New boobs and that “doh” monent

That doh moment. I have been wanting a small table to have my point of sale items on so 1) it’s easy to wrap items, 2) it’s stable, no fear of sliding off chairs or storage boxes, 3) it doesn’t get in the way, I can still move about my stall, and it’s not blocking the thoroughfare and 4) all my storage boxes can live under the table safely out of the way.
And here it is. I was moving the table and then it hit me. Move it back so the fronts are even, the display moves forward and I can use the back of the table. Totally obvious now, but considering I don’t always use or need the small table (it’s not needed at the Woodbridge market) I didn’t automatically think of it.



And my lovely ladies. They’ll simply be called ‘the twins’ or ‘the triplets’ depending on how many I take to which market. Wanting to get a picture of them, I brought some of my necklaces to show you the size and how they will sit once on display.

Ok, so sitting them in the boot and taking a picture makes me look weird, but whatever. This is them, and yes they will be clothed on the day.

Have a great crafty day πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “New boobs and that “doh” monent

  1. Doh moments are the best!

    I think you might get a few unexpected visitors today with your title! Especially considering Ms. Jolie’s news of the last 24 hours πŸ™‚


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