Sneak Peaks…

I have been on a roll the last few days. “On fire” as one of my FB likers said. And that about explains it. I love it when this happens, especially when I am getting ready for a market, new things are good for custom, if people see the same old things they just won’t come back. I do rotate things and just hope that I don’t repeat the same pieces too close to each other.

As always I take pics of everything I make. The following are just rough pictures so I know what I made, should I sell them at tomorrow’s market. Whatever I bring home will get the full photographic treatment at a later date.

I started of thinking I’ll make a dozen rings and about the same of bracelets as I needed more of those particular items. Necklaces are just re producing on their own in their storage drawers…
Not only did I get those numbers made, but I went over and above. On fire indeed. I just had to make more.
So 19 new rings and 20 new bracelets later I figured I would have to stop. First it was basic ones in all colours, then I decided that I should make the same colours in semi precious stones. I will be making more after dinner, my cheapy simple earrings (the ones kids can buy, or as a little extra to match something) and maybe a few memory wire bracelets aswell.

A post earlier about “market in my car” showed all my boxes and the table. Well today I fit in just the boxes, in the boot, with no folding of the seats at all. Perfect. I just and to move the back seats forward and then tilt the back forward a bit also. Yep, my back seats behave the same way the front seats do, with the exception that the front seats don’t fold flat.












Have a great night and a fantastic weekend 🙂


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