Coat rack to bag hanger

As you know I like to sew the odd bag. Occasional, as well as odd. This is fine until it comes to displaying them for a market. I have of course my table top stands, which work very well. And look great. But sometimes, well, most of the time, I am only able to have one table for markets. And as you also know, I have a lot of stock. What to take, where to put it?

While wandering my local KMart for a bookshelf for the kitchen, I saw these stands, well the boxes of them and a thought just hit me. Why don’t I use this? Simple answer really, but I hadn’t been thinking about what to do or even worrying about it.
Mum has one of these that she uses to great advantage with her scarves. Her display always looks bright and cheerful with this stand near her table.

Into the trolley and off home we go. Mr 8 helped me put it together, which wasn’t hard, a few screws is all it needed. My only concern now, is how it fits into the back of my car with all the other market boxes.

I am already thinking I may have to take one or two of the hooks off to allow my bags to hang a little neater. A scewdriver will be added to my market tool box.





Have a great day 🙂


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