Another market, another stall layout.

Today’s market nearly didn’t happen. Well, the market would have gone ahead, but I nearly wasn’t there. I hurt my back and if it didn’t feel right, I wasn’t going to attend. Probably just as well I did, as the hall was half empty. This was partly due to a long weekend, and several festivals in both the north and south of the state. For those who don’t realise, it is only a 2-4 hour drive from one end to the other of Tasmania, from Hobart to either Launceston or heading north west towards Smithton. Not very far at all.

For my table I used the boxes like last time and added in my jewellery box I bought in Mt Isa. It works two fold. A neat way to display goodies and also a very handy transport container.
I was quite happy as it felt like a dressing table set up with pieces strewn about. Nicely of course. And my new set up is so much easier to pack up quickly. It took me ten minutes today, but then I was moving quicker than normal as I had a time fame to get home and then deliver my eldest to work.







A penny for your thoughts..

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