Ladies, ladies everywhere….

The day started out cold, windy and bitter. It didn’t get much better, except the wind went away and the sun came out to visit a few times. I had the car packed last night – for some reason one extra box put me right out and I then spent over half an hour trying to get everything to fit into the car before I said stuff it, folded all the seats down and laid it out flat. I was a little late getting up this morning, but made it out the door at ten past seven.
The roads weren’t too wet or icy, thankfully and I made it in perfect time to arrive right on eight at Huonville. (Market starts about 9, which is also when they close the car park to stall holder cars, and I allow an hour for set up)

After last fortnights fiasco with my display and stuffing it up I checked out the pictures on the phone and got it right. I love it!!! It felt brighter, fuller and more exciting.


My three new ladies were accessorised and hung on the wall – it would be nice if the hooks were spaced differently but they looked alright – with my banner in the middle.

The table was easy to set up and I changed a few things by laying some bracelets on the higher level rather than all on the table, plus used my new ladies to show earrings that matched a necklace.


My new point of sale worked so well. It was brilliant. I will work on incorporating this at Woodbridge come summer time.

My three new friends. They got lots of attention. Of the wrong sort. More than once did people think I was selling the clothes. I did think that might happen when I was finding clothes for them, but if they were hanging naked then it would be offensive* and just look tacky. I could have simply just given them a tee shirt, but I wanted to show a whole outfit and how it would look completed, not just how it looks being worn.

Tell me, does this look like I was selling clothes, and is there a away to dress them otherwise, or is it fine? I will be making a sign to say clothes are not for sale anyway. People always want to by my props. And how, when they are the only clothes at my stall could you think I was selling them??

Looking at the whole stall, I think it works really well and will continue down this track for a bit. I do want to get a few more of the twine ladies as I make longer items, and have it all ‘same same’.

It was a quiet day but I got to talk to plenty of people and gave over my card to more.

Looking forward to crafty week πŸ™‚

*while not offensive in the way that it looks like a real woman who’s nude, I, myself, would find it off putting to see that on the wall at a market or shop. I am selling jewellery, and giving it a ‘situation’ to be worn in.


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