Photographs and website upload

After a weird and busy week I am now at the point where I will be getting everything, and I mean everything, uploaded onto the website.
I have just spent an hour or so going through all the jewellery and sorting it onto the table, then matching it with pictures and putting it away. What is left on the table needs to be photographed. Simple. But there is an awful lot. This would be because I haven’t taken pictures of earrings or bracelets when I usually take them to market only.

And then there is more confusion as I have so many folders of pictures. Once the website is done, a few new things made and the market over and done with, I will be going through all my albums and properly sorting them out. Deleting and moving as required.
This computer work is a pain but a necessary evil I must put up with.

I will also – in addition to the website – putting all my items up here (as a post) with the Price list page reflecting each item. This way if there is anything you would like, you can easily see if it has been sold and if not, click straight through to the website for purchase. A I make one of each item, I cannot make an exact match, but if you would like something similar I will endeavour to do so. Ay items that have multiples will be mentioned (eg: 2 and when sold, 1/2 Sold, then Sold Out).

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous picture because I can and I like adding pictures to my posts.
Have a great day. 🙂



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