Off to market I go

After spending so many mornings not needing to get up before 7am, made a 6 o’clock get up this morning tough. And getting up late, 6.30, meant I didn’t have time to make my lunch like I normally do. Why spend money when I have already done it and have the small things in the pantry. I always buy myself a nice coffee but $4 is different to $10+. Oh, I know it’s not a huge amount, but I prefer not to if I don’t have to.
Anyhoo, I digress. The car was packed last night so all I had to do was my thermos and lunch and leave.
Arriving right on time, at 8, I started my set up. I had done a mock up a week ago, but when the time came this morning, I was all out of whack and I didn’t use half of what I wanted to originally. It was still a good set up, and being against the all, with lots of hooks means one thing. More props! Mum had some new half bodies that she hangs to display her scarves on, and at $15 each I might just get myself some. No I don’t have clothes, but a white tee shirt and one of my longer necklaces, and hanging on the wall, will look really good.

20130505-170139.jpg the picture is a little fuzzy, but you can see how stark the background is.

I had a busy start, selling a good amount and then it went really slow. Simply, after a cheap lunch and stall fee I still brought money home. That is a good thing.
As with most markets, and knowing that you can never tell from one week to the next, I will keep going along here for another two months to see how it goes. Hopefully it will still be good.

The few pictures I took show a nice display, but I have done better, and brighter. The wall is too white and bare behind it, so those new busts will be a fantastic addition. I might have to use my pink tablecloth as a highlight like I used to to add a little something back to the table.



If there is anything you think I could add, please let me know. Also check out the page of “my market evolution” to see what other displays and props I’ve done/used.
Here’s hoping your weekend was fantastic šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Off to market I go

    • Oh no, I’ve done heaps of markets, but it was the first time at this particular one. A for the type, unless they are advertised as craft or otherwise markets here are a lovely mix of both farmers and crafty items. So many people here grow their own fruit and veg and bring it along to sell – the locals all love this – and the sweet foods and craft compliment it nicely.
      W have many craft only markets but ones that are simply a farmers market are few and far between.
      Thanks for checking out my blog šŸ™‚


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