book. I can then open the iPad, check it out and still be able to bead or buy beads, easily.

So what did I do. I bought both. The actual book so I can peruse at home, and have it on my desk + the digital version for when I am out. Pus, although I am not rough on my books it will last a lot longer.
Is this excessive. Maybe. I find it useful, and in the long run, more productive.

What sort of books do you buy? What do you find better? Do you buy both like me.?

Now I should get back to that pretty necklace that is waiting for me to finish it.
Jen 🙂


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