Life is unpredictable

I do like my life. I love it actually. From be day to the next, I never know what might change. There is a certain amount of normal and routine, but with hubby’s work roster, he will often come home from a drive and tell me we are going somewhere. Regardless of what I had wanted to do. And for this reason I try to be as productive as possible when he is at work. To make up for the slack times when he’s at home.
This weekend is a prime example. Today, Saturday, I was going to take some photos of things and maybe make a few more. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day so whatever happened would happen, I was happy with that. Today, hubby took our eldest to work and on the way home organised that we are going out to friends for dinner. Leaving just after lunch in time to pick up son from work.
This is not all bad. I have to remember I can’t just go go go and not have some down time socialising. I do have two weeks to get everything in order – but then I have two weeks of distractions – argh!!!
So to end this, I will see you all during the week I between those pesky trips to the city that will take up half a day here, half a day there.

Have a great weekend and happy Mother’s Day to all concerned 🙂



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