Market in my car

Some of you know I have a new car. If you don’t, head over here to check it out. Aside from the initial excitement that comes with a new car I have been hanging out to see how my market boxes stack up in the car. Literally.

Looking at the pictures it still has lots of space available. Our back seats fold in 60/40 so I can fold down one lot and Mr 8 can still sit in the back. I am a stickler for him not being in the front seat until he’s 10 unless he absolutely has to.

I have only laid down the seats as I am taking my small table for the Xmas period. My next market I will only take my 4 boxes and see how they fit in the boot on their own.

In the old car, the basket with my canvases had to sit on the back seat, and the box with my girls had to be half unpacked in the boot due to their height. As you can see, I have no problem with that.




A penny for your thoughts..

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