More advertising… Kind of.

What’s that old adage ‘any publicity is good publicity’ Well that’s the path I’m following on this one. Like hubby said, it does no good for my business at all, but I said the above and that it may not be all bad. Aside from being a realist, I’m also pretty positive about, well, pretty well everything. Cynicysm or negativity are not traits that come out of me very often. In fact I surprise myself when they do.

What’s all this about?
At the last market in Woodbridge a journo came form the local paper to do an article for this week’s publication and in time for the market this weekend.

Photos taken, names recorded, or so I thought, and off he went.

It came out today, and I flicked through it with wild abandon eargerly looking for the article. There it was, facing page, and in colour, you don’t miss it. And what is that caption?? My friend’s name under my picture. Geez, really. I even gave him my card. Is it that hard to get it right? Apparently. Now, without blowing my trumpet too much, people still have a reaction to the name Jennifer Hawkins. And having that there would have made more of an impact. But you can’t win them all. I sent an email letting them know of their mistake, I am yet to hear back.
The caption does state that my jewellery is perfect for Christmas gifts, so my thoughts that any publicity is good may just pay off.

I am a little disappointed that the link to the blog and FB page was not included, it would have had people looking and wanting to participate. Granted there is not much there currently, but until I either have more control or it picks up, I can only publish what I have access to.

Here’s hoping the weekend is a success (and sunny).

There is a website for the paper where you can read the paper online, but this week’s wasn’t available this morning. Here’s hoping that is fixed for anyone who wants to read it. (Edit: I got it wrong and so did they. Where it says 4 November, it should be December, I was being blonde and didn’t process the mistake. It’s all there, read it and enjoy)

Jennifer-I’m-taking-all-the-publicity-I-can-get-Hawkins 😉



A penny for your thoughts..

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