Quality over Qauntity

I’ve only just come to the conclusion about what to do even though it’s been bugging me for some time.
Quality over quantity.
The amount of likers on my Marcato facebook page. 750+ Not bad you might say. Not, not bad at all. And I really wouldn’t mind if even a quarter of those actually bothered to be part of the page at all.
Way back when, I was trying to figure out how to get more likers, thinking more people, more traffic, sales, communication etc… I mean, more traffic will eventually lead to more sales right?

I joined a group called Send in the Troops. SITT. Their main goal is to get pages as many likes as possible, make it look good, popular and worth visitiing. What you do, as a liker of their page (ha, sneaky sneaky) is every week (or a couple of times a week, I can’t remember now) they would ask for business pages to comment with their link and at a set time that night say 20 would be picked out. They post theses links on their page, and everyone choofs off to that page and likes it.

Yeah, I’ll be in on that, I say. After a few weeks, I finally got my night – I didn’t even realise til a friend told me, duh – and in the space of a few hours my numbers jumped from a hundred to over 600. Wow, this is great I thought as I trawled through and picked out the pages I wanted to like in return. And thanked everyone. (That, my friends, is a truly thankless task)

And therein lies the problem. Most of these pages are just want more likes. Reciprocation. Yeah, that’s being polite, but not eveyone likes everything. (HA, see what I did there). They will like anything and everything, regardless. On visiting, I found most of these pages were not me at all. Just not what I wanted. I digress ever so slightly. My main point here is that these people do not come back and check out what you are doing. You are just another number and mean nothing to these people. I am not a ‘likes’ or a ‘friend’ collector. Even in real life, I prefer quality over quantity. I can count my friends on 2 hands, and I can count on each one those if I ever neeed to.

The same goes for my business page. I have a group of regulars and that’s just how I like it. I posted the question to a couple of my FB groups and most people agree with me. This is what a friend said and my response:

Friend – Why do you want to start again? I would loath to loose all my fans which I have worked hard to gain (genuine likers and SITT type likers)

Me – Like I said, i only have a few regular fans, sales aren’t an issue currently and I can set it up better. If I lose fans then they weren’t particularly interested in the first place – given they aren’t visiting enough to know I’m closing down and getting the link to the new page. Plus I want to set it up better, and starting over is a good way, helps sort the rubbish (of all kinds). In your situation, with over 2000 fans I wouldn’t want to be starting over either. BUt I really can’t see the benefit of those SITT things. Everyone liked and then have barely come back. Having an ad actually worked better.

Friend B – … likes don’t mean sales… (Bingo!)

That last line of mine, paying for a FB ad actualy drew people in. I am ready to deal with the consequences of starting again. And those friends/likers that are really interested will come over.
While I want to limit sales to just the website, I can’t completely do that, otherwise I may as well not have an FB page at all. I will try though.
I would rather have a small group of loyal followers than just have a huge number that means shit.
back to the beginning for a bit, what I started out wanting to say. This number is very misleading. according to this blog, I have over 700 followers, what a load of crock. It is misleading to you the reader and anyone that comes to have a look, and it is misleading and very annoying to me when I see it, as I know it is a lie.

I will be adjusting the facebook page at the footer of this and my other blog to reflect the new page. The name is slightly different, Jewellery by Marcato Designs. Oh, I just had a wild idea, Dress-ups by Marcato Designs, ugh, that sounds a bit too much like cheap arse costume jewellery.

When I have the page set up a bit more with some albums I will post the link on the old page and change the footer link – which will hopefully be before I actually publish this post. I’m going to leave it a bit and come back to re read. Ok, I’ve changed the FB links on the blogs and shared on my personal page. I will all so be doing a weekly or twice weekly photo ‘spam’ of items.

Please come per and check out my new page, my new fango website and be sure to share it with your friends.

Thanks, Jen 🙂



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