Revamped Studio – now it’s time to get back into production.

After my last post, or the one before that, I mentioned it was time to tidy and organise my space. I wouldn’t mind having to do this so much, but I have limited wall space to use. So I get all growly and upset.

Let’s see what I have to work with.
There is a fire place, but it has shelves above meaning I can’t block it off. That and the fact heating is so darned expensive I want to light the fire instead.
There are two doorways, two low windows – lovely natural light not to be messed with, and only one large wall space – which has to go to my mega bookshelf full of beads.

The other wall, has a heater – which in a stupid place means I have little room either side to use.

Then I also have to share it with a low bookcase full of books, and the buffet which is ‘family’ space.

The shelving unit of cubes was meant to be in the kitchen but it was too wide so I swapped it over (they both work much better in their new home) both filing cabinets have moved and I am now using 2 desks instead of one.

This makes it slightly squishy when getting beads, but I can easily move the table if I need to. And it covers the heater I don’t want to use.

As you can see there is not a lot of room to move, but I am trying to make the most of the space without feeling closed in and messy.

And with a market coming up this week (& the 27th) then the Annual Middleton Expo early Feb, I had better get moving and make a few new and bright items.

Happy crafting 🙂



One thought on “Revamped Studio – now it’s time to get back into production.

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